Ladera Ranch Jobs

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Ladera Ranch, California

Ladera Ranch is an unincorporated planned community located in Orange County, California. The community has several features that differentiate it from most others. For example, many traffic calming measures were put into use. Roundabouts, for example, are commonplace on smaller intersections. Narrow street widths, as well as chokers, are characteristics of Ladera Ranch's small residential streets. Landscaped street medians are common, even on two-lane collector streets such as O'Neill and Sienna Parkways. Within Ladera Ranch there are two types of areas called villages and neighborhoods. Individual builders produce an area that is called a neighborhood. There are ten or more neighborhoods per village, and there are nine villages. Five of the nine villages have clubhouses themed on a particular architecture style that is emphasized within that village. There are also parks, pools, playgrounds and open areas within each village.

According to our Ladera Ranch Trends data, the number of Ladera Ranch, California jobs has decreased by 66% since October 2013.
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