Special Searches

Wouldn't it be great if you could search for a job based on that ever-elusive "corporate culture?" Sure, you have bills to pay, but you also have interests, and values - and we want you to be able to find a workplace that cares. So we've partnered with some very with-it folks to bring you some focused searches that'll suit not just your wallet, but your lifestyle.

  • Age 50+Friendly Companies

    We get it: being over 50 hardly means you're destined for the bingo hall. And with your wealth of experience, you should be able to make your own rules. Try this search to find companies who are looking for people like you, and offering flexible hours and great benefits.

  • Diversity-Friendly Companies

    Looking for an open-minded company that welcomes diversity in their work force? The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies are among the world's most forward-thinking companies in today's global economy.

  • Dog-Friendly Companies

    Man's Best Friend getting depressed at home by himself? We've teamed up with Dogster.com to show you which companies in your area encourage you to bring Fido to the office.

  • GLBT-Friendly Companies

    There are currently no U.S. federal policies prohibiting employment discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. If you want to be out and proud at work, or simply know you're working for a company with a supportive, pro-gay culture, try this search.

  • Green Jobs

    You're a crusader for Planetary Eco-justice! Or, you at least want to work for someone who recycles. Find a job where you can make a difference by protecting our precious resources and environment.

  • Mom-Friendly Companies

    Working and parenting got you feeling spread a little thin? We feel your pain. So now, raise your kids and your salary! We hooked up with Working Mother Magazine to bring you the latest on who's making life a little easier for multi-tasking moms.

  • New Graduate Jobs

    Are you a recent college grad looking to launch your career? Thousands of employers are looking for bright and motivated new grads just like you. So put that degree to use and find entry level positions.

  • Veteran-Friendly Companies

    Employers in every industry are looking for transitioning service members and veterans for their skills, discipline and experience. In partnership with VetCentral (operated by DirectEmployers Association, a non-profit organization), search for jobs at companies which value the unique perspective veterans bring to their workforce.