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What to Include in a Job Interview Thank You Letter

You made it through the interview process, and you're feeling on top of the world. You know you have the qualifications that your potential employer is looking for, and you got along with everyone during the interviews. There's still just a little more work to do. Send a thank you letter as soon as possible after the interview. You're looking for any edge, and you better believe your competition is writing a thank you letter, too.

Your Audience

Consider the recipient of your thank you note. They are professionals, so treat them as such. Keep your message formal and smart. Avoid cultural references or turns of phrases that are easily lost on a person who isn't your age or who didn't grow up where you did. Your tone should convey your best you, as if you were writing a thank you letter to the president. If you made notes during the interview--and you should have--refer back to something specific that came up during the interview to get the hiring manager thinking of you again in a positive light.

The Medium

Email is acceptable, although you should avoid it for high-end, highly-competitive positions. The art of writing a physical letter is often lost these days, making it a novelty that might catch a hiring manager's attention. It also shows that you're willing to go the extra mile to let the interviewer know you appreciate the opportunity they gave you. Avoid calling, as most hiring managers would prefer that you keep non-essential communication written. They are busy enough, especially if they're actively hiring employees. Do not send a text message to the hiring manager's phone. It shows that you want to take the easiest way out of things, which doesn't bode well for you.

The Content

Keep it brief. Reference the position for which you applied. Remind the interviewer of your unique abilities.Thank the interviewer for the interview and explain what it is about the company that makes you excited to be considered. This letter is the last chance you have to market yourself directly before they make a hiring decision, so take advantage of it.