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Best Free Resume Templates

When you sit down to create the resume that's going to land you a great job, it's not always easy to decide on the best format. Lucky for you, the Internet is full of resume-writing resources and free resume templates.

Large Resume Template Collections

Microsoft offers a large collection of free resume templates. The search interface isn't particularly intuitive, so you might end up browsing before you find something you like, but this collection has the benefit of providing Word users with formatted and in some cases colorful designs.

Another useful collection, and better organized than Microsoft, is Instant Resume Templates. This site offers 145 resume templates classified into popular resume styles such as chronological, functional, entry level and professional.

Resume Templates for New Grads, Neophytes and Ex-Military

If you fall into one of these categories, you need a resume specially designed to highlight your education and skills. Career Perfect has a selection of templates for various situations such as recent graduates and military-to-civilian applicants.

Resume Templates for Specific Industries or Professions

Because the types of skills and education required to succeed in a job varies from industry to industry and profession to profession, specific resume designs have evolved that best convey a job applicant's information in a way that is easily understood and compared by recruiters in various fields. Resume templates for more than 20 professions and industries can be found at Monster Career Resources. (Yes, Monster is our competitor, but we don't mind sending you their way for good resume templates. What they provide is a valuable service, and our goal here is to get you a job.)

Whatever free resume template you choose, remember to modify them to directly address the job description of each job you are applying for. This takes a little more time, but it should pay off by getting your resume noticed by recruiters and landing you more interviews. When your resume is ready, upload it to Simply Hired.