The Nine Most Useful College Degrees Today

Here are nine degrees that will either get you a very stable job, a very highly paid job, or a job wherever you please. Those are the three selling points of a useful degree. Getting a degree that lands you a highly paid job will set you up nicely for the future so that you do not have to pinch pennies into your old age.

1. An accounting degree

Accountants are people who are implicitly trusted by senior managers and business leaders. Most business leaders and managers do not have the time to go through all of their accounts themselves, so they are forced to trust the work and expertise of a person with an accounting degree. That is why many accountants are paid highly, and why managers and business owners are often very aggressive in their retention of accountants.

Accounting jobs

2. A marketing degree

This is something that will put you one step ahead of most modern business executives. Many people enter a large corporate business with some form of business education, but if you have a degree in marketing then you get to work in the most interesting (and easy) department in the whole company. As the senior executives worry about the falling stock price, you get paid for the jingles you wrote whilst in the bath.

Marketing jobs

3. A business administration degree

This is not the most glamorous degree and it’s not likely not get you a job working with the famous or the beautiful, but it will get you a very safe job in many, many companies. You can basically pick the company you want to work for, and choose the field that you feel suits you the best. The business administration staff are the unsung and forgotten heroes that make up the backbone of any business.

Business administration jobs

4. A computer engineering degree

Almost any qualification that has something to do with computers is a good thing in this day and age. But a computer engineering degree is going to place you above your competitors because most mid- to large-sized companies need to have at least one on staff. They do things such as build or maintain networks, computer systems and computer software. Many companies are also looking for computer engineers to help design new software, so your degree will be in high demand.

Computer engineering jobs

5. An education degree

This is usually made up of a degree in one subject, and then a further qualification so for the teaching credential. The job is not the most glamorous in the country, but it is certainly a job that is in high demand. British sociologists have also proven that people with education qualifications are also more likely to be placed in a higher management position within ten years of getting their qualification.

Education jobs

6. A criminal justice degree

This may not buy you a very good position in the business world, but it can get you a high paying job in the legal world. Some big companies have their own legal and/or security departments, or you can work for the county, state, or federal government. This is a degree that both allows you to find a high-paying job and gain the respect of your peers.

Criminal justice jobs

7. Computer Science degree

This is a degree that is going to make you the shining star of whatever business concern that you join. The ability to build a website, or build and maintain a computer system is a skill that is in high demand. Computer science staff often have their bosses in the palm of their hand because their bosses are so unsure of computer technology. It’s a job field that’s only going to grow as new computer technologies are constantly being developed.

Computer science jobs

8. Journalism degree

This is probably not going to land you a job in very many big business corporations, but it can land you a job in both large and small information dissemination companies (and there are more than you think). A journalism degree is also useful because you can choose to get both contract and freelance work instead of working full time. Many journalists work beyond their retirement age simply because they can.

Journalism jobs

9. A finance degree

Ironically, since the global economic downturn, a finance degree has become more valuable. Even though people blame the financial institutions for the global depressions, a finance degree is now more valuable because people are more careful with their money and their lending. Companies are making sure they employ educated professionals in their finance department because they cannot afford to play fast and loose with their (or other people’s) money any more. So this is a very valuable degree for the near future at least.

Finance jobs

Meghan Ivarsson is a writer for Scholar Advisor, an education portal for students.