5 Tips to a Great Skype Interview

It is becoming common for companies to conduct job interviews via Skype. Skype interviews are fast, easy and very inexpensive. Because you are online using your computer and a camera it can be a tad uncomfortable the first time.

Here are 5 tips to help you excel at your Skype interview:

1. Background

Believe it or not the background of your Skype interview is more important than you think. The idea is to face your computer toward a simple but not boring background. Try framing a bookshelf or desk behind you. You want to give yourself a little depth in the image. Avoid stark white walls or brightly colored and too busy backgrounds. Computers distort colors and can make it difficultly for the interviewer to focus.

2. Lighting

Having the correct lighting will help your interviewer see you at your best and make it easy on their eyes. Overhead lights that are very bright or florescent tend to wash your face out or even darken your face. The best lighting is natural sunlight from a nearby window. Look toward the natural sunlight and/or a table lamp so that it illuminates your face.

3. What to Wear

Just because you are having an interview in a less conventional way doesn’t mean the same business interview attire does not apply. Wear what you normally would for an interview. A nice blouse with a jacket for women or a nice shirt with a suit jacket and tie for men is appropriate. A tip for women: Log onto Skype beforehand to determine how much makeup you may need. Sometimes computer cameras can create the appearance of being tired.

4. Where to look

Your natural reaction is to look directly at the screen as the interviewer speaks, try to look up into the computer camera. You and the interviewer should make the interview as close as an in person interview as possible. Looking into the camera will give the effect that you are speaking eye to eye.

5. Practice

Practice with a friend or family member on Skype. Practice speaking up and looking right into the camera. Test out your interview outfit and background. Make sure your posture is strong and that you keep it throughout the interview. Practice makes perfect!

Remember these tips for your next Skype interview and you will succeed! A Skype interview is just like an in person interview but in the comfort of your own home. Have fun and remember to speak up and smile, good luck!

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  • http://www.jobinterviewtools.com/blog Don Georgevich

    One of the most valuable tools for me is “headphones.” I do lots of mock interviews over Skype at http://www.jobinterviewtools.com and I find that by wearing headphones instead of listening to the other person over the computer speaker allows me to hear them with much greater clarity and I never have to ask them to repeat the question.