How To Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers

“I can do the job, so why don’t I get the job offer?” Being confident in your professional skills and being able to transfer that confidence in your competence to recruiters and hiring managers are two very different but equally important skills

Who gets the job offers? The people who turn job interviews into job offers with the greatest ease are the people who are able to identify and discuss the recurrent problems that lurk at the heart of their work, these people are seen to “get” the job in ways that other candidates don’t.

Take the problems that plague every Accounts Receivable job: if the ongoing challenges associated with getting customers to pay their bills aren’t addressed effectively, then ultimately the employer isn’t able to make payroll and everyone gets laid off. Consequently, an Accounts Receivable professional (or anyone else) who talks about and asks questions about the problems that are at the everyday heart of his or her job, will always be seen as superior to other candidates.

Everyone gets hires to do the same job. Essentially, you are hired for your perceived ability to prevent problems arising within your area of expertise, and to solve problems expeditiously when they do arise. When you cut right to the heart of any job, we are all hired to be problem identifiers, problem preventers and problem solvers, within our specific areas of “technical” expertise.

To turn your job interviews into job offers, if think of your job in terms of the problems you are there to solve and the problems you are there to prevent, you have isolated the areas of concern that every interviewer really wants to talk about.

Interviewers hate to interview. Hiring managers hate to interview, they invariably see conducting job interviews as a distraction from their real work, this is something that can be used to your advantage. Whenever you walk into a job interview, that interviewer is secretly hoping that you are the one. All you have to do is make it easy for them, by showing that you “get” the job and that you relish dealing with the issues (problems and challenges) that lie at that job’s heart.

Use questions to sell your capabilities. You transfer confidence in your competence to recruiters and hiring managers as much by the questions you ask, as the answers you give. Because when you ask questions that go to the very essence of your work, you demonstrate a degree of understanding most other candidates will never approach.

When you show yourself to be someone who “gets” the very core of that job and someone who recognizes and can handle the problems that it serves up everyday, you are much closer to turning job that interview into a job offer.

Good luck…btw, it’s something that happens when preparation meets opportunity

Martin Yate CPC, is the NY Times bestselling author of Knock em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide, and Secrets & Strategies For Success. As Dun & Bradstreet says, “He’s really just about the best in the business.”