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Based in Highland Heights, Kentucky, General Cable is a Fortune 500 company that provides copper, aluminum, fiber optic wire, and cable products. The company’s network includes 57 manufacturing facilities across 26 countries and 14,000 employees. General Cable caters to customers in energy, industrial, construction, specialty, and communication sectors.

General Cable’s products are marketed under brands such as Carol, BICC, Anaconda, NextGen, Silec, NSW, Gepco, and Phelps Dodge, among others. True to its name, the company offers electric utility products, ranging from low- and high-voltage cables, conductors, and transmission cables as well as infrastructure supplies including plastic wires, wire sets, and power generation cables. Moreover, General Cable manufacturers communications products encompassing copper and fiber optic, copper networking, and cable systems for voice and data applications. Its construction product line provides cords, cables, and rods for construction application.

Incorporated in 1927, the company was the result of the merging of several companies, including Phillips Wire and Safety Cable Company, Rome Wire Company, and Standard Underground Cable. The company achieved several milestones throughout the years: it produced a wire to light the Statue of Liberty (1886); acquired Alcan Cable (1902); provided 1,626 conductor miles of cable for the Hoover Dam (1935); and created the first lightwave communications system that provided public telephone service (1977). In more recent years, General Cable has acquired Gepco, been recognized as a Fortune 500 company, and purchased Delphia Produtos Eletricos.

Traded on the NYSE under symbol BGC, General Cable is a public company. It is also an equal opportunity employers with 14,000 people in its workforce. General Cable offers opportunities in warehouse, transportation, supply chain, sales, manufacturing, HR, engineering, and accounting.

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