• Biologist I (production)
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    Company: Cell Marque

    Location: Rocklin, CA

    Date Posted: March 11, 2014

    Company: * About us * Our Mission * Leadership * IP & Certifications * History * Artwork Related Links: * Careers Careers <- Return to Careers Main Page Biologist I (production) Full-time position: Rocklin, CA, Posted:March 11, 2014 This is an entry level Biologist position, which means that you will learn the company from a foundational level. You will begin your employment with a rotation in our Production department, where you will learn how to package our finished goods, label antibody vials, fill bulk into separate containers, and ship to our customers. Following a successful completion of a Production rotation, and depending on your level of experience/expertise, performance during rotations, and company needs, promotions and advancement into other areas of our company is highly...

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