• SOF Intelligence Analyst

    Company: A High-technology Development, Integration and Services Company

    Location: Washington, DC

    Date Posted: July 22, 2013

    Work Location : Contractor shall provide services on-site at the JIEDDO-COIC office in the National Capital Region (Washington DC area), with support from offices in the northern Virginia (Reston) area. The contractor shall serve in the COICs Mission Integration Division to provide reach-back and the rotational base for the forward element. Physical Requirements/Working Environment : Maintain global readiness and be available to deploy on a no-notice basis to hazardous duty/combat zones (Afghanistan, Somalia, and others as needed). Deployments may be to a specific theater of operations into permissive, uncertain, or hostile environments while living in austere conditions for extended periods of time (generally four (4) to six (6) months). The Attack the Network (AtN) Advanced Analytics...

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