• Baltimore City Teaching Residency. Train to Become a Great Math or Science Teacher.

    Company: Tntp Teaching Fellows

    Location: Brooklyn, NY

    Date Posted: January 20, 2014

    We don’t train teachers—we train great teachers. Click here to learn how you can transform your academic background and professional experience into a high-impact career as a certified teacher in Baltimore. Why Join? We seek outstanding candidates with the dedication and knowledge required to teach high-need middle and high school STEM subjects, such as chemistry, biology and math. You may have built a successful career in healthcare, finance or engineering, and now wish to give back as a teacher. You could be an accomplished recent graduate who majored in chemistry, mathematics or physics who now wants to share your passion for those subjects with students. Whatever your background, you believe that every student can excel in science and math and will do whatever it takes to help them...

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