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Applied Materials, Inc.



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Santa Clara, CA


About Applied Materials, Inc.

Applied Materials is a semiconductor company that supplies multiple industries with manufacturing equipment, software, TFT LCD display, and solar products. Located in the Silicon Valley, the company is based in Santa Clara, California. With nearly 90 locations in 18 countries, this company serves both consumers and businesses around the world with affordable services and technologies.

Products & Services

The company develops, produces, commercializes, sells and provides semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment, spare parts, flat panel liquid crystal displays, electronic devices, and more for the use of computers, televisions, homes, and buildings. Applied Materials supply customers with technology to use for their own products or to use as electronic components. The nanotechnology produced by Applied Materials is often utilized in the production of electronic gear, solar cells, and glass coatings.


Technology has always been the driving force of Applied Materials. In 1967 the company began as a humble industrial unit and a year later it enter the chemical vapor deposition market and introduced a reactor system. It created more produced used for semiconductor product, LED displays, and opened an international branch in Europe. Applied Materials went public in 1972 and has since continued to launch new products, invest in R&D, and grow as a company. Today Applied Materials has issued more than 10,000 patents.

Job Opportunities

Four reportable segments comprise Applied Materials: Silicon, Display, Energy and Environmental Studies, and Applied Global Services. Its manufacturing operations are located in China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, and the U.S. A public company, Applied Materials is listed on the NASDAQ under ticker AMAT. Jobs at Applied Materials are available in co-op programs, corporate roles, and more.

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