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Irvine, CA


About Advantage Sales & Marketing

Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM) is an American sales and marketing services firm that specializes in consumer goods. ASM analyzes sales data, provides business solutions, and manages order processing for clients in retail and manufacturing fields. The company’s industry-specific services are available to a range of businesses, including convenience store chains, sporting goods retailers, and mass merchandisers.

Products & Services

In addition to its sales data and financial management services, ASM develops product and brand marketing strategies for specific, target market areas. The company increases product relevance by studying consumer trends, developing a relevant campaign, and arranging in-store displays or events. The company also organizes customer orders and conducts sales calls on clients’ behalf. ASM’s Business Process Outsourcing division streamlines many of the company’s disparate marketing processes into one procedure, with added services like invoice management and collections.


ASM was founded in 1987. Ten years later, the company merged with over 20 local and regional sales agencies, forming a conglomeration of companies operating under the Advantage brand name. Eventually, ASM opened more than 65 offices across the United States and Canada, employing almost 30,000 associates.

Job Opportunities

The privately held company runs many of its marketing services through its six subsidiaries, which include PromoPoint and TryFoods International. ASM offers employment in a variety of fields, including accounting, customer service, and management. Event planner and administrative support positions are also available.

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