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Autoliv, Inc.



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Stockholm, SE


About Autoliv, Inc.

Autoliv is a global automotive safety systems developer, manufacturer, and leader. It has 80 facilities, 50,000 employees, and 17 development and engineering centers in nearly 30 countries around the world. The outcome of a merger between a Swedish and a U.S. company, Autoliv is a Swedish-American corporation with global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Products & Services

With a focus on passenger and driver safety, Autoliv supplies systems to automotive manufacturers with both active and passive safety. The active safety product line encompasses technology and tools such as night vision, forward driving assist, sign recognition, blind spot, pedestrian braking, lane departure, high beam, and cross traffic. The passive safety portfolio is geared towards the car’s interior design with airbag, steering wheel, seat belt, whiplash, crash electronics, and pedestrian products. To support its safety systems, Autoliv engages in research, quality and mistake proofing, manufacturing and consulting, and crash testing. The entirety of Autoliv products and services is intended to reduce risks and accidents while driving.


Originally, Autoliv was a car and tractor repair shop established by Lennart Lindblad. In 1956, three years after its inception, the company launched seatbelts. It purchased its first company in 1959 and also went through acquisitions by other companies. Near the end of the 1900s, the company participated in a number of joint ventures established in the U.S., Japan, China, India, and other countries. Finally Autoliv as it is known today was formed during a 1997 merger between Autoliv AB and Morton ASP. Since then the company has continued to expand and introduce new products.

Job Opportunities

Being a multinational company, Autoliv is traded on the NYSE and the OMX Stockholm Exchange. Autoliv offers internships, co-ops, and career opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, and North and South America.

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