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Brown-Forman Corporation



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About Brown-Forman Corporation

Engaged in the alcoholic-beverages industry, Brown-Forman Corporation is an American company known for brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Korbel champagne, and Chambord. The brands are sold to consumers through retail outlets and wholesalers across more than 135 countries, with major markets in Europe, North America, Australia, Russia, and Japan. Globally, it is among the top ten largest spirit manufacturers and producers.

Products & Services

Brown-Forman produces over 25 brands of wines and spirits; in total, the company offers champagne, liqueur, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and wine. Its beverages include ready-to-drink and distilled spirits, which are sold to distributors and retail channels. Whiskey products, the most by Brown-Forman are branded under Canadian Mist, Collingwood, Early Times, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s, and Woodford Reserve. Many of Brown-Forman’s brands offer more than one type or flavor of alcoholic beverage. For instance, Chambord offers both vodka and whisky, while Southern Comfort provides Black Cherry and Lime flavored whiskeys. Overall, the company has a diverse portfolio.


Pharmaceuticals salesmen, George Garvin Brown, had the idea of selling whiskey in glass containers instead of in barrels, a innovative idea in 1870. The company’s business grew over time and was passed down George Brown’s son, Owsley. Under Owsley’s leadership, the corporation achieved several milestones, including its first acquisition in 1923 and its IPO in 1933. By the end of the century, the company had been passed to the third generation of Browns and it had also introduced several new beverage lines, such as Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. Today Brown-Forman is among America’s largest spirits companies.

Job Opportunities

Brown-Forman Corporation is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It owns 15 brands, with a majority of brands under the whisky category. Although the company is based in Louisville, Kentucky, it offers career opportunities worldwide. Career paths with Brown-Forman include corporate development, communications, consumer insights, finance and HR, marketing and PR, operations, product development, sales, and more.

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