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About CMS Energy

CMS Energy Corporation is an energy company that owns a number of power subsidiaries. Its principal business is Consumers Energy, a gas and electric utility provider. Headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, the company serves the Metro Detroit and Michigan areas. CMS Energy is a Fortune 500 company with a customer base of 6.5 million people.

Products & Services

The company’s primary subsidiary, Consumers Energy, consists of two aspects, an Electric Business and a Natural Gas Business. The Electric Business serves 1.7 million residents across nearly 300 cities with electricity and renewable energy solutions while the Natural Gas segment provides customers spanning 13,000 square miles with natural gas storage services and natural gas utilities. Utilizing a network of coal, gas, wind, and hydroelectric plants, these two businesses serve residents, commercial businesses, and industrial customers alike. Through CMS Enterprises, the company operates non-utility activities and participates in independent power generation across Michigan and North Carolina. Furthermore, CMS Energy owns EnerBank USA and via this subsidiary, the parent organization offers payment programs and loans for homeowners in all 50 states.


Although CMS Energy was founded in 1987, its subsidiary, Consumers Energy, traces its roots back to 1886 when it operated under the name Jackson Electric Light Works. The company recently entered an agreement with Eritrea for oil exploration. Today the company focuses its efforts toward its electric and natural gas utilities offerings.

Job Opportunities

CMS Energy Corporation is publicly traded on the NYSE under ticker CMS. It is parent to three companies and also owns interests resulting in 1,135 gross megawatts. The company presents various employment opportunities and also recruits on campuses. This equal opportunity employer provides positions of all levels, from entry-level to top-level management roles.

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