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About Comcast

The Comcast Corporation (Comcast) is an American telecommunications and entertainment company. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Comcast provides home telephone, internet, and cable television services. The company frequently offers these services in discounted bundles, in addition to home security systems.

Products & Services

Comcast operates its cable, phone, and internet services through the brand name Xfinity. Xfinity cable services include a variety of television channels as well as the option to rent movies or television episodes digitally from their On Demand menu. The company’s internet services have connection capability for televisions, gaming devices, personal electronics, and computers. Telecommunications are operated through Xfinity Voice, providing home phone services in addition to voicemail, multiple calls, and caller ID. Xfinity also offers home protection systems, allowing customers to secure their homes with alarms and check video updates with their personal phones or computers.


In 1963, Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky founded Comcast’s predecessor, American Cable Systems. The company was rechristened Comcast Corporation in 1969. Comcast acquired numerous subsidiaries, including some of the television networks offered in their cable service, such as E!, Golf Channel, and PBS Kids Sprout. In 2013, Comcast acquired several more networks when it purchased NBCUniversal. The company’s customer base is represented in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

Job Opportunities

Comcast is a publicly traded company and the parent of multiple subsidiaries. The company operates its services primarily through the Xfinity and NBCUniversal brands. Jobs at Comcast are available for field technicians, sales professionals, and customer support representatives. The company also offers internships for college students and entry-level positions for recent graduates.

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