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CSX Corporation



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Jacksonville, FL


About CSX Corporation

CSX Corporation, along with its subsidiaries, is a national leading in transportation that provides rail and intermodal services. Based in Jacksonville Florida, the company has a rail system that spans 21,000 route miles in 23 states. CSX also has 70 ocean, lake, and river ports and operations in the District of Columbia and Canada.

Products & Services

The company’s expansive network reaches a majority of Americans and its portfolio includes coal and energy as well as automobiles, chemicals, and consumer goods. Through CSX Transportation, CSX offers transportation services including: traditional rail offerings, the transportation of intermodal freight, domestic container-shipping, logistics services, and more. With its 4,0000 locomotives and 240 short line and regional railroads, its carries freight and all types of merchandise to production and distribution facilities. In addition, CSX operates 36 yards and terminals that are hubs between the CSX system and its customers.


CSX was formed in 1980 after a merger between Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line Industries. The company’s name is derived from its merger— C from Chessie and S from Seaboard and the X possible meaning “Express” or the multiplication sign. In 1986, the two companies’ owned railroads also merged to form a single system under CSX Transportation. Today the company is a major player in the transportation industry, operating approximately 1,350 trains and transporting 20,000 carloads a day.

Job Opportunities

A public organization (NYSE:CSX), CSX is parent to several subsidiary companies. It’s companies include CSX Transportation, CSX Intermodal Terminals, CSX Real Property, CASX Technology, and CSX de Mexico, among others. CSX is military and student friendly and offers employment opportunities across North America in a variety of job categories, from engineering to real estate.

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