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Hopkinton, MA


About EMC

EMC Corporation a cloud computing, data storage and IT services company that serves both large Fortune 500 companies and small vertical businesses. It works with communications and media, energy, financial services, health care and life sciences, high tech, retail, and public sector industries. The company is based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, but operates worldwide with 60,000 employees.

Products & Services

EMC provides IT as a service and allows businesses to transform and enhance operations through cloud computing. EMC solutions span across multiple platforms from Microsoft to Oracle to SAP, and more. Its products include storage, backup, cloud, big data, security, content management, and infrastructure management; ultimately, its solutions offer scalable infrastructures to manage information, whether it be organizing, sharing, building, or searching data. Moreover, EMC provides consulting for businesses and industries, IT services for its products, managed services for business information infrastructure challenges, and training for virtualization skills and more. Customer support is also available at EMC for a number of issues and can be accessed online.


Named after its founders, EMC was created by Richard Egan and Roger Marino in 1979. The company began by developed memory boards for computers and later expanded to computer data storage and other platforms. It developed its flagship product Symmetrix which allowed it to grow quickly and successfully in the 1990s. It has acquired many companies and rivals IBM, NetApps, and others. EMC is the largest data storage platform provider today.

Job Opportunities

A S&P 500 Component and NYSE listed company, EMC owns VMware, RSA Security, and Iomega. EMC Corporation offers opportunities for professionals and university students and grads alike. Jobs at EMC range from internships to project management.

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