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First Financial Merchant Services





Medina, MN


About First Financial Merchant Services

Based out of Medina, Minnesota, First Financial Merchant Services (FFUSA) provides credit card processing for businesses, banks, affiliates, and non-profits. Since its inception in 1995, the company has consistently been voted Best Places to Work by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

Products & Services

With a not-one-size-fits-all business approach, First Financial Merchant Services works closely with clients to better understand them and create the best solution tailored to meet their unique needs. FFUSA offers a diverse set of products to help merchants around the world process credit cards, checks, gift cards, and more. The company also offers consulting services and a post-purchase support system with representatives prepared to lend a hand.


Founder John Eliason opened First Financial Merchant Services in Medina, Minnesota in 1995. The company has since launched severable beneficial programs such as PC-based and web-based terminals in 1999, the GiveBack Program in 2005, and a sales training system in 2011. FFUSA has served up to 10,000 business owners spanning the last two decades.

Job Opportunities

Career opportunities at First Financial Merchant Services are available in mainly sales-related fields. Once hired, the company offers two training programs—Acceleration and Advanced Business Strategies—to help jumpstart and advance the reach of employees in the market.

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