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About GEICO Corp.

An insurance provider often recognized for its amusing commercials and gecko mascot, GEICO Corp. offers multiple kinds of insurance services throughout the entire U.S. Today, the company has locations in 14 cities, has more than 12 million policyholders, and has received an AA+ rating from Standard and Poor's.

Products & Services

GEICO provides a variety of services for its customers. The company covers vehicle, property, and other types of insurance. Its insurance policies include coverage for motorcycle, ATV, umbrella, homeowners, boat, flood, pet, and identity protection, among others. In addition, customers can get a quote, manage their policies, report claims, and find a myriad of information and resources regarding GEICO’s products, programs, and tools. GEICO offers not only insurance, but also calculators and information to best plan for things such as home buying and other major life events. The company’s customer service is available all hours throughout the entire week.


Founded by Leo and Lillian Goodwin, GEICO traces its roots back to 1936. Although GEICO now serves all kinds of customers, the company originally targeted only government employees and military personnel. It later extended its policies to more customer groups and was able to reach 1 million policyholders by 1964. It continually expanded and introduced year round 24/7 customer service in 1980. Other notable GEICO events include launching its day gecko mascot in 2000 and becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway in 1996.

Job Opportunities

GEICO remains a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary today. A holding company, it is parent to: GEICO General Insurance Company, GEICO Indemnity Company, GEICO Casualty Company, GEICO Advantage Insurance Company, GEICO Choice Insurance Company, and GEICO Secure Insurance Company. The company has been awarded as a top employer and provides many types of employment opportunities at varying levels of experience. From internships to corporate jobs, the company invites students and experienced professionals alike to work at GEICO.

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