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Hormel Foods Corporation



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Austin, MN


About Hormel Foods Corporation

Known for introducing meat products such as Spam, Hormel Foods Corporation, is a food processing company that offers meat, specialty products, and other consumable goods. Hormel is a Fortune 500 company that markets well known brands such as Skippy, Country Crock, Farmer John, CHI-CHI’s, Valley Fresh, and El Torito, among others. The company is based in Austin, Minnesota, but has 40 locations and operations across the United States.

Products & Services

A food industry leader, Hormel consists of five business divisions: Grocery Products, Refrigerated Foods, Jennie-O Turkey Store, Speciality Foods, and International & Other. Its grocery products span mexican foods, salsa dips, bouillon, sauces and oils, canned spam, stews, and more. The Refrigerated Foods segment offers bacon, barbeque goods, deli meats, and other protein choices that need to be refrigerated. Jennie-O Turkey Store only offers Jennie-O Turkey Store branded items including a vast selection of turkey products. Specialty Foods encompass stocks, broths, milks, oils, and more offered to restaurants, health care facilities, and other retail customers. Hormel’s last business unit, International & Other, exports processed foods to countries in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, China, and Europe.


Hormel’s origins date back to 1891 when founder George A. Hormel opened a meat business in Minnesota. Hormel began a meat packing plant under the name George A. Hormel & Co. The entire Hormel family joined the company and incorporated the company in 1901. Within a decade, the company’s product had been regularly featured in national magazines and by the late 1930’s, the company was paying for full-page ads in various publications. Hormel introduced new products through the years, including Little Sizzler sausages in 1961. Towards the end of the century, the company renamed itself as Hormel Foods Corporation. It has continued to grow and recently acquired Skippy.

Job Opportunities

A public company, Hormel employs nearly 20,000 people. Hormel offers internships, entry-level jobs, corporate positions, experienced roles, and more. Careers are available in communications, IT, recruiting, and more.

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