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Norfolk Southern Corporation

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About Norfolk Southern Corporation

Norfolk Southern Corporation is a national transportation company that operates in and serves major ports in the eastern United States. The company transports products to nearly 400 distribution centers, and several other power generation plants, paper mills, intermodal terminals, and facilities, among others. Norfolk Southern also operates some 20,000 miles of road and approximately 36,000 miles of track miles.

Products & Services

The company has customers in a score of industries, including: automotive, coal, intermodal, and real estates, among many others. In terms of what its transports, through railways, the company transports raw materials, finished goods, coal and chemical products, consumer goods, agricultural goods, and automotive parts and vehicles. Other products transported by Norfolk Southern include construction materials such as machinery and cement as well as forest products such as wood pulp and paper products. Furthermore, the company engages in intermodal operations, the transportation of overseas freight, logistics services, and also passenger and commuter transportation means. Aside from customer services, Norfolk Southern participates in acquisitions, leasing, the management of energy resources and telecommunications projects.


If not for the advent of the railroad, Norfolk Southern would not exist today. In 1826 the Granite Railway was established and then a year later the South Carolina Canal & Rail Road was chartered. Over the years, more railways appeared and developed new products such as the first new locomotive in 1866. More than a century after these occurrences, Norfolk Southern was created from the merger of two large railroad companies—Norfolk & Western Railway and Southern Railway. The new company went public in 1987 and began transporting more and more products, including baby goods and personal computers. Norfolk recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a modern transportation company.

Job Opportunities

Norfolk Southern is public (NYSE:NSC) and parent company to Lambert’s Point Docks, Inc, Pocahontas Land Corporation, T-Cubed, Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services, Thoroughbred Mechanical Services, Transworks, and Triple Crown Services. In addition, the company operates and owns the Norfolk Southern Railway. Careers with the company and any of its subsidiaries are available in hourly positions, professional roles, management trainee opportunities, operations supervisor trainee jobs, and co-ops and internships.

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