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Cincinnati, OH


About Procter & Gamble

The Procter & Gamble Company, as known as P&G, manufactures and markets consumer goods under dozens of household brands. An American and Fortune 500 company, P&G is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, but serves nearly 5 billion people around the world, with operations in 70 countries. The company boasts 50 leadership brands and its portfolio includes, Crest, Always, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Pantene, Downy, Duracell, Pampers, and Tide, among others.

Products & Services

Products by P&G fall under two categories, either Beauty and Grooming or Household Care. Beauty and grooming products span both upscale and affordable brands, from Anna Sui to Old Spice. Fragrances, cosmetics, toothpaste, shaving tools, hair care, skin care, and feminine care are all included under this first category of consumer goods. On the other hand, household care items encompass laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, toilet paper, pet food, batteries, cleaning supplies, baby diapers, non-prescription medicines, tissues, and much more. Both product lines carry national and international brands. P&G consumer goods are sold for the most part through merchandisers, grocery stores, membership clubs, drug stores, and local retailers.


In 1837 brothers-in-law William Procter and James gamble, respectively a candlemaker and a soapmaker, partnered to create a business. By 1860 sales had reached $1 million and by 1879 the company had launched its first branded item, called Ivory Soap. The company expanded through building factories and diversifying its product line. It acquired Crisco in 1911, sponsored radio programs during the 1920s, and expanded internationally beginning with England. P&G also has a long history of acquisitions including the purchase of Tide, Downy, Crest, Folgers Coffee, Iams, and more. Although it has expanded with these acquisition the company headquarters remains in Cincinnati. Recently P&G exited the snack food market by selling its brand, Pringles.

Job Opportunities

Procter & Gamble is publicly traded on NYSE. The company offers various career fields, programs, and seminars and camps for those interested in joining P&G. Three main areas of career opportunities include business, technical, and non-management.

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