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Pierrel Research

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About Pierrel Research

Pierrel Research is a Contract Research Organization, or CRO, engaged in serving science-based industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and media device customers. Although based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company also has operational headquarters in Germany as well as Wayne, Pennsylvania. In total. Pierrel Research has 20 offices around the world and caters to 80 countries with consulting services and research programs.

Products & Services

Focusing on quality services, solutions, and technology, Pierrel Research presents a range of clinic research and scientific marketing offerings. The company’s Quality Management service offers training file management and quality assurance. The company conducts clinical research and is involved in every phase of projects. Moreover, Pierrel Research’s capabilities span clinical research services such as project management, regulatory advice, data management, econometrics, early and late phase, medical writing, and more. On the technology side, Pierrel features scalable solutions such as Hypersuite, Precise, and Cineca. These e-clinical technologies offer industry-tailored systems for easy navigation of clinical trial management.


Pierrel Research was incorporated in 2009 and today has many years of experience in CRO services. Recent company news includes the appointment of CEO Maxime Stevens, a binding agreement with mondoBIOTECH, and more.

Job Opportunities

Today Pierrel Research is a subsidiary under Pierrel S.p.A. The company offers employment opportunities to clinical research professionals and professionals with experience in medical and regulatory affairs, clinical operations, data management, statistics, IT, marketing, economics, and other related fields. Jobs with Pierrel Research are located around the world, from Italy to the U.S.

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