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Wayne, MI


About Rush Trucking

Rush Trucking is an American trucking and transportation company based out of Wayne, Michigan. The company provides long and short distance transport services to companies in a variety of industries. These services are available for long-term contracts and individual orders, depending on businesses’ needs.

Products & Services

Rush Trucking shipping caters to companies in the automotive, tech, retail, and industrial fields. Dedicated trucking services are available for businesses in need of regularly scheduled deliveries, whether local or cross-country. Rush Trucking also offers General Commodity services, which provide one-way transport for goods. For companies with seasonal trucking needs or other fluctuating circumstances, Rush Trucking provides Pop Up Fleets of trucks. Time-sensitive deliveries are run through one of the company’s subsidiaries, Expedited Delivery Service.


The company was founded in 1984 by Andra M. Rush, a full-time nurse and MBA student. Rush formed her own trucking company after participating in a summer internship at Timely Air Freight. The original Rush Trucking, which Rush started with a loan from her parents, was made up of only three trucks. Now, the company has nearly 800 tractors and over 1,000 trailers and fulfills transnational transportation needs.

Job Opportunities

Rush Trucking is a public company with several trucking subsidiaries operating under the Rush brand. Careers at Rush Trucking are available for truck drivers, mechanics, and office employees. Independent owner operators are also encouraged to partner with the company.

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