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About Safeway

Safeway Inc. is an American chain of grocery stores headquartered in Pleasanton, California. The company markets a variety of food supplies such as bakery items, meat and poultry, and produce. Safeway stores are located throughout the western and central regions of the United States as well as Mexico and Canada.

Products & Services

Safeway operates large, supermarket-style stores with a range of grocery products and home necessities. Food products, from fresh produce to frozen meals, are available along with utensils and serving items. Safeway also operates in-store deli, catering, and bakery services for specific orders. Company stores provide home necessities, over-the-counter medications, and prescription fulfillment services as well as groceries. Products can be purchased in-store or online through Safeway’s home delivery service.


M.B. Skaggs founded the original Safeway, then known as Skaggs Stores, in 1915. A decade later Skaggs Stores had expanded to over 400 stores in 10 different states. The company’s current structure was formed in a 1926 merger between Skaggs Stores and another grocer called Seelig Stores, which had recently changed its name to Safeway. The resulting company was incorporated as Safeway and moved its headquarters to California. Since then Safeway has increased its locations to nearly 2,000.

Job Opportunities

The publicly traded company offers a variety of career opportunities. In-store positions are available for customer service employees and pharmacists. Home delivery and manufacturing jobs are also available in addition to corporate careers. Safeway provides internships for college students and leadership programs for recent graduates. Military veterans are encouraged to apply.

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