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Santa Ana, CA


About Universal Protection Service

Universal Protection Service is one of four divisions of Universal Services of America, specializing in providing security and protection professionals for commercial properties. Its mission is to serve clients through security solutions and customized service. The company is a leader in integrated security services and has expanded solely through client retention and referral.

Products & Services

With divisions in the Midwest, West, Northeast, and Southeast, Universal Protection Service’s protection options cover an array of industries, from airports and corporate campuses to educational facilities, office building, and retail centers. The company offers real-time reporting, training programs for its personnel, modern technology, disaster planning, and fire drills. The company allows industry-specific clients to access resources online, such as training programs, management systems, and a client portal; furthermore it utilizes technology to better monitor security guards and conditions and ensure safety.


Universal Services of America is parent company of Universal Protection Service. Universal was established in 1965 in Southern California as a janitorial company. It expanded to include security services and in in the late 1980s sold the janitorial division. Universal created the protection security service in 2008, which is still operates today.

Job Opportunities

Career opportunities and requirements at Universal Protection Services vary by region. Positions range from security professional and bike patrol, to customer service and field management.

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