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Happy New Year! You’re Fired

Ex-Vikings Coach Mike Tice wins “Firing of the Week" award; Online Scavenger Hunt to Find Him the “Perfect" New Job Kicks Off on

Mountain View, CA - January 6, 2006 – Amid the recent massacre of NFL head coaches sacked in the new year, Simply Hired ( today named former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice the recipient of their first “Firing of the Week" award. While delivering yet another dubious accolade in a string of season-long setbacks for Tice, the job search company also announced an online scavenger hunt to help find the perfect new job for the ex-coach, buried somewhere in its over 4 million job listings. Simply Hired runs the world’s largest search engine for jobs, and also publishes the pop-culture satire site

Mike Tice, the sorriest of the lot

Six NFL coaches were terminated in the first week of January. Mike Martz, Dom Capers, Mike Sherman and Jim Haslett were all let go on “Black Monday," the day after the regular season ends and the traditional day for firing coaches. Norv Turner was relieved from duty the next day. With a combined (28-68) won-loss record for the season, the sacked coaches were a sorry lot, but Tice appeared to be the sorriest. Despite Tice being the only fired coach with a winning record, neither coach nor team could be described as a ‘winner’. The year was riddled with turmoil and scandals, including: running back Onterrio Smith getting suspended for being caught with the “Original Whizzinator," a device designed to thwart urine-based drug tests, Tice getting fined for scalping Super Bowl tickets, and four players being charged with lewd and lascivious conduct during a party on the now infamous “Love Boat." Tice was axed on Sunday night, January 1, 2006, about an hour after the Vikings victory over the Chicago Bears. Happy New Year, Mike!

Find a new job for Mike, win an iPod

On a lighter note, Simply Hired also announced an online scavenger hunt to help “find" a new job for the ex-coach. The company has planted a fictitious Firing of the Week job listing for Tice on their site, and anyone who finds it will be entered in a drawing for a free Apple iPod Nano. To take part in the contest, users are encouraged to perform searches on to discover the fictitious job listing. Hints on what to search for include keywords: Vikings, Superbowl, football, boat tour. The contest runs through January 31, 2006 and is open to residents of the US and Canada.

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