Press Release Search Engine for Dogs?

Simply Hired & Dogster Help Job Seekers Discover Dog-Friendly Companies and Jobs

Mountain View, CA –Tuesday, January 24, 2006 – Simply Hired (, in partnership with Dogster (, is celebrating the Year of the Dog with the launch of a dog-friendly job search tool. Dog lovers can now search for jobs at dog-friendly companies by going to:

“Simply Hired makes it easy for people to search millions of jobs at thousands of companies. Now with our dog-friendly job search, over 44 million U.S. dog owners can instantly discover their dream job at dog-friendly companies," said Phil Carpenter, dog owner and VP of Marketing at Simply Hired.

Will work like a dog…if I’m with my dog!

In a recent survey by Dogster and Simply Hired, 66 percent of dog owners said that they would work longer hours if they were allowed to bring their dogs to work, another 32 percent of respondents said that they would take a pay cut to bring their dogs to work. Survey respondents believe that dogs help lower stress levels and build camaraderie amongst employees.

“Companies with dog-friendly policies just get it. And they’re breeding a class of happy and loyal employees," said Ted Rheingold, CEO of Dogster. He continued, “After all, who wouldn’t be happy working with their best friend?"

In fact, dogs drive many of their owners’ lifestyle choices—from daily routines to purchasing decisions for things like homes and travel. A whopping 49 percent of dog owners revealed they would switch jobs if the hiring company allowed their canine companion to accompany them to work, while 70 percent believe a dog-friendly work place is an important employee benefit. Said one survey respondent, “I'd rather have a 10 minute doggie ‘potty break’ than a 10 minute smoking break any day."

Who let the dogs in? Amazon, Autodesk, Google say woofers okay in the workplace.

On the list of dog-friendly employers gathered by Dogster and Simply Hired are over 400 companies, including notable Internet giants Amazon and Google. Small companies of less than 50 employees make up the majority of the list, with California being the state with the most dog-friendly companies. Autodesk, a San Rafael-based software company, recently made headlines for being dog-friendly and making it onto Fortune magazine’s 2006 list of the nation’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Dog-friendly policies appear to come with the territory when it comes to most pet stores, humane societies, groomers and vet offices. Local branch offices of real estate and retail outlets also litter the list.

About Simply Hired, Top Dog in Job Search

"Ironically, most dog-friendly companies don’t realize how important the benefits they offer are to prospective dog-owning employees, and neglect to advertise the perk on their website," said Simply Hired’s Carpenter, “But now with the help of the Dogster community, we’ve made it simple for dog-friendly employers and employees to sniff each other out."

Simply Hired operates the world’s largest search engine for jobs. The company aggregates and indexes over 4,000,000 jobs from a wide variety of sources including job boards, newspaper, classified listings and company websites. Dog-friendly job searches can be performed at:

About Dogster, For the Love of Dogs is the leading community site for dogs and their owners on the Internet. Make friends, share stories and pictures, create groups and get great advice from the forums. To add a company to the Dogster-Simply Hired list of dog-friendly companies, go to:

Simply Hired - Dogster Survey of Dog Owners

What dog owners would do if allowed to bring their dog to work:

66% - Work longer hours
55% - Commute a greater distance
49% - Switch jobs
32% - Take a 5% salary reduction
11% - Take a 10% salary reduction

Other stats (Source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association)

- 44 million households in the US have a dog
- More U.S. households have pets than children, 63% vs. 31%.
- The average annual cost of owning a dog, which includes basic needs such as food, veterinary care, grooming and boarding, is $1,571.