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24-7 Intouch Reviews

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Overall Reviews at 24-7 Intouch

Operations Manager | Aurora, CO | Oct 6, 2019
Poor support for good managers. Unethical leadership.
Worked here for 4 years and developed great skills. As a front line agent, I was successful. I came to work on time, did my job well, avoided interaction with office drama and went home. I performed well, learned something new everyday, adjusted to change (sometimes unfair and/or inconvenient) but observed and retained tips and tricks for dealing with software/hardware/seating/scheduling issues. I never received a write-up as an agent (which is absolutely unheard of within this company's overall culture), but found myself terminated within months of my first write-up. At the time of my termination I had dedicated myself to the company for 4 years, and was a respected Operations Manager, with a team successfully meeting or exceeding client exepections. Promotions are available to those who will accept additonal responsibilities without complaint and have the ability to appear to perform said responsibilities effectively. New managers must be able to perform without significant supervision, mentoring or meaningful support from superiors. Most Team Leaders and Operations Managers are ill-equipped to deal respectfully with people from all walks of life and have wrong-minded motivation for wanting to manage. Few managers take the responsibility they have to those below them seriously, to ensure employees are supported in making their work smoothly coexist with their life. The company will recognize and use skills of those equipped to manage people, but ...more
ProsGood place to learn how to work under pressure, Some managers are supportive (against the overall grain of the organization)
ConsHeavy-handed attendance policies, Poorly mentored managers, Unethical business practices
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Dec 17, 2018
Job is effortless
So the job culture depends on your location and which department you are in. Some departments are more strict/relaxed. Some departments pay more than others and the hours vary. The atmosphere is relaxed dress is casual. Mesa says there is a dress code but I've seen people in the shortest of shorts and dirty/unprofessional outfits. I'm sure it just depends on your department and management Most people stay because it is really easy. Its not a hard job and it doesn't take much to excel. The egos in management need to calm down I mean alot of them are young and they should be proud of themselves for moving up but the ego is what causes they spread of out of date information because you believe you know everything. The hiring process is super relaxed they just mass hire and hope the terrible people quit but this job is easy and in Mesa the pay is much better than what other places pay even though it doesn't match the cost of living. And the probationary pay is insulting especially to those with experience. Unfortunately some training groups aren't as good as others so you may spend some time fixing new hire mistakes it can be frustrating. I've worked some shifts were non of the TLs answer questions that can be annoying. I've worked some shifts were there weren't available computers and I was expected to wait around but because I can't clock in without a computer I don't really get paid. You do have the ability to trade departments after 90days if you can make i...more
ProsCasual Dress, Little HR Events, Cafeteria, Easy Work, Nice People
ConsPay, Lack of Standards, Parking, Lack of Common Sense
Agent | Center, TX | Jan 16, 2019
Worst company
They like to promote that they have the best work life balance but all they care about are the numbers, target this and that. Yes there are days where there are limited number of tickets to work on but still they want you to reach your daily quota (80 tickers for a whole shift for 200 agents and you are expexted to solve 4/hour) Management really like to SHOUT, be it good and specially when something bad happens. In training you will learn alot but not with the account you will handle but with the "PINs, TAGs, Company events then they cram you on the last fews days of training after training they expect you to know everything already. Also training materials are out dated dosnt even have sample accounts. Then you have the SME some are very knowledgeable but most are crazy rude even when you just finish training they'll just ask you did you learn this during training? But since training is outdated you end up asking them... Some TLs are inexperience and lacks leadership skills and acts very BOSSY (ALL WAYS CAPSLOCK) even on your rest days you'll feel the stress since they send you msgs. You rarely get to see managers but when you do be carefull not the friendliest or approchable. And when they are around you will fill the tension and pressure also from the other agents. HR lacks personnel thus alot of paper works are delayed some got their atm on their 2 to 3rd month of working. The company also lacks proper monetary compensation... Rather they will give ...more
ProsPros-akit ng ulo
ConsDont work here
Customer Service Representative | Aurora, CO | Aug 6, 2019
Cheap Canadian Company
Cheap Canadian company that doesn't even honor the most basic American corporate culture, such as paying you for Christmas and Thanksgiving off, even though they are closed. No Memorial or Labor days off, that's for sure! You start earning ETO vacation time from the day you start, but it is not released to you to use til your yearly anniversary date each year, and vacation time will never increase over time, like most companies. It also is not paid out to you if you leave job, or are laid off, before your anniversary date. I had about 40 hours accrued, but left 3 months before anniversary date, so didn't see a dime of it. This is unethical and should be illegal. They get by with it because they are out of Canada. Not moving there any time soon! No incremental pay increases for performance, no matter how long you're there, or how well you do. Have to be willing to go into management for pay raises. Have to sit at a different desk everyday, so can't customize your computer to remember passwords etc.This also spreads germs quickly. Never buy a pizza or lunch for you like most call centers do, to show appreciation. Instead do cheap things for morale, like give you an ice cream bar, or popcorn. BENEFITS: Not great. The most minimum they can get by with. Offer no benefits unless full 40 hours, though most American companies offer them at 32 hours. This is not a long term company to work for, but is by light rail, is a decent in-between job position, or starter...more
Call Center Representative | Altamonte Springs, FL | Jun 19, 2019
Great job it’s just the company and the people who runs it.
It’s a really laxed job, I worked on the Lyft account. The job itself is easy, minus the few angry callers you get which comes with the territory. The Team leads are not really there to help like they should be. They are more worried about you eating and drinking on the floor and being on your phone then ensuring you are being helped properly. The options they have for help when you don’t know the answer to something is Slak, which is useless because you are on the phone and need an answer within an certain amount of time and they will take over 5 minutes to respond while you have someone on the phone,which will then be counted against you because your handling time will be longer. They updated the policies and then expect us to meet the same requirements on the phone when your telling people no for money when they just completed an entire ride and not give a real explanation, causing you to get a bad reviews and then they will count that against you. Customers using the surveys at the end of the call for the experience with the agent is used against you because they will use the survey to express their negative feelings for the company instead of you, you’d think they would not count it because you can see the customer clearly talking about the company itself and not you but they don’t it still will count against you. After so many write ups your fired . Only think enjoyable is you get to listen to music on the computer during your shift. Don’t even think about getting sick ...more
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Aug 16, 2018
Total waste of time
Bad Management, no consideration for work/life balance, no rest breaks to use the bathroom, sometimes worked up to 4 hours before a break, threatened with write-ups for using the bathroom more than 6 minutes over a 9 hour day. Management failed to give feedback when passing over people for promotions, usually only want YES people in supervisory position, promotes people based off numbers instead of quality of their work. Fires people for petty things that are insignificant and then labels it as un-rehireable making it impossible for former employees to find future employment, will not consider issues such as transportation and childcare in scheduling, changes schedules without notice arbitrarily. There is little enjoyment to be found working in a contact center, clients do not provide functioning tools to do expected work competently. Hardest part of the job was keeping your cool when being talked to with little to no regard for respect or dignity, supervisors will talk about subordinates in front of other agents who then use it as a way to bully and put down co-workers. All in all, this was the worst work experience I have ever had. I would not suggest any of my family members to work here, ever. In fact I dissuaded people from coming to work there once I realized what the environment was like. I left in good standing, found a new job with better pay and benefits. Worked out my 2 week notice and they still labeled me as terminated. Work here at your own r...more
ConsInconsistent schedule changes, No flexibility, no annual reviews or raises.
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Feb 2, 2019
I loved it at first, but they have become very careless
I loved this job, I would have had no complaints a year ago. After awhile, they started making changes, the turn over rate started increasing and they stopped caring about the well-being and lives of their employees. Maybe the client we worked for became more strict or just all the management they fired. They would work with a schedule for you, at least something consistent. Nowadays, its like employees are expendable. They claim that you will have a set schedule, but now it changes weekly and your days off and hours change without notice. I have tried to work with them and get my previous hours back, but they said it didn't matter and they can change my hours whenever. I tried changing to a better department, but they never let me for a year even though they claim you can. They say they never have enough people and you cant change over to a better department until then. Well its been a year and the turnover rate just gets progressively worse. I came back after a short leave and I didnt even recognize anyone who worked there. Everyone left, even supervisors and long time, dedicated employees left. I am sad to say I am going to leave because it used to be wonderful. I would only suggest this job if you are someone who likes to feel expendable or taken advantage of. Only apply if you need something temporarily till you find something better.
Prosfriendly coworkers, overtime
Consno breaks, inconsistent schedules, poor management, no holiday pay, no benefits
Social Media Specialist | Aurora, CO | Jan 22, 2019
Decent company to work for with a fun, startup culture
24/7 does have some fun and exciting campaigns to work for. Much of the experience I gained in managing a team was extremely valuable, which is why I have remained here a while. Recently however, the way senior management treats its employees and leaders here at 24/7 is appalling. Lately, some Operations Managers target individual leads and agents they merely dislike even when performance is high. Although this has been an ongoing issue for sometime, Senior Management has done nothing about it. It is nice to know that partners we work with are always responsive to requests, when Operations Managers at 24/7 cannot even take the time to respond to simple emails regarding backpay. This creates a work environment that does not feel comfortable or safe for employees on the campaign. Additionally, it creates tension between the us and partners as there are constantly people moving positions and roles. Moreover, some of these individuals do not wish to work collaboratively, but rather use their authority to bully others. Furthermore, it means more training which is an unnecessary financial burden for the company. This certainly does not optimize performance and I truly hope 24/7 can improve in the future.
ProsComfortable office enviornment, meaningful work with high-profile clients
ConsNo communication from Senior Management about major issues (i.e. backpay, HR concerns, etc.)
Customer Service Representative | Denver, CO | Nov 26, 2018
Horrible place to work
The management all play favorites, they pick and choose what rules to enforce. Mostly the entire management team will enforce certain rules they feel like enforcing while letting their favorites do whatever. This place would maybe be okay or decent to work at if you have friends in management, but that doesn't make up for the terrible experience that is the rest of this job. Huge majority of associates on the floor are extremely rude, the noise level is outrageous (it is a call center, and you're on the floor, it's going to be noisy, but these people are super disrespectful and they don't care about you) Besides the horrendously terrible staff in management and the many cons of this job, I will say that this job is SO incredibly easy. and that 24-7 Intouch would be an amazing job, but only If the management stepped up and did their actual jobs, if the associates weren't rude, discourteous and way too loud on purpose, if this place gets it together somehow and becomes professional then it would be an excellent job.
ProsRelaxed atmosphere, somewhat flexible hours, employee chooses break and lunchtimes
ConsHorrible management and disrespectful staff, completely lacking professionalism, no structure or backbone from management, rules aren't always enforced or the team leads pick and choose what rules to enforce and for whom
Customer Service Representative | Orlando, FL | Dec 23, 2018
Good pay depending on the line of bussiness you work for, friendly helpful environment, garnered pay ever two weeks, pay increase fast.
I would recommend working here to anyone that needs to make fast money and get a quick job. It’s easy to get a job here and majority of the time depending on which Line of Bussiness you work for you could make up to $14 dollars. This place is very strict with hours and points they do go off of a point system and the computer tracks everything, although you can dispute it and maybe if your TL likes you they’ll approve. I honestly think this is not fair but if you gain a good relationship with your TL they will go in and approve your time from you not being late in Superpunch. It will still show they fixed it. Also this job mostly hires for full time, it’s hard to get part time here. It’s best that when you’re applying you be honest about the hours you really want to work. Also it’s hard to have a relationship with the REAL manager; boss of you because they make the TL’s decide everything instead of them and sometimes I don’t think that’s a good decision for all. All in all, anyone that needs to make a little more for minimum wage can apply here. Not a bad work place at all!
ProsMake money, not a hard job, easy to learn.
ConsNo space in between work hours to spend time with family or College

Questions And Answers about 24-7 Intouch

What benefits does 24-7 Intouch offer?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
Medical pricey, Dental/Eye affordable, After a yr, 2 weeks PTO
Answered Aug 21, 2018
Medical, dental, vision, 401k, life insurance, PTO
Answered Dec 14, 2017
What is starting pay for csr?
Asked Oct 2, 2016
Netflix did $10 for orientation & 2 weeks of training, $12.20 for a 90 day “probationary” period after training, then it finally goes up to $14.20
Answered Nov 6, 2019
$9 an hour
Answered Jul 16, 2019
What is the best part of working at 24-7 Intouch?
Asked Oct 3, 2019
The people at 24-7 are the best part of working for the company. From the bottom to the top, everyone seems to care about each other's well being, and reports of harrassment are taken very seriously and always acted upon. It's a working environment where you feel like you're actually a part of a team, rather than a cog in a machine.
Answered May 15, 2020
Going home and clocking out
Answered May 5, 2020
What is the interview process like at 24-7 Intouch?
Asked Sep 22, 2016
Spent about 3 hours in the building testing and doing interviews. Made me late for another appointment I had. Sent me home with another test to do. The link in the email was a 404 error... They seem to interview people all day as there was a non-stop line of people being tested and interviewed. Probably had something to do with why it took so long. Lots of people ahead of me when I left and there were still people coming in as I was leaving. Tests are easy, scored high on all of them. Things like WPM, Grammar, English Comprehension, etc. They're easy. If you've been using the internet since 2004, you're probably gonna pass these tests.
Answered Oct 19, 2019
I arrived to my interview on time. The first thing I did was fill out a sheet with my basic info, work experience, and availability. I completed it and gave it back to one of the ladies at the front desk. She looked at my availability and immediately rejected me because my school schedule wouldn't fit with their work schedule. First of all, why couldn't they tell me that before I wasted my time and came in? And second, it's a 24-hour company... How are there no hours for my availability??? So inconsiderate and unprofessional.
Answered Oct 3, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at 24-7 Intouch?
Asked Apr 16, 2018
You never when your last day is going to be when on contract. They keep you hanging then drop you.
Answered Mar 10, 2020
Answered Mar 9, 2020