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Operations Analyst | Woodbury, MN | Aug 6, 2019
Despicable management team
I worked at 3M as a contractor for a year. They treat most of the contractors like absolute garbage. These are some of the things that went on: 1. I had about one month left on my contract, and my manager asked me to train full time employees. I politely declined, stating that it wasn't right to ask me to train full time employees as a contractor. I asked the manager why this made sense to ask me to do this, but she didn't respond. If she thought that I did a good enough job to train the full time employees, why would she not bring me on as a full time employee myself? They ended my contract that same day. 2. Another manager pulled a stunt similar to my first point above. They didn't hire another contractor as a full time employee, but they had him train in the new employee. Their hiring practices are clearly not based on the quality of your work. 3. The two managers in my division laid off 5 contractors with 3 days notice, even though they knew well before that they would be laying them off. They have no regard or respect for the fact that these people were on tight budgets, and should have been notified as soon as the managers decided to lay them off. 4. The managers disinvited all of the contractors to a happy hour after work one Friday. Didn't want to associate with us. Clearly don't even want to encourage most contractors to want to work there full time. 5. Managers won't give anyone references, even if they did good work. No reason for this, simply a stupid corpora...more
Administrative Assistant | Maplewood, MN | Aug 30, 2018
Average Company
Based off my own personal experience (may not be the same for others), they fully expect you to be available to answer questions/ask for assistance outside your working hours, even if you're paid hourly. I feel like they should provide much better computer software for every employee. For example, they don't offer Adobe unless you ask for manager approval, even though PDF's are a common document to use. The system they use to enter/submit time is very out of date and not user friendly. The employee website is very disorganized, which makes it hard to find a lot of the information you're looking for. There isn't a specific point of contact for you to go to with any HR type questions, just a general number to call, which doesn't always provide you with reliable/accurate information (same with IT). Their office buildings/equipment definitely need updating. Instead of saying "Thank You" to your employees by spending thousands of dollars worth of food/treats, put it towards office/computer upgrades that will help make their jobs easier/less stressful. Considering how large of a company 3M is, you'd think they'd already be doing this since they can easily afford it.
ProsGood pay, employee discounts, opportunity for advancement, and better maternity leave than most companies in the US.
ConsHuge company makes you just a number and easily replaced, lacks up-to-date office buildings/equipment/computer software, inconsistant and unorganized.
Salesforce Admin | Maplewood, MN | Oct 15, 2019
Very effective worl place
• Competent in SFDC Administrative tasks like creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Email Services, Approvals, Master child Relationship, Lookups, Roll-Up Summary, Workflows, Page Layouts, Tasks and Events. • Proficient in Data migration and integration using Data Loader. • Expertise in generating custom reports, dashboards, and workflows. • Manage operational requests and reporting including customer analysis and individual views, and troubleshoot issues. • Extensive experience in data migration and integration using Data Loader • Integrated SQL database functions with Salesforce applications • Experience in capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements for Salesforce.com implementations • Sound experience in creating Custom Apps, Custom Objects, Custom Fields, Applying Sharing Rules, Page Layouts, Search Layouts, Related List and defining Field Dependencies, Custom buttons. • Compose case management process, lead conversion and Campaign influence. • Expert with Substantial Experience in Salesforce Administration, Operational Analytics, Project Management, and Quality Assurance with Emphasis on Process Improvement. • Experience in Sales force APEX Triggers, Tasks, Custom Objects Creation, and Visualforce. • Adequate experience on Debug Apex scripts using System Log Console and debugs Logs to catch Exceptions and execute Governor Limits.
Production Supervisor | Springfield, MO | Dec 6, 2019
Great potential depending on current management in place.
Pros Great pay and challenging work. Most people there are dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, and wonderful human beings. I enjoyed that most of all: working with a team of people that are great at their jobs and work together under somewhat difficult circumstances. You are constantly encouraged to suggest and implement better ways of doing things. Generous paid time off programs too. Cons Not equipped or willing to properly deal with policy violations by senior managers. Workplace conduct and performance standards are not consistent between hourly/salaried employees. Lack of teamwork between management groups (silos). Improvement process dragged down by hierarchy. Chronically understaffed and this creates unnecessary tension between groups. Just be aware of these things going in. Advice to Management Be bold! Retaliation is prohibited and must be addressed - even if it is inconvenient. A problem in HR affects all employees. Fix the problem with honesty and integrity and if you can't address it, get help. Your people will respect you for it and stay with the company. Communicate. Free-flowing communication between management and employees builds trust and slashes rumors. You know these things, just do it!
Manufacturing Engineer | New Ulm, MN | Feb 6, 2020
Used to be a great place to work.
For me, my work has evolved over the past decade. It used to be well defined, and since many of the changes within 3M New Ulm, the position of Manufacturing Engineer is a catch-all. Everything has become the responsibility of Engineering in New Ulm, and very little accountability is given to production and maintenance. These areas are critical to the success of any project or an of the metrics engineers are graded on. Also, the management seems out of touch with day to day activities. They spend the majority of time in high level meetings with their parent divisions, and it is evident their understanding of operations and day to day issues is not a priority. They want to be handed information through tables and graphs to present to their bosses, and they don't take interest in how production is performing, projects, or anything unless their is a major issue. Then it's the engineer's job to figure it all out and report back. There isn't a proper delegation to any group responsible or follow-up. This is evident in the employee survey taken each year. New Ulm has a terribly low score within 3M. It's unfortunate, because it was much better at the beginning of my career.
ProsPay is good for this area.
ConsManagement is out of touch.
Machine Operator | Knoxville, IA | Oct 31, 2019
3M Knoxville Iowa Plant - Don't bother with 3M, there are much better places to work....
I've worked in many local factories and this one takes the cake for the most miserable job I've ever worked. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere....there's a very slim chance that you will have a good experience here. Good pay and benefits...and that's it. Management doesn't have the time for you unless it's to write you up. If you're not one of the cool kids, it's gonna be a long and depressing ride. It's like high school all over again. Most people won't even bother to look up or make eye contact. It was always fun learning you have to stay for an additional 4 hours after your normal 8 hour shift ends... the SAME night. Not allowed to go outside to eat lunch or to take breaks - super depressing on nice days. If you need the money and really want to test your will to live...give it a try, otherwise there are much better opportunities out there waiting for you. No, I don't need an Official Response from 3M...We are so sorry to hear about your experience with 3M...etc,etc. Start treating your people like people. It'd be wise to start from the TOP and work your way down through the existing terrible management. I wish nothing but bankruptcy for this company and avoid every product I can produced by them.
Leadership | Prairie du Chien, WI | Mar 11, 2019
Hard Working, Dedicated? Check out 3M...
I was taught to work hard and have dedication and those attributes have paid large dividends working at 3M. From my humble beginnings as a green manufacturing, wide-eyed temporary employee, to now having management responsibilities over multiple technical departments, 3M has provided, not only great benefits and a secure financial income for my family, but a fulfilling and challenging career with limitless potential for growth. I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries and see what makes 3M great. That is ethics and their embrace on diversity, and how that is inspired upon their workforce. I have had the privilege to work for 3M over 25 years and have seen a great deal of change, and sometimes questioned some decisions. However, in the end those decisions are made to ensure we stay true to our vision: 3M Technology Advancing Every Company, 3M Products Enhancing Every Home and 3M Innovation Improving Every Life. I'll leave you with one final thought. Can you find another company that has the wide-ranging portfolio to make a positive impact on every life in the world?
ProsFocus on the Customer, Leading Technology Company, Diverse, Ethical and a Large Portfolio
ConsSlower reaction time
Production Operator | Austin, TX | Nov 25, 2019
Forget about your life
I worked at 3M Austin for just over 6 years. When I first hired on I thought I was lucky to get the job. The first department I worked in lasted 1 year and then they decided the profit margin wasn't good enough so they shut it down. My next assignment lasted 1 year and they sold that division off. My next department became a discontinued product line . After that the next department was sold and moved to Mexico. Finally the plant was shut down all together and I am now out of work. All through this process I was treated somewhat nicely, managers always smile. But there was absolutely no consideration for work/life balance. Overtime is almost always announced at the last minute, and I mean the last minute. Like 5 minutes before your shift is over. I once had a one year stretch of 6 days a week/12 hrs. a day. The OT money was nice but come Sunday I just napped. The shutdown process was long and drawn out. Your final day kept changing to some unknown date in the future. And management was somewhat tone deaf, always saying "wasn't 3M the best job you ever had, it will look great on your resume." I did get a severance package but am not able to collect unemployment for 3 months. All in all not a place if you want a stable future.
Machinist | Whippany, NJ | Jun 30, 2019
Lack of knowledge by my supervisor.
When I toled my Manager problems, he did not believe me. I made 12 prototype wheels that work the first time , later on when they get them on C&C Lane , without my input, they have an 80% failure , and I told them that the lathe that was working on , coolest travel was moving with no loan on it, for two months I had to continuously correct the over bores. For this slave they had a digital readout in the back for two years they never used. When it was installed, if proved I was right. They paid myself and another gentleman to go to night school for CNC programming, when they acquired a brand-new C&C lath spell spell engine light spell engine light Play that Play that spell engine light Engine light Engine lathe, our manager went out and hired somebody new to run it. After a period of time they let him go. Took somebody with programming experience, but little machining experience. The $25,000 machine , he increased production by 20%. Last but not least, they had A intelligent woman, a flow specialist. That had no idea are The real problems due to the five different base Materials and the necessary dressing of the grinding wheels, They where like puppies chasing their tails.
ConsManagement ego
Customer Service Representative | Woodbury, MN | Dec 29, 2018
Good place to work if you have a degree
3M is a great place to work at (at least my group is) and is far better if you have a degree. From what I understand of HR standards and structure, most jobs require a degree. My personal opinion is a degree is not required to do many jobs at 3M. Technical/scientific/management jobs yes, but jobs like customer service don’t need it. It is my opinion that HR requiring a degree and preventing perfectably good candidates from getting hired on is ridiculous. I could easily see it being used to to decline someone as just a reason but time and time again used to prevent manager requested hires seems to be bad corporate practice. Now, am I a expert in HR culture? No. Do I inside knowledge of higher up HR management thinking. No. Will my opinion matter to 3M HR? No. All I will say is this. For a company’s HR department to say it is being inclusive and diverse, and then turning around and mandating degree on jobs that don’t need degrees, seems pretty exclusive to me. Whoever is manadating this should really take another look at their message to the outside world.
ProsGood people around me
ConsHR department pretending to be inclusive and diverse.

Questions And Answers about 3M

If you were in charge, what would you do to make 3M a better place to work?
Asked Jun 12, 2018
More complements to workers
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Give people more than 90 days to keep up with there scores and have someone do one on one training if you have more problems understanding the job.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at 3M?
Asked Jan 16, 2018
Just be yourself and be positive.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Interviews for 3M are easy. Just have your answers ready before-hand (usual interview questions), be ready for unexpected follow-up questions, and practice practice practice!
Answered Dec 14, 2019
How are the working hours at 3M?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
Working hours are dependent upon your role and location, but a standard workday in our corporate offices is eight hours. In the United States, Alternative Work Schedules may be available with the permission of your supervisor. Common AWSs for non-production salaried employees include four 10-hour days per workweek, four nine-hour days and one half-day per workweek, four nine-hour days and one day every other workweek, three 12-hour days and one half-day per workweek and three 12-hour days and one day every other workweek. Common AWSs for non-production non-salaried employees include four 10-hour days per workweek, four nine-hour days and one half-day per workweek or three 12-hour days and one half-day per workweek.
Answered Jun 24, 2019
8 or 10 hours depending on your location..
Answered Feb 12, 2018
What benefits does 3M offer?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Stress management coach's because the place drives the employees crazy.
Answered Jan 29, 2020
3M provides a wide variety of high-quality benefits, including paid time off; parental leave; disability, health care and relocation benefits; life insurance; personal savings; and a retirement program. Additionally, 3M offers many resources, rewards and incentives to help you live your best, both physically and financially. Examples include on-site fitness centers, stress management coaching, tuition reimbursement and support for community involvement. For more information on 3M’s benefits, please visit the Benefits section of our Careers page.
Answered Jun 24, 2019
Do they verify education on the back ground check?
Asked Jul 30, 2017
We typically look back seven years on the background check. HireRight runs the checks based on the candidate’s name, date of birth, social security number and current / previous addresses.
Answered Jun 24, 2019
They did not call any of my previous employers but they did call my university - usually its the other way round! Otherwise yes, full background, criminal, and drug screen. Will be impossible to get in if you've had a DUI or more serious.
Answered Dec 18, 2018