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Member Services Representative | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Jun 14, 2019
Calif. State Auto Asso. -AAA
I was hired for a Partime DMV technician in 1989. Cross training is as big as cross-selling. Which is great, the days of one person specializing in one dept. (DMV old manual transactions) are over. Today they close the dept. if computers are down. When I left I was a full time, DMV TECH., AUTO TRAVEL (Maps, routing road trips, booking vacation packages, i.e Disney, Grand Canyon, hotel and reservations.) CASHIERING, Selling, upgrading, anding mems. to AAA memberships. Cross-Selling Auto, Homeowners, Renters, Life Ins., everything except Health ins., At the end of the day Balancing both AAA/DMV Drawers, Tally and evaluate your Cross-sells and membership quotas. Let, 's not forget the Daily phone Logg's and returning the calls. I would love to work for AAA again, They're a great company to work for, with offices in almost every other city, Throughout the US. if I could focus on one maybe three things. 1 )Servicing the member, 2) Scrutinizing there DMV needs, 3) presenting them with answers, solutions, or clear documentation of there goal. All done With Clarity, not losing focus, because the membership is only holding a five-mile membership, and they're getting ready to travel to Disneyland, without enough mileage coverage, on their tow service card. And then upselling them the current Disney promotion package or that their auto insurance is expired, and they may want to pay that up before they began their travels. All of which is great and provides a great serv...more
Driver | Portland, ME | Nov 23, 2019
6 month employee 2013-2014
This job was a huge eye opener in the world of helping drivers on the side of the road. You only get a quick 3 day course and a week riding with a fleet driver before they throw you to the wolves. The one thing they NEED to train more on is unlocking doors on these newer cars. I had more trouble with doing this than anything else. Frequently i had to call veteran workers to help me and this takes them away from other customers. I actually enjoyed most of it during the fall but the winter time plain sucks for drivers who have to help people. You work in all elements and they pay iis not nearly enough for the amount of work you have to do. Many times I had to work overtime due to complicated battery changes and fighting the cold weather. Co-workers were completely and I mean completely unreliable for assistance in most cases they worried about their own issues and management was often too busy to assist. Initially I was very motivated but as time went on my attitude went down the drain and it began to affect my job performance. When it got so busy that I skipped some calls I new it was time to hang it up. The way I left was not under good circumstances. A customer who chose to argue with me I told them what they could go do with themselves and right after that call I quit that very day. I have regretted leaving that way ever since but the crazy winter work and long days had gotten to me. Maybe since 2014 pay has improved as well as management, this was just my e...more
Insurance Agent | Clearfield, UT | May 17, 2019
AAA was great, went bad!
AAA NCNU Started out great. The upper management cared about the employees and regarded the jobs as careers. When I started at the MSC, management did not want employees to refer to it as a "call center". Now, however, it has turned into a run of the mill "call center". No one is happy with their shifts, the pay is not on par with the work, management sucks and upper management is absent. The worst part is when someone brings up the shortcomings of a department or Expresses frustration, the manager pulls out a bunch of numbers and stats that aren't favorable and shuts down the conversation. I never felt comfortable in any position, I always felt like I was about to be let go. When I did meet the goals, I would get 5 seconds of embarrassing recognition then the goals changed. AAA would give payed days off, but they black out all of the days based on call volume and their need. So essentially, "Here are payed days off, but you can't use them until we tell you that you can." The biggest frustration with working for this company is that they mess with your pay, ALL THE TIME. One month you will hit all your metrics and get a bonus allowing you to pay your Bill's and next month all the metrics have changed and you get nothing. I don't want this to come off as me bashing the company because I am disgruntled. I left AAA on good terms and hold them no ill will, but at the end it was not a good company to work for.
ProsBenefits and location
ConsManagement, compensation, communication and expectations of employees
Insurance Agent | Lee's Summit, MO | Jun 4, 2018
Competitive yet fun workplace
Writing/reviewing auto & homeowners insurance policies, promoting and selling AAA Memberships, working with Underwriters regarding policy submissions, cold-calling, strategic marketing and community involvement. I learned how to best apply and improve my time management skills, enhanced my level of communication, effectively meeting and/or exceeding our members expectations. The workplace culture was absolutely wonderful. What you put into building your book of business is what you got out of it. Great rapport with all AAA employees within the office and other locations. The hardest part of the job was digging deeper to earn the book of business during the lean months when business would slow down, however, it forced one to become more creative in obtaining new business as well, so it was both a great learning opportunity and growth period as well. The most enjoyable part of the job was simply representing such a wonderful organization who truly believe in it's employee. Yes, there were guidelines in which we had to work, but they allowed you to build your book of business and offered you many options of support along the way.
ProsGreat work atmosphere, earnings potential, developing meaningfu and impactful relationships with clients and the communities.
ConsThe days where you sometimes put in 12-16 hour days for a long stretch.
Insurance Agent | Bellevue, WA | Jan 10, 2019
Micromanages excessively
I have worked in a lot of call centers, but this one takes the cake on micromanagement. You cannot talk to your co-workers sitting next to you in between calls and they do not want to see you on your cell phone at all. I can understand if it is very busy and you are with a client, but in between calls? I have never worked somewhere where you couldn't converse quietly with any of your coworkers. Also, there is no sick time. If you call out sick, you are not paid from your PTO. Workforce says your sick time must be "planned" How do you plan to be sick? They pay for your property and casualty licensing (school, tests, fingerprinting, etc) So that is a plus. There is room for advancement, you can go into sales, leadership, IT, or customer retention. The pay is $18.00 - $20.00 starting off, but they won't pay you the $20.00 starting off, no advancement for a year. You can park in one of the 3 parking lots or use their Orca card that is unlimited to commute. If you can get past their pettiness and constantly micromanaging your every move, then this would be a great place to work.
Prosfree AAA membership, Premera insurance, paid insurance school training, unlimited Orca card that can be used personally as well.
Conscannot talk to coworkers, cannot use the internet, cannot use cell. No separate sick time, so if you call out sick, you cannot use your PTO and get paid.
Senior Customer Advocate | Nashville, TN | Jul 7, 2018
First Call Center Job
I retired from nursing and wanted to continue helping people. AAA was having a job fair so I applied. I had never worked in call center before. You feel you make a difference. It is very fast paced and stressful but rewarding. There is a great deal to the job than I ever realized. You deal with members in distress & highly emotional. A great many do not know where they are or what they are driving. Many will not have their membership card and you must find their membership. You must keep calm and keep them calm while getting detailed information through specific questions. You use many programs at once on two computer monitors while talking to member. The biggest obstacle is finding the member without GPS tracking like 911 and On Star have. You must find the member the old fashion way with maps and questions. And you must do all of this in specific time constraints. During peak times you have back to back calls. Every week you and your supervisor listen to your calls and discuss how you can do better. Many of my coworkers have had experience in call centers and often said if you can work at AAA call center you can make it anywhere.
ProsYou really feel you make a difference, good pay rate, good benefits
ConsVery fast paced and stressful, back to back calls, keeping in metrics of call time
Emergency Dispatcher | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 30, 2020
If you're rude, dishonest, have no heart or any kind of life to speak of, then this is the perfect job for you.
This office is riddled with dishonesty, the majority of the department I workED for are extremely rude and mistreat both their dispatchers and their drivers. They have no concept of efficiency, safety, or customer satisfaction. If you are not one of their friends or relatives, have any morals,an oz of intelligence, or any true compassion for people, this isn't the place for you... this is a place that punishes professionalism and common courtesy and rewards employees for unethical behavior, bad attitudes and regularly being late. They are also paying bottom dollar wages for that type of position compared to most of the dispatching jobs I've been seeing..... and don't make the mistake I did and get 15 minutes of overtime. They'll write you up for that. The one thing that made my job there tolerable were the drivers and a couple Lead Dispatchers from contracted companies we gave work to. They were very supportive, they cared about the people they transported and I enjoyed working with them.
Prosyou could wear pretty much anything you want to work there.
Conseverything else
Membership Representative | Pittsburgh, PA | Aug 9, 2018
No loyatly to Employees
company has no concern for our department often we are left out of important updates that play a big roll in our position Management is scattered out across different states and none are on the same page, or respond to our questions with I don't have the answer for that leaving us to figure it out on our own. Company merger took place and job has gone down hill ever since company took a step backwards.Company has given us more work and took away the pay we were once making to provide for our families causing stress and hardship, when asked reasoning we are told it is was it is, this is the way it has to be now. I have never worked in a position where you take pay decreases year after year but make above quota. Company only concerned with bringing on New Members however the way this is achieved is keeping loyal members rates high and giving New members all the discounts and free associate members to reach New Member count. So established Members for years don't renew they just rejoin for cheaper rate (no brainier) and club gets its new member quota
Prosflexible hours
Consno loyalty to employees, management all over, no stability, pay cuts whenever
Sales Producer | Coppell, TX | Aug 6, 2019
Dead End With No Opportunities & Poor Management
Working around the clock is an understatement. In addition to working around the clock the compensation is poor. Years ago you could make good money doing this job but you still had to work 12 hr days Mon-Fri & 8 hrs a day on weekends but that’s changed due to sneaky revamps made to the comp plan. Management has no idea what they’re doing and it shows. There is a lack of direction throughout the entire company. Insurance premiums are sky high with no real variance of options. I’ve never worked for an insurance company where the underwriters run the company. Underwriters are petty & spiteful, sabotage your deals and often times trump the managers. They don’t know the guidelines and will cancel policies without notifying you over some WRONG interpretation of policy. There is no conformity in their decisions. One underwriter will cancel something and one will OK it. By far the worst dept & your wages are dependent on their instability. New work from home program launched and they charge $400 for the “privilege” yet they brag about how rich they are as a company.
ConsNo work life balance, poor compensation, poor management, hostile underwriters
Agent | Coppell, TX | May 29, 2018
best job i've ever had
I was at AAA for over 3 years the pay was NEVER a problem. I clocked in the maximum OT the company allowed because the needed the help and I am a workaholic. I love money. They offer health insurance, dental/vision 401 k and a pension plan. How could I forget the monthly bonuses. They have their own computer system where you can log in and request the very next day off and it's automatically approved as long as the slots are available which is what I absolutely loved. With other jobs you have to put the request in a week or so in advanced but hey things happen and pop up that we can't control so that's a WONDERFUL option for employees at AAA. You have the opportunity to grow and move up in the company which has everything to do with you and your commitment. If the company is doing great with the stats they offer surprise incentives. Gift cards, pot lucks, pay raise. (Let's not forget to mention this is a non profit organization.) It seemed like every 6 months the whole department would get an email and say hey everyone will get a $1.00 raise. man I loved those emails. I seem to be trolling a bit but this is a wonderful company to work for. If I could go back I definitely would.

Questions And Answers about AAA

How often is payday?
Asked Sep 16, 2016
Every 2 weeks
Answered Aug 2, 2019
Every two weeks
Answered Mar 26, 2019
What is the interview process like at AAA?
Asked Jul 23, 2016
3 conference interviews. 1st interview went as normal. Second interview, many questions and senerios. Then, I was prompted for a 3rd interview. In which included a business proposal. Along with 200 people names and phone numbers. COI plans & typed out business proposal. That is absurd. I declined the 3rd interview. I don't know any company that would request such outrageous things before hiring someone. I was applying for insurance agent. SALES. Not IBM. RIDICULOUS
Answered Jan 26, 2019
Face to Face interview with 2 people in 1 room. If the interview takes longer their interested and will pull you aside again for a few minutes and get you a second interview. After you go through the 2nd interview those will be the people who you will likely work with and will tell you their experiences working at the company.
Answered Jun 5, 2018
What kinda drug test ?
Asked May 8, 2017
They recently changed it to just a urine sample bc ppl were failing the hair sample. That came directing from Sonja the hiring lady.
Answered Feb 24, 2018
It depends on the position. I interviewed for a Member Service rep position that requires a urine test and an Assistant Insurance agent that requires a hair sample.
Answered Feb 17, 2018
Why did you leave your job at AAA?
Asked Mar 18, 2017
It was a toxic environment. This was the only job in my life that I walked out on.
Answered Feb 23, 2018
Moved to new city
Answered Sep 14, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at AAA?
Asked Jul 12, 2016
Stressful, no work-life balance, management doesn't care about YOU only the profit that you bring in
Answered Nov 6, 2017
Very hostile and stressful environment. Impossible to have a work and family balance. Very high number driven and there is no room for any life alternating changes, for example: death in the family you reprimanded for missing work and not hitting goal.Lots of favoritism on the sales floor and no solid guidance from
Answered Oct 12, 2017