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Overall Reviews at ALDI

Shift Manager | Royal Palm Beach, FL | Mar 27, 2019
Work horses... welcome
ALDI is for race horses.Understand this and you will love Aldi. I loved working there. I was a Shift Supervisor for three years at the Royal Palm Beach warehouse. The only time things got bad for me was when they slowed my work down to make new changes for the company. My brain got accustomed to fast paced dry selection problem solving, but the changes (which I will not say because I believe its confidential) sent my brain in search of a challenge. My typical day started early. I was supposed to be in at 6:00 am but got there at 5:30 am. This was so that I could avoid any and every curve ball that came my way. Early bird catches the worm kinda thing. Anyhow, in that time I was to set up the work day, answer phone calls from stores, contact the shipping company etc. This process can take up to two hours before selectors came in. And as far as selectors go, I loved my selection teams. I knew them all by first and last name. The rest of the day is problem solving at the desk. You have to be focused but you have to love it. I got in the zone sometimes that I would be dealing with five things in my head. But to the outside, it didn't show. Everyone said that I was calm under fire... Not true. I was just the early bird, I knew where the worms were. As far as management, they all treated me with respect. I had two Supervisors over me and in three years I cannot recall one time when I was disrespected. That says a lot really. But the workload will come to you if you can get thi...more
ProsThe people, My supervisors (I can only speak for them), Burn calories, Pay
ConsSome days will drain you, it requires energy everyday
Management Trainee | Florida | Jun 13, 2019
Just another typical day
Here's what your typical day at ALDI will involve: 1) Zoom around the store all day trying to beat impossible time deadlines. This company unrealistically expects you to unload and fully stock between 12-18 enormous pallets, on average each day of heavy and bulky merchandise onto the shelves. Each pallet cannot take you longer than 20 minutes max tto stock or you get scolded. Plus you're also required to scan at least 1200-1500 grocery products each hour without making any mistakes or having shortages - or breaking anything. Both of these job expectations are completely unattainable. 2) Don't expect to have the tools or resources you’ll need to do your job. Equipment is always breaking, there are never enough workers on shift to get everything done. 3) The DM's only selfishly care about their own bonuses based upon productivity. This basically means in order for your store to attain high productivity, you do the maximum amount of work with the least minimum amount of staff. This business model is completely broken and does not work! 4) 2 maybe sometimes 3 people (including a manager) to stock an entire truck of merchandise in one shift. You will leave this job each day sore, exhausted, drained, and injured. Workplace injuries are very common here, it seems like someone is always out on workers comp. because of getting injured from working too quickly. 5) Tons of micromanagement and complaining from corporate executives. Even if you give it your all, prepa...more
ProsJust my paycheck and benefits.
ConsEverything else.
Shift Manager | Pittsburgh, PA | Sep 23, 2019
Started out great, got let down in the end
I worked at Aldi for 3 years, started out as an Associate, ended as a Shift Manager. I really enjoyed the work, the fast pace, every day was different and interesting, no boring come in and do the same things every single day kind of stuff. It's physically demanding and they ask a lot of each individual employee, and that really was fine, because the pay was great, especially for entry level. The management team can really make or break a store. The store manager I worked with had some kind of mid life crisis and started acting like a teenager, stopped caring about the store, only cared about gossip and people's opinions, and it really screwed up the atmosphere. All the best people, the people who worked hard, transferred or quit and the store really went down the drain. It's a shame, really. Now it's not about the work you put in, it's about whose a** you're willing to kiss. It's also incredibly hard to get fired there, which is weird. I've seen people get away with multiple instances of drinking on the job, getting into fights with customers, outright discrimination, no call no shows, calling off all the time, time stealing, and so on, all without so much as a write up. Not to mention a store manager who doesn't do her own work, takes credit for work done by others, plays favorites when it comes to the schedule (especially with overtime) and promotions, constantly calls off or leaves early, trash talks her own employees to their coworkers as soon as they leave the room, a...more
District Manager | United States | Jun 17, 2018
Externally Great, Internally Has Room to Grow
ALDI is a great company that is situated to be a force in the industry for years to come. I believe in their mission and their approach to capturing and winning customers. To customers, ALDI is a great option that allows people to purchase high quality products for competitive prices. As an employee you truly have an opportunity to grow your teams and increase customer satisfaction. Pay is sufficient, and benefits are inexpensive. With that said ALDI has room to grow as it pertains to internal transparency on decision making and maintaining work/life balance. Upper management (director level and above) will determine your path (promotions, opportunities to grow). There is not a set path for career advancement; and although you may have great performance in your role, your leader makes decisions on who gets promoted and can at times play favorites. High performers are routinely passed over because they dont fit a specific leadership mold; and that leadership mold seems to be to only promote people who remind upper management of themselves. Company leadership seemed to come to this realization some time ago but has not moved quickly to address this issue. Still, Management tends to only promote people who think and solve problems just the way they do. At times this leads to group think that hinders overall group performance. This company has seemed to develop a culture where it is looked down on if you question your leader's decisions; even when it is not malicious and is ge...more
ProsPay, growth of management skills, benefits
ConsLack of transparency, unclear career path, work/life balance
Retail Sales Associate | Middleburg, OH | Sep 25, 2018
productive work environment but cons out-weigh pros
So much to tell, from being attacked verbally to a toxic working environment and so on. It may seem minor, but working at other jobs, i've never had someone tell me to my face by managers and staff that I "sucked"- keep in mind this was my THIRD day on the job no one will be perfect at their job in the first week. Not a great first experience, and it didn't get any better. Reached out to supervisors and district managers only to be denied transfers to move so I could get away from the negative work environment. Expectations are high which is great, because that enables a strong drive to complete tasks but the company constantly focuses on your faults. If you don't meet a goal, there's no excuse even though many factors effect your ring speeds, or when tasks get done. For example, there would be situations where our registers are not working or customers have large purchases or payment issues, we automatically stress over our ring speed and expect judgement at the end of our shift. There's no constructive criticism. Employee's often become nervous when meetings are scheduled or private sessions with staff because they believe they're going to be yelled at and most people end up crying. I myself and plenty other employee's. I'm very honest I have no problem saying an environment puts me down and makes me cry. When bringing up concerns about store problems and company problems, and I can not stress this enough... they twist your words. They accept NO accountability and bla...more
Prosgood products, good pay
Consculture, work environment
Shift Manager | West Lafayette, IN | Feb 25, 2019
Here we go.
Hopefully I have enough room for all of this. Worked for Aldi for around a year and a half. The company is starting to put new systems into place which I guess are supposed to make things "easier". Instead of listening to the people who run the shifts everyday to see if the systems actually work. No, they tell you this is the way the company is moving deal with it. They hire district managers who are just yes men. When you have a problem they tell you to go to your managers about it and they can help. Instead of helping they give you a run around answer to make it seem as if it is not the companies fault but yours. So yes, the goal of the upper management is literally to make you feel stupid at all times. They promote laziness and glorify the managers who do nothing and belittle the ones who bust their tail to make the store actually run. There is a budget to every day and they under budget to "pay us higher wages" which is a lie. It's literally one of the cheapest companies you could ever possibly work for. The location I worked at was the one that did the most business in our district. At 4 oclock we got slammed almost every day wall to wall. They on would schedule two people on our shifts that includes manager and associate. Literally two people to run a whole store. So we had lines backed up all the way down the aisle customers made because everything was out of stock but no one was on the floor to help because we only had two people so no one could get up from their chec...more
ConsLiterally everything.
Manager | Pennsylvania | Jan 22, 2019
Brutal sweatshop work environment
A typical day ususally lasts around 8 or 10 hours depending on if you are on salary or hourly. There is a lot of physical labor, however only a couple staff working each shift. Sometimes you get lucky to have a mid shift coverage from mid morning to late afternoon. The best part of this job is you get too stay fit from moving around. The worst parts of these jobs are several. First is the amount of exposure to injury you are exposed to. I feel like this company expects it's staff to rush through tasks to reduce salary overhead and increase productivity. The safety of Aldi staff is secondary to district managers bonuses based on productivity, how fast their staff can get work done with minimal people on shift. This connects to my second con of working for Aldi, very high burn out and turn over in the stores. Just in the 3 years I have been with the company we have already gone through 4 district managers and 5 store managers. Plus my store has also had tons of associates and shift managers quitting left and right. That says alot about how badly I feel Aldi treats staff. I don't feel they value people and their hard work ethic as much as they care about profit and productivity. Finally my last con to m mention is a lot o the corporate red tape which is put in our ways, the decisions handed down from corporate in Illinois do not realize how the stores really work and operate. For example, the district managers I feel are basically instructed to micro manage tasks that do not bea...more
Prosbenefits and salary a little higher than other retailers
Consinadequate staffing, sweatshop work til you drop mentality, high turnover, lack of care toward staff
Shift Manager | Indiana | Mar 14, 2019
Horrible place, horrible management
If you're looking for an unethical, unfair, and careless place to work, you've come to the right place. When I began working for the company, I did not mind it at all. However, things have changed drastically, and not for the better. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting and abusive. The micromanagement being put in place is impossible to work around. They will schedule only two workers to run the entire store, but yet at the same time expect everything to be fully stocked, no backed up lines, breaks to be taken (yes, leaving one person to run the store), and that you leave on time. From the time these new changes have taken over, each day you are scheduled with a "computer system" that predicts the day's budget and allotted hours for the day. However, expect to go over the budget goal for the day EVERY DAY, but not given any more people to be put on the schedule, and being paid the same (no bonuses, no appreciation). Also, know that the prices are forever increasing, and for the things that go on sale will never be sent. If you get a certain item that goes on sale for the week, you'll be lucky to get 1-2 cases for the whole week. That leaves you to answer the unhappy disgruntled customers. You will have certain zones, about 7 of them that each person is to be in charge of, yet only be given 2-3 people, which generally falls completely on the manager in charge to complete it all since those associates are constantly ringing up customers. Also...more
ProsLiterally none
ConsWorkload, management, corporate, customers, prices, people on shift, breaks, no one will listen to you
Retail Sales Associate | New York, NY | Sep 6, 2019
Productivity / Efficiency Over Workers,
• A typical day at Aldi depends on the time of day you're coming in. Early morning shifts mean doing pallets of product and placing them on the floor in their proper place. The biggest issue is that each pallet is supposed to be done in thirty minutes or less. The pallets will almost always be mixed and require you to go to multiple aisles, not ensuring your pallet gets done in thirty minutes. Once pallets are done, the next tasks are freezer and cooler pallets. Most likely you will need a jacket and beanie to remain warm, and some gloves so you can keep working without worrying about being cold. If you're starting after 9 am, you will most likely be on the register for a majority of the time. If you're starting after 3 pm, you're most likely closing. Closing shifts are a little easier, presuming that there no lingering customers and that the store has had upkeep. The only stipulation is that closing has a lot fewer hands on deck, especially since a lot of people shop after 5 pm. • Management is hit or miss. They can be either very micromanaging or they can put their faith in you and trust you to get the job done in a way that is expedient and efficient. Management cares more about store productivity than their employees it seems. As long as everything is running without a hitch, then that's all that matters. • Workplace culture is pretty much non-existent. Most employees are doing this for a paycheck. There is no sense of "family", not that there *needs* to be. Worki...more
Shift Manager | South Windsor, CT | May 23, 2018
Horrible Company
Where to start? The company is a mess. The number one problem is that they hire 22-year-olds straight out of college with NO work experience, give them nearly six figures a year, an Audi, and all kinds of bonuses and allowances, give them minimal training, then put them in charge of four or five stores and give them free reign. Some of the DMs are nice but have no clue what they're doing, and then some of them are horrible people and get off on the authority. All of the DMs I've ever had were useless, and they cycle through pretty quick. Aldi also has a Manager Training program, where they hire people and pay them $25/hr no matter what job they're doing, then put them through really bad training and try to push them through to store manager within a year. This is unfair to all the shift managers who wanted to promote and know the job, and when the MITs are taking up 40-50 hours a week with their $25/hr and are always the managers on shift, the existing shift managers are lucky if they get two manager shifts a week. But if you're scheduled as a cashier under a MIT, they expect you to do half their work for minimal pay. Plus, there aren't enough open stores for all the MITs, so they just stay in your store, taking up shifts and money indefinitely. Working conditions are very unsafe and Aldi is too cheap to fix anything. If you have a legit problem with a higher up, good luck fixing it. There's an "anonymous hotline" you can call, but it's not really anonymous and it's career su...more
ProsInsurance, 401k, mileage and travel time
ConsWork life balance, toxic work environment, incompetent managers

Questions And Answers about ALDI

If you were in charge, what would you do to make ALDI a better place to work?
Asked Mar 19, 2018
I would rotate positions every two hours
Answered Mar 21, 2020
I would treat everyone the same and not have favorites.
Answered Mar 17, 2020
What is the starting pay rate for cashier's?
Asked Oct 31, 2016
$13.10 in CT
Answered Aug 16, 2019
As of 01/01/2019 $14.30 in NY. With the new min wage they had to bump up from $13.50 so now brand new associates make almost the same money (40c less) than ppl who have been there for years!
Answered Jun 21, 2019
What is the interview process like at ALDI?
Asked Jun 27, 2018
This was the process back in 2017. After Application you receive a call if they're interested. Then 1st interview with DM, 2nd interview with store manager. 3rd meet up for paperwork (background check) and drug testing.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Depends really on what area you are in. I applied in two different districts, The first area I interviewed in the District manager was basically trying to scare me of the day to day work you will be doing once your employed by Aldi. The second area I interviewed in was so much better, rather then trying to scare me he just explained and physically showed me a tour and broke down what I will be doing.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
How long are the hours for managers? 8 hour shifts? 10 hour shifts? 12 hour shifts?
Asked Jun 14, 2016
Store manager has to work ten plus hours a day with no overtime. Expected to work days off also. Can not take an extra day off without using a vacation day
Answered Jan 23, 2020
Shift managers (hourly pay) average 4-9 hour days, Manager trainees (hourly/OT eligible) work minimum 9 hours a day, Store managers (salary) work minimum 10 hours up to 12 with no extra compensation past 50 hours
Answered Aug 27, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at ALDI?
Asked Oct 21, 2017
Don’t be nervous. They’ll hire anyone
Answered Mar 6, 2020
Be sure to know that scheduling is awful and if you have a family you will barely see them
Answered Feb 1, 2020