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Laborer | Fountain, CO | Jan 10, 2020
Extreme disregard for Temporary Employees by the Aerotek Customer.
Responded to Aerotek ad for temporary employees to work at E-Light Solar Farm being installed. The pay offered by Aerotek was very good pay with opportunity to work as much overtime as possible. Was told that job would last apx. 8 weeks and be over at the end of December. Like many others, I chose the Aerotek job at the E-Light Solar Farm construction project over another job offered to me by a different employer because the Aerotek job paid much higher wages with overtime and was told that the job would last until the end of December. Apparently, way too many temporary employees were hired and it is believed that because the construction project were finished far ahead of schedule, then E-light upper level management was paid huge bonuses for construction project being finished ahead of schedule - while temporary employees were lied to and promised great wages with loads of overtime leading up to the Christmas Holidays in order to get them to perform and accept the Aerotek temporary job with E-Light. In truth, Aerotek Temporary employees hired in October that were promised employment until the end of December were worked 2 weeks and one day and then scores of us were laid off two weeks before Thanksgiving (6 weeks early) and suffered financial destitution leading up to the Christmas Holidays with NOTHING. In fact, scores of employees had attended a big meeting first thing in the morning on the last Monday of employment and told that the daily start up time for the job was ch...more
GIS Technician | Denver, CO | Oct 25, 2018
Very Solid Staffing Agency
I am currently on my second contract job within 10 years as a GIS professional. This second contract job experience is even better than the first one (a 1-year contract with a major utility client in Southern California from 2008 to 2009), which was also a very positive and formative experience for someone with only a few years of experience. Both of these roles are GIS Technician positions. I took this second GIS Technician position even though I have held higher-level positions for way longer because I could trust Aerotek's reputation after my very positive initial experience with them. Additionally, the pay and benefits are very good for a contractor, it serves another client within the utility industry, and I had unemployed for 3 months and was quickly running out of time to find a job. In the current scenario, my Aerotek recruiter/representative and site liaison have been very helpful, communicative, positive, encouraging. They've also worked with me and their client to work out good solutions for a handful for more unique scenarios that have arisen involving finances, parking costs near the client site, and business travel. I am extremely pleased with the decisions my Aerotek team has made in these instances in order to equally benefit both their client and myself as an employee. I would absolutely take another contract position in a pinch if I had to, given the right parameters and configuration of the position. It's an excellent staffing agency!
ProsGreat pay, decent benefits, well-managed, responsive staff, reputable
ConsNo paid time off, no holiday pay, not necessarily as many contract positions of a longer term.
Millwright | Newport News, VA | May 21, 2019
Productive, fun place to work.. Nice people all around, and Management went above and beyond to ensure all employees were sent to job sites safely
• Attached loads to rigging machinery in order to move them from one place to another. Performed pulley and block attaching a activities. Ensured that pulleys and blocks were properly attached to beams, ceilings and pole booms. Made sure that the right amount sized bolts and clamps were used for each attachment. Handled the movement of heavy equipment with the help of controls. Assembled and dismantled rigging equipment at the end of each shift. Performed fabrication and repairing of structures using defined rigging machinery. Manipulated rigging lines and hoists in order to control attached heavy equipment. Ensured that the selected cables, pulleys and winches were in accordance to the weight of the equipment that needs to be hoisted or moved. Communicated with construction staff using verbal communication and/or hand signals so as to ensure the safety and correct movement of heavy equipment or materials. Tested and set-up rigging for safety and maneuverability before each movement. Ensured compliance to safe rigging practices at every step of the rigging process. Performed cleanliness and maintenance duties on rigging equipment and tools. Ensured that all rigging gear was stored in a proper manner and was ready for the next shift. Maintained detailed work reports, and provided copies at the end of each shift
ProsGood work /Life Balance, provides an honest living
Forklift Operator | Westminster, CO | Dec 10, 2019
Draconian Rules and Incompetent Staff
I was scheduled for a Drug screen and I decided to accept another position not with Aerotek. I notified my recruiter and thanked him for his efforts and told him that I wouldn't need to take the drug screen. He said he understood and would cancel the drug test. Flash forward three months later- I applied for a position with Aerotek which was perfect for me and my potential employer. I met with an Aerotek recruiter and was told I was a perfect fit and to expect a call anytime. I received the call scheduling me for an on-site interview in less than hour and was told everything looked good. I received a call from Aerotek about an hour before my interview telling me because my recruiter didn't cancel my drug test like he said he would, I was Black Listed for six months because a missed drug test is the same as a failed drug test. I was also told that everyone there at Aerotek knew I did nothing wrong and I did everything that I should have done in this situation, but they were sorry and rules were rules and I was still Black Listed through absolutely no fault of my own! Any company that is this inflexible and unwilling to admit fault is not one that I want to deal with. Too bad, the position that was I was offered was a perfect fit for all parties and I still don't understand why Aerotek punished the potential employer along with me- That doesn't bode well for their future. I will NEVER deal with them again and I will tell everyone I know to avoid them at all costs!
Recruiter | Virginia | Aug 22, 2018
Great entry level job- Stepping stone. Would not stay past the "Recruiter Trainee" Period
-A typical day at work: morning meetings, talk about your day with your manager. Afterward, you are assessed by the volume of calls (30-50 calls per day), the candidates you spoke to, meetings, etc. - I learned how to cold call, recruit along multiple skillsets, generate new business, set meetings, sales, BD, etc. - Some managers are great and very pleasant and want you to succeed. Others are direct and aggressive which may not be the best way to lead. - Workplace culture is very activity driven. Most of the day you are on the phone, It feels like a call center. The culture is "work hard, play hard", there are mandatory work events where you have to show up to or stay at work. - The hardest part of the job is dealing with the aggressive personalities in the office and the hours. They work you until you get burnt out. - My co-workers who are happy and nice. My boss never gets upset with me or yells. Always constructive criticism in the best way, no judgment. Definitely one of the best managers I think I will ever have. You start at 7:30 am and are expected to stay until at least 5:30 pm. After the training, you are required to maintain your hours of 50+/week. You stop getting paid after 40 hours. They expect you to stay and work 10-15hours for free and blame it on "you can't do the job on 40 hours".
ProsGreat trainings, great way to learn the industry/market.
ConsABSOLUTELY NO WORK/LIFE BALANCE, Once you get promoted to salary you are still expected to work over 40hrs to about 50hrs+
Recruiter | Industry, CA | Mar 18, 2020
No work life balance, lots of politics, and insincerity/fakeness from management
There was no work/life balance. They told you that your hours are from 8am-5pm, but if you ever left at 5pm - they would never let you know but you would for sure have consequences. The management seems like a bunch of individuals who don't deserve the title they have - and sure don't put in the amount of work they are supposed to. This was supposed to be a team effort with lots of support from one another. The management does not care about seeing you grow or develop. I think the reason for that is the transition from Recruiter to Manager does not have proper training and you can really tell that these new Managers have no idea how to manage a team properly with class. You are just a monetary figure to them. The Recruiters were all very close and all felt the same way about 90% of the Managers. The 10% of Managers were great and would put in time Recruiting if they were busy. The 90% of the Managers there like to throw the Recruiters under the bus and just blame everyone else but themselves. Most Managers there have no Accountability and the Culture went by the wayside towards the end. This job taught me to show true grit having to withstand a toxic environment like this. Another door has to close for other doors to open and I am lucky I was able to close this door at the right time.
CAD Technician | New Haven, CT | Jul 31, 2019
Contract to Hire Basis Only , Otherwise Avoid
As an Architecture Grad , I made a mistake of accepting a job offer as a drafter through Aerotek in a field that did not do much to prepare for a real architecture role. I made the mistake of holding a Job that crippled my opportunity at finding a job in my desired field. My advice to any Architecture GRAD.The money was slightly more than say an intern would receive from a Architecture FIRM 1. Never settle for DRAFTING opportunities that are not in an architecture firm. If there is no means of accumulating hours towards accreditation , DON'T SETTLE. 2.Hiring firm must have an Architect in house , one who can sign of on hours accumulated. 3.Never stay too long , 6 months at the most without a full time offer. You may end up working at a dead end job with zero opportunities for growth. 4.Hours are subject to hiring firm , not Aerotek. If the firm wants you for 20 hrs a week , Aerotek can do nothing about that, you may find yourself earning close to minimum wage in a dead end situation. Aerotek also does not offer paid vacations.You do not get a raise regardless of time served. 5.I have not found Aerotek helpful as far as 401K's or Health Insurance.You can give 4 years and earn nothing on a 401K .I get a feeling that the pot is too small to be split up further, so no one at Aerotek offers any information to help.
Contractor | Pleasant Prairie, WI | Oct 10, 2019
Good for getting a job and maybe hire full time
Aerotek is a good temp and temp to hire firm. They do spend time learning about your skills and try to find a job you can do, not just get bodies in front of their clients. I worked for Aerotek for about 8 months at one client location. When I interviewed for the position, the client company says they like to hire within 6 months of those that they feel fit their organization. After that, they usually end the contract and look for someone else that fits their team. I liked the idea, as I was seeking full time employment and thought I could do the 6 months if it came to that. After 6 months, I requested a review by Aerotek as the contract was supposed to run out. Aerotek made attempts to get a hold of the client on several occasions, but were unable to land a review (not just for me, but other Aerotek employees). What happened only was the client company extended the contract for an additional 4 months. That is not what I signed up for. This is not Aerotek's fault, but the client company. Aerotek held up their end of the bargain, but I must find something that is more permanent and have moved on. I will ask Aerotek to help me in the future if I should ever need temp placement again.
ProsOffer Benefits to their contractors such as medical, dental, etc.
ConsThe benefits are twice the cost of getting them through a permanent employer.
Mechanical Designer | Columbus, IN | Jul 23, 2019
Interview Experience - Columbus, Indiana - Mechanical Design Engineer - April 2019 Did not accept the offer Automotive Client
Applied online in Aerotek's site, got a call from someone in Detroit, visited them in person for personality & basic skills interview. Unfortunately, there was a hiring freeze in Michigan. There were openings for the client "Toyota" in Columbus, Indiana. I got a call from Aerotek representative, gave two interviews to the Aerotek recruiter & also the Aerotek's Toyota Client manager. Both were technical questions with few personality based questions. Attended the phone interview with the client, there was also an in person interview in Indiana. (Kindly request for fuel expenses from Aerotek if you are driving to Indiana). Brennen Horton, the recruiter was very good, was clear on the salary, benefits, PTO, insurance etc.. which was the market average. His supervisor was Chris Leblanc who was interested in providing the work visa through a different agency. I was unable to relocate to Indiana due to commitments in Michigan. I would say Aerotek is good, transparent & does not pressurize candidates to take the offer. Aerotek provided opportunity for a salary revision based on performance review in 6 months which was a good decision.
Reservation Agent | Arizona | Mar 21, 2019
Aerotek is large staffing for temp-to-hire positions. Staff is dedicated and up beat.
Aerotek is a staffing agency for temp- to-hire positions at local companies. The details of your work experience depend on where your work assignment is. In Phoenix many such assignments are in call centers. Many of the large centers are run professionally and try to create a good environment. Wage rates are in line with the local norms. The more experience one has the better the chance of a better paid position. Aerotek also handles staffing for call centers trying to add literally hundreds of new people. Those companies tend to accept no customer service experience. At my company training was about two weeks in the classroom and then time on the floor to get up to speed. Once one started meeting the call time and money standards they were converted to full time with the host company. At my assignment the leads and supervisors were helpful and worked with me to succeed in meeting goals. I have no idea the details for all the companies Aerotek works with.
ProsRecruiters and support staff easy to work with
ConsVery large operations hiring hundreds of temp workers

Questions And Answers about Aerotek

How are the working hours at Aerotek?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
3rd shift was good for me.
Answered Nov 29, 2019
Amazing love 1st shift
Answered Aug 7, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Aerotek?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
You work experiences in the past. Also what can you bring to the team.
Answered Jul 24, 2019
Most questions were from the client, they just parroted them off to me and I answered. The two I worked with had no clue what they were talking about (I understand that it was not their field of expertise). They asked a few boilerplate questions such as what would be your ideal job, what did you like and dislike about your past jobs, topics I've been hearing for decades.
Answered May 28, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Aerotek?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
Recruiter call me out of blue. helped me to update my resume then within a week they had me starting on my assignment.
Answered Jul 27, 2019
They saw my resume on a job board and contacted me for an interview.
Answered May 28, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Aerotek?
Asked Jun 14, 2016
The environment was nice and they were diverse.
Answered Sep 13, 2018
Fast pace, friendly environment
Answered Aug 22, 2018
Are the workers paid weekly or biweekly?
Asked Aug 23, 2016
Yes they pay weekly
Answered Mar 18, 2018
Paid weekly
Answered Feb 20, 2017