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Customer Advocate | New Albany, OH | Jan 31, 2019
You have a number, just like the furniture
The training has improved over time because the drop-out rate has been 30%+ for new hires, but they have to hire so many people that half the new people are obviously not capable of doing the job. The company has extremely high expectations for top quality service, and you must learn and remember a massive amount of information that is continuously changing; you are being audited, listened to and rated by Aetna, and getting reviewsfrom customers that you cannot contest directly affecting whether you can get a bonus. Sometimes the calls are back to back to back, or you may have a 2 hour call that goes an hour past your break-- don't complain because it's part of the job. You are expected to "go above and beyond" and don't get praised for doing so. You have to be comfortable researching information, learning multiple computer programs/systems, taking good notes, and must have good logic skills! You are on teams, and if your teammates don't bother to do their job, you get nagged and won't get a good bonus-- and often you have to fix problems they've caused. You can get some very stressful calls (people screaming, crying, making threats). If you do well, they give you more work and more responsibility without more pay or recognition. And don't forget, giving out wrong information could dramatically affect the life of the person who is calling-- no pressure!
ProsAfter the first year it gets easier
ConsConstant audits, criticism, very high expectations, poor communication, coworkers drag you down
Registered Nurse Manager | New Albany, OH | Aug 18, 2019
Fast paced, ever changing, with unmanagable workload.
Disclaimer: The comments listed below do not apply to Aetna as a whole, but it does apply to the operations of the building that I happen to work in. Aetna is an exciting place to work, and you have many learning opportunities.However as a nurse you are required to obtain state licensure for patients' in every single state that you serve. Aetna does cover the expense of licensure. However workloads are heavy, and any required licensure must then be completed in your "off time." As a salaried employee the expectation is to work until you get it all done. They do not have a concern for overworking their employees, as long as their "numbers" look good then they will be happy. Opportunities for advancement are available to whomever wins the "popularity contest." I cannot say enough good things about my co-workers though. Coupled with the wonderful patients I have had the honor of working with, co-workers are the two best things about working there. Management needs work, and fails to maintain consistent guidelines for all staff. In my particular role I do not have the opportunity to work from home. Workloads are not divided evenly among staff. Some staff are observed walking the grounds outside several times a day, while others are pining away tirelessly at their desk. It is a stable company though, and their are a lot of opportunities to learn. If the cons listed above don't bother you, then give it a shot! Fair warning though, they are picky interviewers, so be on your "A gam...more
Senior Sales Consultant | Hartford, CT | Oct 17, 2018
Productive environment
• Coordinate Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Vision Proposals, i.e., responding to the questionnaires. Completing Fees for Self-Funded Medical prospects and working on Pharmacy, as well as ordering Geo Access Reports, complete all legal forms, farm particular questions to Subject Matter Experts and coordinating binders for the proposals. • Work directly with the Sales Force on creating strategic ways to sell business when responding to the proposals, i.e., accessing the customer’ s website and finding their mission statement and comparing to Aetna’s, also offering alternative products and services to fit their needs. • Maintain customer database that details all proposals that are being worked on, with customer name, broker, Sales Executive and Underwriters. With this database I make sure that all the correct information is entered, i.e., date the proposal mailed, what products are quoted, for reporting purposed. • Work with Dental Service Centers to create member ready plan designs for the entire nation. • Work on various projects, i.e., training other areas on creating member ready plan designs, by creating a manual that shows step by step on how to create a benefit summary; created a training binder for all the various regions to access and work directly with IT to maintain the Dental Benefit Summary Tool on the SalesWeb.
ProsLoved working for the company, benefits
Consthey let me go to hire new right out of college students and split my pay between the 2
Concierge | High Point, NC | Sep 24, 2018
Stressful environment. No advancement. bad management.
I have been at Aetna for a little over a year. Typical day, you pick up the headset and log in to your phone. Calls come in automatically so be sure to stay ready for a call at any moment. Training is a long process but your trainer has a lot to do with your outlook on the company. I learned what was needed, but in a hostile environment. I'm seeing new classes come in under the same trainer and hearing that they are having the same issues I did. In my training class we were told to ask questions when we needed, but as soon as we did, we were ridiculed or given sarcastic answers. Several left for better jobs during training for this reason. If anyone at Aetna reads this, remember that just because someone does their job well does not mean that they can teach it well. A trainer should have at least some knowledge of the correct way to encourage and make the class feel comfortable enough to ask for help, rather than belittle. Maybe Aetna will notice that something needs to be done about the trainer when they lose half of an entire class. One you make it to the floor it does get easier, but be prepared to get stuck. There are rarely new promotions for HC's and they tell you it takes one year to move up, I have seen people get lucky and move up in two years but that is extremely rare.
ProsPTO, helping others
Consmanagement, stress, metrics and scores that hinder how you help the member.
Sales Producer | Harrisburg, PA | Apr 9, 2019
Overall, it is a good company, but does not offer much opportunity for advancement.
The position I held at Aetna was within a subsidiary of Aetna, which was acquired via an acquisition and was in the process of being dissolved. As such, there was no particular training program for my position, so for the duration of my employment, I was only trained in a "reactive" manner as changes occurred. None the less, I met every challenge that was presented to me and fulfilled my responsibilities in a manner to where I had continually received positive assessments by Management. Additionally, despite this position not being within my typical scope of experience, my overall understanding of the industry enabled me to adapt quickly and provided me with an opportunity to expand my understanding of the Insurance Industry. Furthermore, knowing that this position was to be eventually terminated, I was hopeful that it would lead to a more permanent position within the company. However, despite my more than sufficient qualifications and encouragement to apply for these positions from my Management Team, no opportunities were presented and my position was eliminated on 3/11/19.
ProsGood Company; Good Benefits
ConsVarious departments do not seem to interface or support each other very well; no room for creativity
Senior Customer Service Representative | Phoenix, AZ | May 15, 2018
As a customer service rep my core values were completely in line with Aetna's: Integrity, Excellence, Inspiration, and Caring. Integrity and its rela
As a customer service rep my core values were completely in line with Aetna's: Integrity, Excellence, Inspiration, and Caring. Integrity and its related cousins; responsibility, dependability, honesty, were in line with the moral bar I set for myself. Excellence and attention to detail is what they expect and I attempt to provide on a daily basis. Caring is just a given requirement when working with people. A typical work day consisted of coming to work dressed in a proper attitude and attire, being signed into multiple applications and ready to answer the first call in by your start time. Each caller was unique. The questions varied from a simple primary care physician change to the name of the dentist who extracted a tooth several years ago. Management on every level had an open door policy: Walk in anytime with a concern or issue. They were completely supportive with keeping you informed of your metrics; talk time, accuracy of information, attendance, data entry, etc. If an area needed improvement, they did all they could to help the rep meet minimum standards.
ProsHealth care benefits
ConsTime allowed for each caller
Customer Service Representative | Virginia | Jan 10, 2019
Inefficient and political work environment
The amount of favoritism shown at this company is concerning. If you don't have a manager that understands the team and individual strengths your chances of advancing are low. Some managers do not have a degree but have worked for the company before some job descriptions were altered. Many job descriptions will note that a degree is preferred but equivalent work experience is accepted. The system usability is nonexistent. Few programs "talk" to one another so trying to get accurate/usable data is a challenge. There is no organization or communication when projects are given. Often an issue is recognized and there is a knee jerk response that provides a temporary fix to a much larger problem. Compared to other MCO's Aetna is way behind technologically and organizationally. The employee health insurance coverage has a very high deductible as well. The company gives individuals $400 in HSA money each year and offers ways to earn up to $500 more but the deductibles far exceed $900. Better than nothing but as an insurer you would think they would offer employees much better insurance or more HSA money.
ProsSome telework positions
ConsVery poor system utilization and overall communication
Customer Service Representative | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 10, 2019
Stressful, fast, and poor service
First off, the customer service is awful. The members call in and get bounced around then cuss you out because no one wants to help them or knows what they are doing. Aetna is a billion dollar company with billions in revenue, therefore upgrade your system.... why are they using 5 year old Internet that takes minutes to load one web page... !?!?!??????????? Also, we get docked points for not going on our breaks and lunch’s at the EXACT time... what am I suppose to do, say “Sorry, Ma’am, I have to go on break/lunch now so I can’t assist you or I could lose my job.” They promise you all these bonus’ and promotions, yet when you ask about it, they say that it only goes to the seniority reps. Now they are talking about freezing our pay with CVS... no, not a good company or environment. They force you to work overtime and if you don’t they hold that against you and say, well we will not promote you because you won’t work overtime. Sorry but for people who have multiple jobs trying to make a living, I can’t give you 2 extra hours a day plus 8-10 hours on saturdays.... The ONLY thing I love is the people, they are really nice. The work environment with your coworkers is basically like a family.
ProsGreat discount programs, nice coworkers
ConsPoor technology and innovation, bad service
Concierge | Arlington, TX | Feb 1, 2019
Too much stress, not enough pay
I would not recommend anybody work here. First off - you have to go through FOUR stressful months of training and learning new systems that you wont even use for the job. Im a current college student and this honestly felt like another class I was taking! The instructor I had for the training was extremely unprofessional, rude, and just did not care. And when several people & I complained to upper management they did nothing. The people on the floor are extremely messy and full of drama, and so is ONE supervisor. The pay and stress of this job is just not worth the money. And im not one to complain about any job! If you can, go elsewhere. They have an occurrence policy where is you have 3, your out. They dont care if you have kids and a family or even an emergency and you have to go to the hospital FROM WORK - its still held against you. They try to give out stupid gift cards to distract you from the fact that they have low pay, horrible benefits, and an unrealistic attendance policy. If you have other job offers, go there. You wont regret it.
Pros-PTO I guess -SOME paid holidays
ConsOccurrence/ Attendance Policy, No REAL money, Drama filled enviornment -HORRIBLE medical benefits, Too much to lean for no reason, No assistance on the floor
Call Center Representative | Richmond, VA | Nov 22, 2018
One of the best companies to work for
I absolutely love Aetna. Benefits and everything added makes it one of the best corporate companies to work for in corporate America. Unfortunately, what I wanted out of Aetna, I didn't receive. I wanted to grow into management position but there were lack of opportunities at first. The second reason being the management at my jobsite was difficult to work with. Of course, not all management was like that but my immediate management was. Workplace culture the company portrayed was really amazing and involved. Due to my department being a call center and being extremely busy 10 months out of the year, we barely enjoyed 10% of it. Compensation vise, we were not compensated well competitively. HR excuse was the benefits outweigh the hourly rate. They didn't. I was paid more as a temp than as a full time employee. My overall experience was a really wonderful learning experience. I will continue to say that Aetna is one of the best companies to work for but its who you work with that matters, not what you do.
Prosbenefits, employee discounts, free insurance, made friends for life, multiple sites in many states, work from home
Consmicro management, monthly supervisor meeting, the merger

Questions And Answers about Aetna

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Aetna? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
As far as a Health Concierge in High point I applied July 16th had a phone interview 8/16, schedule for a face to face same day for 8/20, offered position 9/3
Answered Sep 4, 2019
It depends largely on what position you applied for. You will go through a general screening interview just confirming the job you applied for and any clarifications that they had from the application. Then you will get a call to be scheduled for a phone interview with their HR which does a targeted selection interview. AKA: Explain a time when blah blah blah and what happened and the result. If you pass the targeted selection you will get a callback generally within a week for an in-person interview with a department mgr. They will ask more targeted selection questions and other specific questions relative to their department. If they like you at the end of the interview they will advise you to complete a background check and give you a website and ID. This is the part that can take some time. Especially if a school you attended has closed or merged with another school or district. Having your diploma, degree, certificate, transcript etc showing you attended and is a "certified" copy of the original (take to a notary to have this done.) Will speed up the process. If recent employers in the past 5 years have went out of business then it helps to have a contact with the company who can confirm you worked there or have pay stubs etc. Remember anything you put on your application they may ask for proof of. primarily school and places you worked. This can go as quick as a 1 to 2 weeks to well over a month. If they can't verify something necessary (often education) then they won't make a job offer. If they can verify what they need to do, then the manager will call back and offer the job with the salary offer which you can accept or not. If you accept they will give you a start date (generally 2 to 3 weeks in the future) so in total it can be as quick as a month or as long as 2 to 3 months from application to starting training. again it helps to have certified copies of some of the documents to speed the process to being completed.
Answered May 10, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Aetna?
Asked Jul 11, 2016
My interview was great, kinda nervous because of 2 people being in the room but they liked me.
Answered Oct 1, 2019
Applied July 16 had phone interview Aug 16 and scheduled for face to face on August 20. (High point NC)
Answered Aug 16, 2019
How are the working hours at Aetna?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
My department closes at 6pm opens at 8am
Answered Jan 1, 2020
Largely it depends on the team you work for. Some departments work 24-7 others work a more business hour schedule, depending on the area they are servicing. IE: If you are servicing Hawaii programs expect to work 8-5 hawaii time ie 2pm - 11pm Eastern.
Answered May 10, 2019
If you were to leave Aetna, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
Toxic work environment
Answered Apr 19, 2019
Layoffs. They might try to push you out first and get you to quit with various tactics. Then maybe offer early retirement of you are eligible. If none of this works, next step is layoff.
Answered Feb 15, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Aetna?
Asked Jul 21, 2016
What hours do customer service reps work in Jacksonville, Florida? How stressful? Will you get fired if you don't meet metrics?
Answered May 31, 2019
Good. Fast paced Professional.
Answered May 10, 2018