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Overall Reviews at Aflac

Benefits Consultant | Fort Wayne, IN | Jan 1, 2020
Avoid working here if possible.
To be fair, you can make a lot of money working here if you have connections and are willing to put in 60+ hours a week (some agents make six figures a year, and I once made $4000 in a single week.) You can meet a lot of interesting people, learn valuable skills that can help further your career, and learn how the insurance industry works. Plus, you can get bonuses for hitting sales goals, and if you get a good district sales manager they can really help you out a lot. Unfortunately, there is no base salary and pay is 100% commission based for Benefits Consultants such as me, meaning that if you don't make sales you won't get paid. You're considered an independent contractor, so you don't get any benefits, no paid vacation time or sick leave, and they don't withhold your income taxes for you, so you have to figure them yourselves and set aside the money to cover them, which can be very difficult between frequent prolonged periods without pay and commissions chargebacks. You can potentially go weeks at a time without being paid, and when you do get paid you can potentially have to give commissions back if policies you write lapse after less than a year in force. The company also has a staggeringly high turnover rate; I was one of about thirty agents hired on when I started, and after just four months I was one of only two left, and neither of us are still there. The market is oversaturated with agents as well and there are no defined sales territories, so we were cons...more
Sales Representative | Atlanta, GA | Apr 16, 2019
Sales Agent
Can be a worthwhile career for anyone who has the ethical flexibility to end up having to lie to close the sale. Once you've worked for Aflac long enough you come to the conclusion that the product simply doesn't have value. At that point you come to a crossroads, you either look elsewhere for employment or you resign yourself to the fact that you're selling empty hypotheticals to regular people. Management is cutthroat, but that comes with the territory, no major complaints there. Expect a new Market Director every couple of years, they clean house regularly. Other employees are ruthless as well, but once again it's sales so it's to be expected as business as usual. Personally the hardest part of the job for me was trying to force myself to sell something that I knew had little to no value or practical application to the general public. For most other people it'll be the discipline required to maintain a regular cash flow. The most enjoyable part of the job is also linked to the most difficult part of the job, the flexibility that comes with a 100% commission based sales job can't be matched. In summary, if you don't mind pushing products that don't have any real intrinsic value, then this might work for you. IF you have the discipline to constantly stay out in the field, between prospecting/cold or warm calling/emailing/ and paperwork/CRM upkeep you'll be looking at 55 hours a week bare minimum, so keep that in mind. If you're like me on the other hand you'll eventually ...more
ConsMorally Bankrupt, Products lack real value
Benefits Consultant | Pittsburgh, PA | Jun 19, 2019
You Have to Be Motivated and Able to Handle Rejection, INTROVERTS STAY AWAY
You have to have a certain kind of personality to do well with Aflac. I am not that type so I struggle and am looking for a new career path. The people who do well are the outgoing extroverts who never stop talking. Introverts like myself do not want to try talking to business owner after business owner and always being told no, it demoralizes you very quickly. Some people can do this but most people can't handle it and struggle to make any money. Going out and prospecting is 99% of this job. If you don't want to do that, don't work here. I enjoy actually sitting down and enrolling employees but that happens a lot less than I would like. I've barely been scraping by trying to open new accounts. If you're not able to open 2 or 3 accounts a month you are going to be struggling financially, especially if you have a family to support. Most people are here for less than a year because they can't get enough business to make ends meet. It's difficult to find any business in a market that is over saturated. You will often walk into a business that already had another agent stop in that same day. I am glad I got the experience in sales and other aspects because it has opened other opportunists for me to move forward. But I would not recommend starting a career because most people only make around $40-$50k a year which doesn't seem worth it for all the work and time you have to put into it to succeed. If you choose to work with Aflac and like the job, and if you can make it thro...more
ProsWork your own hours, Unlimited earning potential (if you're good)
ConsWork your own hours, Commission only, No benefits, Unpaid training/meetings
Associate | Chesapeake, VA | Jan 14, 2020
Not a job for the average person
Do not be fooled by what they tell you and how much money you can make here. Once you get hired you have to take your license exam and YOU DO NOT GET THAT MONEY BACK as promised. If you pass the exam then you are expected to go prospecting to different companies trying to get people to enroll in policies. Every day you approach a set number of businesses and hear no after no after no. You're lucky if you speak to the owner but most likely the answer is going to be no. There is little money to be made working here unless you are successful in opening accounts and have a good relationship with people in the community already. Little training is given on how to successfully approach a business owner and close the sale. They also do not give you accounts to work that are already accounts; you start from scratch. If you're lucky enough to go on an enrollment for an existing account, even then you won't make a lot of money because it's not your account and the commission is being split between 5 different people. Plus every day you are driving around wasting gas and most likely eating out. You will go broke working at this job before you actually earn a commission. Management is okay but too busy worrying about their accounts to be much help with new agents. I would definitely not recommend working for this company unless you have a ton of money saved and can waste your time all day chasing leads that may or may not turn into accounts. It takes about 3-4 months before you see any m...more
Prosfree stuff
ConsCommission only, wasting your own money, no training, management not there for support, every person for themselves and not a good work environment
Insurance Agent | Virginia Beach, VA | Aug 7, 2019
Be prepared to not be paid
I started with the initial Aflac Insurance Agent roll. Opening new accounts by talking to businesses. Be sure to already have many different contacts that need insurance and are willing to pay for it, as well as MONTHS bills, food and gas money saved up, otherwise, the door-to-door sales pitches will drain you. Many people come in and out of the company and are sent out to do "cold-calling. This means ANY area that you go to will have had at least four other people within that same month, or even week come by and attempt to talk to them. It may be a numbers game, but people want to be treated with respect, and if someone is coming by repeatedly to ask them about the same thing, they will feel like they are just meat that you are trying to nab. The "managers" will be the only ones gaining any accounts because they are given the for sure customers that have already been involved with Aflac and will sign up again. OR, they will take accounts that had potential by using an an online database that was filled out by the people working below them. The potential bonus of $3,150 that they advertise is so difficult that only two people out of 20 will be able to get that. And this is after three months of 40+ workweeks. That's a month and a half of pay at best. Of course you have to take out the gas YOU pay. Of course you can write off either the mileage or amount of gas bought for taxes... In the end, you pay hundreds for gas just to be rejected for business. So that potent...more
Customer Service Representative | Columbus, GA | Jul 3, 2019
Extremely stressful, but a decent company.
Stress is different for everyone. However, from what I understood there was an ambulance outside of Aflac about once everyday. Anxiety is very common there. I found myself crying everyday and afraid to be on the phone. I had to take pills for the first time. It was a very rough job for me. A typical day at work is get there, look at emails, get ready for the day, clock in and answer the phones. People calling is pretty nonstop most of the time. So much so, you think there is something wrong with your phone. I learned that I am not cut out for a call center. Management was ok. I had an understanding for my supervisor and lead. I preferred my lead, because she seemed nicer in general. My supervisor had a tough love thing going on. The workplace culture itself was pretty great. All about the customer and doing your best to help them. Working as a team and respecting you co-workers and customers. The hardest part of the job was the job itself. Dealing with upset people and the phone ringing non-stop. The most enjoyable part of the job, became any time I was not on the phone. For any reason, even just for a break. The job was that difficult on my nerves. Aflac did a few things to show how grateful they were and had good incentives. The only incentive that I wanted was to get more time off. I would do overtime just to make my supervisor happy and to not bug me so much about it.
ProsSometimes you feel as if you really helped someone, good incentives, pretty good people to work with, paid time off, benefits
ConsThe stress of being on the phone. Your paid time off is lumped together with unscheduled time off.
Insurance Agent | Joplin, MO | Feb 11, 2020
Good job for ambitious extroverts
It's very much a sales job. No matter how much you make for yourself and for the company there is always a push to make more. There is a car dealership atmosphere about it in a way. Like I said, very much a sales job. If you're an extrovert who likes meeting new people and doesn't mind occasional rudeness from strangers when you walk in the door of their business, you'll probably do OK. This is not a job for introverts, even functioning ones. You can fake it for awhile to get by, but the inner anxiety is going to eventually takes its toll because of the nature of the job. Could you work as a salesperson at a car dealership? If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't seek this job. It is 100 percent commission from the start, but there are bonuses in the first six months that are fairly easy to achieve. That said, it can sometimes be hard to make a living week to week at the beginning because it can be "feast or famine". However, they don't just throw you out there when you start. You have a district sales coordinator with you daily for the first few months, or at least I did. Management was very supportive and encouraging. There is lots of sales training that is more or less mandatory, or at least I was under the impression I didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. I liked the flexibility of the job and the work-life balance the most. I soon realized that sales was not for me, however. I didn't care for the sales culture, but making a lot of money is low on my...more
ProsFlexability. Work-Life balance.
ConsCommission only. Sales culture.
Sales Coordinator | Lebanon, TN | Jul 31, 2018
I would avoid at all cost
I was actually referred into Aflac and giving an interview. At the interview which was a bit short and only one interview (two if you count the one I had at a Panera Bread) bit weird but the main point is I was offered 2,000 a month plus commission. The 2,000 a month was supposed to be a guarantee for up to 6 months. So my first day at Aflac I was made to give a presentation which I shared no commission in and honestly I was fine with it but my issue during that time was that I knew absolutely nothing and they wanted to me give a presentation just because I was bilingual. And during training when I was then told I would be going business to business cold calling which is what I did not sign up for I still gave it 100% because I'm not the type to do anything with a half hearted effort. Anyways I had no contact with any team members when I would reach out everyone was to busy, and would we would have meetings everyone preached about how team oriented everyone was but when you called or texted everyone was to good to help out in the slightest bit. And when I did help out I was payed as a non employee. And not to mention they did not even follow their own procedures. I could have contacted home office but would it be worth it probably not, and at the office where I was at it was one top Aflac player who incorporated his family into the business with a very few others involved. not to mention they don't even give competitive insurance for their employees.
Prosfree time
Consterrible training. no insurance. no salary
Agent | Sioux City, IA | Mar 31, 2019
A lot of work at first but much to gain
Loved the environment because the regional and district sales coordinators were always there for you to boost you up and get you going. However, it has to be something you KNOW you can do. You can’t doubt yourself because mentality will eat you whole and spit you out. You HAVE to be self disciplined and I just wasn’t. It is 100% commision but if you are doing what you are suppose to then you make BANK! When I got paid it was so great! My first few weeks with AFLAC I made 4,000 in a week! That money however is sporadic and you never know when you are going to make a sale. Consistency consistency consistency! Oh, and after two years, you get renewals even if you quit! Annnnddd they have a TON of bonuses. They really want you to find someone to bring aboard the AFLAC adventure and that is one requirement for the big fun fancy resort all expenses paid bonus, but there are other bonuses that are more about sales and progress that are relatively achievable. The few meetings I went to felt and were more like parties. They are definitely not uptight people. Not affraid to buy some rounds and have fun. YOU decide how much you are going to put in which decides how much you get out. You make your own schedule and decide where you want to go. It helps if you know people who know people and use those social networks.
ProsAwesome meetings (like woah!), Commission, Very social, flexible, make your own schedule
Cons100% commission (no idea when getting paid), Lots if money put into it if you need your insurance license
Business Consultant | Sherman Oaks, CA | Jun 21, 2019
My colleagues pleasant to work with and are very helpful.
Aflac is a commission only position with great financial upside and downside. The hardest part of the job is cold calling and marketing the products and myself to business owners and decision makers who, for the most part, are not initially interested in hearing from a cold call salesman. The day is structured as follows: early morning team meeting, followed by cold calling and follow-up prospect calls. My afternoon is spent meeting with prospective clients and canvassing new businesses in person. All follow-up correspondence and written marketing pieces are produced in the evening. The hardest part of the job is the cold calling and the constant rejection. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting the employees during enrollment. While it is a solitary position, my management team is supportive and will help me in anyway necessary. After performing this job for nearly 3 years, I have found that I don’t have the requisite personality for cold calling and door-to-door canvassing. I much prefer the technical aspect of the job, particularly designing the enrollment structure and meeting with the employees in a one-on-one setting. This has been a hard lesson to learn. I originally believed I could overcome my reticence with call calling and canvassing. However, I am much more suited for a more consultative position where I can deal with individuals and businesses who have interest in my expertise.

Questions And Answers about Aflac

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Aflac a better place to work?
Asked Jun 23, 2017
Put more value in Veteran Agents
Answered Feb 8, 2020
Communication is KEY! I would ensure there are clear processes in place that enhances productivity uniformly.
Answered Jan 1, 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Aflac?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Ummm, are you a warm body? are hired! Now pay $385.00 for your class and State Test and start pounding the pavement.
Answered Dec 27, 2019
If your called for a second interview how long did it take to get called back!
Answered Oct 16, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Aflac?
Asked Jan 3, 2017
This is a commission only job. They do one big interview then one on one. They basically hire EVERYONE. Once your in it’s up to you to sink or swim.
Answered Sep 19, 2019
I interviewed with them and the job is not a good thing to start if you aren’t able to sacrifice a longer period of time with little to no financial pay. And if you’re a slow learner at sales or have a bad mentor it’s a huge financial and time out before you see a return on investment. With that being said if you have a second source of income and can go through the motions until you’re a competent seller it can be fairly rewarding
Answered Jan 16, 2019
Can you work from home?
Asked Mar 13, 2017
Yes I can work from home
Answered Apr 4, 2019
They may require that u do.
Answered May 22, 2018
Are all the position at Aflac commission base ?
Asked Oct 4, 2016
Are your company a at home base job are at the office?
Answered Jan 13, 2018
Is a management position hourly wage or commission based ?
Answered Aug 28, 2017