Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions

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Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions
Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions
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Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions Ratings
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Overall Reviews at Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions

Security Specialist | Atlanta, GA | Dec 9, 2019
I love their Compensation/Benefits
Great Company, and the job is easy to do. Good management, and good workplace culture and working environment. I love working in this company and I'd recommend AUS to all job seekers.
Maintenance Administrator | Willimantic, CT | Oct 28, 2019
Security is a tough job and the pay is just not enough. The benefits that are offered are not the best. The co workers that I currently have are good people.
Security Officer | Orlando, FL | Jan 22, 2020
The hardest part of the job
The hardest part of my job is working outside with different types of environment No matter wat I do, I always receive complaints from the site where I work. I have to travel long distance and most of the time deals with the traffic. I would like to get my CPR but it wasn’t possible. I have been working for almost 3 years in the company and I never received any bonus
Security Supervisor | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 8, 2019
Cultural challenging job
I worked on the Metro Light Rail and it is very culturally challenging because of a lot of Native Americans. You have a lot of people trying to ride free you have a lot of people jumping your train n a lot of fights, being called all kind of names it's fast-paced you have to have tough skinyyou.neverstops...and the micromanaging was horrible
Security Supervisor | Atlanta, GA | Jan 9, 2020
Great place to build your resume
Allied is a great place for a entry level manager. You will get experience and learn allot about management. There are opportunities for advancement within the company often. The drawback is the pay is poor for most accounts and the benefits are not at all affordable.
Lifestyles Manager | Westminster, CO | Jan 27, 2020
A company that you can rise in the ranks.
Most of my time in the field was with this company. They continue to be top of the job field. I started here as a part-time officer and with hard work, job knowledge, and some desire I became an Account Manager.
Security Manager | Cherry Hill, NJ | Oct 28, 2019
Great company with lots of opportunities.
AlliedUniversal, formally Allied Barton is a great company with lots of opportunity to grow and start a career. I started as a regular security officer and they groomed to be a dispatcher, supervisor then on to a management position.
Security Officer | Boston, MA | Mar 14, 2020
Decent company
THEY HAVE GREAT TRAINING!!! I have always admired them for their site specific training. They are versatile and open to change. They are AWESOME but cheap!!! The pay is not always matching the work but their managers are great there; they have been in the industry for 20+ years. I loved working for them!!
Armed Security Officer | West Palm Beach, FL | Jan 20, 2020
no loyalty to staff.
Corporate Office unresponsive to the needs of their employees. Neglect injured employees by being unresponsive and disregarding their medical needs! Totally bad experience working for this company!
Security Guard | Woodland Hills, CA | Oct 31, 2019
Company with extreme issues
Allied universal is a good place to start in security if your in college or you are older than 40. they have issues paying people at times, they're overnight payment system makes no sense. They dont properly interview people to see if they are a good fit for the location. The company has a super high turn over rate due to operation mangers having an attitude either from being over worked, or they worked for the company allied bought out and now they hate their job. Allied Universal Security needs to slow down and get their management in every branch under control and stop trying to compete with Securitas. if they do that! AUS would be great.

Questions And Answers about Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions

How often do raises occur at Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions?
Asked Sep 22, 2016
Awaited 5 years for a lousy 0.50 raise. They put it off for a year and then sprung 0.50/hr on us. What a joke.
Answered Mar 21, 2020
Not sure. I have been working for Allied Universal for over a year. The only thing that looked like a raise was when I transferred from one site to another and the pay at my current site is one dollar more. Have not been given a raise since being there
Answered Mar 3, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions?
Asked Sep 22, 2016
The most stressful was management doesn't have your back. The perpetuate a hostile work environment. Disgusting
Answered Feb 28, 2020
All of it plus being a supervisor with a newbie starting out as the same pay as me. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
Answered Feb 11, 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions?
Asked Oct 9, 2016
Awful, I was bullied, harassed and discriminated against and then got wrote up for dumbest things that weren’t even in the handbook. DO NOT WORK FOR THE OIC AT SIMON MALLS IN INDY!
Answered Mar 2, 2020
How can you feel good about working for a company that treats it's employees poorly, exploits them then uses the money they make to buy more companies? It's disgusting and shameful.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Lol...There is no work culture with this company and the work environment can be stressful and toxic.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
No respect for the guards at all
Answered Nov 2, 2019
What would you suggest Allied Universal Security Services, Systems and Solutions management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Quit harassing people who do their job and do it well, don’t pass them up for a promotion to someone with less time in the company and when that person has less experience as well as not very good performance such as the person you passed over because they are female. Quit being so worried with all of the little dumb things especially if someone does their job and does it well. That will only end badly. Realize that we are human beings too with families and bills and real feelings.
Answered Mar 2, 2020
Here's a novel idea....Don't call someone and ask them to go work a 12 hour shift when they just got off a 16 hour shift!!!!!! Train your frickin' dispatchers!!!!!! AND don't threaten firing employees for refusing to work OT when they already have 60+ hours for the week.
Answered Feb 4, 2019