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Overall Reviews at Allstate Insurance

Sales Professional | Worcester, MA | Jan 2, 2020
Allstate Northeast/ Massachusetts BEWARE!!
Culture- Allstate Field Sales "Leaders" are borderline narcissists who care about one thing- Money. The Northeast Sales "Leader" who's name starts with a F lacks knowledge of insurance and monitors sales and numbers with an attempt to micromanage. The culture within Allstate corporate is disgusting. They will put you through training and emphasis customer service, and being a trusted advisor. When you get on to the floor, all of that goes out the window. Allstate's cronies who oversee the "independent contractor" agencies care about one thing and that is themselves. The agency support specialists gossip and are highly immature. Allstate Products and Pricing- Allstate is the toughest company to qualify a customer for. They have a extremely low market share in Massachusetts and their rates reflect that. They are out of touch with the Massachusetts market and I would not be surprised if they pull out of the state (again). Sales Recruiter- Allstate Northeast has used the same recruiter for years now, his name starts with a P. He will say anything to fill a role within an Allstate Agency. Beware! Pay- Allstate Licensed Sales professionals make the lowest in the industry. Base salary is borderline minimum wage, and you will have limited benefits if you work for an independent contractor agency. Allstate Corporate are the ones with good pay, benefits, retirement etc. Hence why the corporate cronies are so loyal to an unethical insurance company. BEWARE! I r...more
ProsAgency Owner
ConsAllstate corporate representatives, pay, benefits, allstate rates and requirements
System Engineer | Northbrook, IL | May 19, 2019
Allstate - low ball for IT workers
Allstate Technology Organization (ATO) employees do not share many of the companies benefits because IT is considered to be a burden on the rest of the company. IT salaries are generally much lower than industry average by 20% - 50%. You really are stuck in your 'band'. Some new hires in high demand areas- such as SAP or Big Data get an OK initial offer, but then they can forget about any annual increases. No bonus or monetary recognition unless you are very high up the career ladder. Very limited growth opportunities, no clear career transitions, lots of nepotism and favoritism. One example is that after 15-20 years of service you may get the chance to become a team-leader, maybe. Lots of silos, with poor communication and coordination, even within the same departments- example between Windows and Unix support. Extremely restricted budgets for education, training, conferences, or travel. Lots of experienced people have been layed-off or have left leaving large gaps in knowledge. Younger staff have not been trained properly or paid properly to fill more advanced positions yet management still demands same or increased levels of service. IT leadership is full of legacy managers- rude, unavailable, and ready to take their frustrations out on you. Constant risk of being layed off, especially if you are experienced or well compensated. Employee share of cost of benefits went up drastically in a very underhanded manner. Morale is quite low. Company earnings are linked to catastrop...more
ProsWork life balance, free parking
ConsLow pay, limited growth.
Assistant Underwriter | Irving, TX | Jun 29, 2019
Please read below! 100% Facts. RUN!!!!!
•This company is far BELOW State Farm or Liberty Mutual. NO year end raises, NO company bonuses. The building is OUTDATED!!!!!!!!! •Management is a JOKE. There was numerous times management and a employee would argue and curse each other out on the work floor. IVE SEEN FIGHTS IN THE PARKING LOT! Management has spies and will try to recruit you! Once you turn it down you will be enemy #1. Anytime we would talk or laugh my manager would stand up and say get back to work! • The “breakroom” a JOKE! 2 OLD microwaves and refrigerator. Shoulder to shoulder if more than 2 people in there at a time • You will be paid $15/Hr with a 30 minute lunch. Want to take a day off? Good luck. Only 2 people can be off at a time in order BY SENIORITY!! •The training is a joke. Half of my trainers had new clue. ALLSTATE JUST DEVELOPED A TRAINING DEPARTMENT 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!! •The entire department has drama!! It was so stressful! TRUE STORY!!!! I was a new hire and my metrics were far above the required, other employees didn’t like that and tried everything to discredit my work! They have sabotaged my numbers bc i was constantly the top performer. Once i caught what they were doing and threatened to contact HR they Stopped. “They” INCLUDES THE MANAGER. •THE JOB DESCRIPTION IS NOT ACCURATE AT ALLL!!!!! All of their systems are OUTDATED! They want to do soooooo much extra ness for $15/HR!! NO PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN UNDERWRITING ASSISTANCE. 80% of my training group QUIT after a mont...more
ProsPick you own shift
Claims Adjuster | United States | Jul 28, 2019
Lack of Direction
When you have 3 main performance goals that will dictate your advancement and pay increases, but you only have full control of 1 of those measurements, it clearly tells you that the company's business model for the internal members is designed to make you fail. Recently went to a heavy virtual estimating platform which is upsetting many customers and body shops, estimates are written on a best case scenario and no real life situations, they want to re-invent the wheel and talk about all this innovation but still run things the old fashion way. They are centralizing everything and as result quality has taken a backseat to production and cost savings, they're constantly underestimating market demands and wait until things are out of control to take the right steps in meeting customer's needs. You can easily tell when you're dealing with an employee that has been with Allstate for a few years vs. a new employee, the main focus of training is production and numbers, they talk quality but it's only used when it can be counted against you, not when customers need it. I hope they realize sooner than later that in a service provider industry customer satisfaction could make you or break you. Benefits are good, the people that work there are still great, but as time goes by you can notice a little disappointment setting in and the level of caring decreasing as well. Salary is low for the industry and now they are asking employees to take more responsibilities which of course has an i...more
ProsBenefits in general
ConsSalary, workload, common sense, quality
Claims Specialist | Yuma, AZ | Dec 10, 2018
Well, it's a Call Center
Let me start off by saying this company is a great company to work for as they truly care about their employees. There is potluck after potluck, raffle after raffle, and party after party and they do a really good job selecting their candidates. If you get hired, they put you on a team where the leader of that team compliments your personality!!! So in essence, you are on a team of like minded people which was pretty cool. Again, this is a call center and you are tracked every minute of your entire shift. On one occasion, their was an employee who took too long in the restroom. I'm assuming the computer system notified his supervisor of this as his supervisor came to the restroom looking for him. That's not creepy at all. Even though your job is to fill out claims on simple auto and home accidents, it's sort of a sales job. When a claim is created, the system prompts you to tell your customer that the quickest and easiest way to get their car fixed is to go to a certain location. If you are unable to convince the customer to go where the computer prompts you, your metric just took a hit. Too many hits and you get a coaching and are put on a watch list. In Allstate's quest for customer service perfection, you have three coaches, each with their own take on how you should handle certain tasks. You have your team lead, your QA (who grades the calls), and a mentor (someone who helps new hires for the first few months of employment). Sometimes, it can be a hassle because ...more
ProsAwesome culture. They really care.
ConsMinute tracking, favoritism
Developer | Bothell, WA | Jan 3, 2020
Work at any region but this one. All employees that have transferred agree
General experience: -Management here can be very toxic and I've heard a month ago that it still is. -The management has asked for help identifying the issues, were told it's the management over and over, but refuse to see it. -Most people younger than 40 years of age that worked there when I did have already left and most were eager to get out. -Many of the older people there retired or even retired early because tired of being in the environment. -Leaders practically want the employees to create metrics that they like, even when they don't exist, so they can look good. The pay for Developers here is not worth it as well. They pay ~$20k less than smaller companies that give more experience and require way more life sacrificing. Allstate pushes for work/life balance but there kind of is none here. You don't have to work after work but the stress pours into outside work life making you not want to do anything after work. No, I'm not the only one that's felt this way. Everybody that has left is much happier. IN FACT, everyone that has gone to a different region of Allstate is happier. Developer experience: Working here as a Developer/programmer is almost useless. Constantly fixing and doing things for metrics rather than ever getting real Dev work done. You won't get the opportunity to really code here unless you sacrifice your life after work. Meaning, the experience I gained in the years here was very little and has held me back in my career and direc...more
ConsToxic management, Low pay, Low experience gain for Developers
Sales Associate | Illinois | Apr 17, 2019
Do not be fooled do your research
This doesn’t go for EVERY AGENT but number one DO NOT go to a new agent unless you want to be MISERABLE. Allstate makes it extremely difficult to sell insurance due to high premium and obstacles with the terrible systems. Even coming from State Farm Allstate is far worse price wise there is 0 value to offer a customer when you are 100s of dollars more than what they currently pay. Agents will not always buy you enough leads to make up for this resulting in low sales and low motivation. Sales tactics are very old and don’t work in this new generation of insurance. I’d recommend you stay far away from this company and work anywhere else unless you have 100k to become an agent there is 0 room for growth. Just unrealistic goals, little support and constant micromanaging to the point wheee you can’t stand being at your job anymore. Hopefully I can save the next victim from this horrible position. You are HIGHLY under paid for what you do. Unless you like to call the same person 10 times over again only to get rejected the few times you get an answer and get scolded on why you didn’t sell to the individual then this job may not be for you. Also 0 benefits as far as health insurance. Little to no time off. These agents will lie to you in the interview to bring you in only to completely use you till you burn out!! ALLSTATE you have some seriously terrible on boarding for these clueless agents I don’t understand how a company would allow such hard headed selfish agents. You are nothi...more
Cons-No benefits -Low Base -Micro Management -No Opportunity for growth
Consultant | Illinois | Jan 13, 2019
Benefits and career growth not so good anymore
Allstate used to be a great place to work, but it has changed for the worse. Very expensive to insure family with medical benefits and the auto insurance is also expensive even with employee discount. Many employees are relocating to the Texas, Charlotte and Arizona offices, but only if you are in pay band D or higher will it be a mutual financial benefit. Everyone works to help the company succeed and profit, yet only the senior leaders get bonuses annually, why? Lateral moves are very common lately with less promotions. Less diversity than 10 years ago in middle and senior leadership which should seem hard to do for a company of this size. Employee referral program needs to be revamped and taken seriously by Human Resources and managers. It is easy to take PTO in one or two days increments, and challenging to take a week of PTO which turns into pretend time off. There are many Employee Resource Groups (ERG's) which is great, but I have seen leaders from these groups do a great job in leading, and representing the company while their careers stayed stagnant or worse - some talented people left the company. Work From Home days is an option in many departments, and the CompoZed (Technology) department provides free breakfast, lunch and snacks to those employees. Nice perks: Starbucks, Dry Cleaners, barber and manicurist on site at a good price point, and cafeteria although it is expensive. It's nice that they bring small vendors in weekly to sell chocolat...more
ProsCompany has been around for a while, People, Multiple locations nationally
ConsExpensive benefits the don't keep up with the mediocre raises, No paid maternity/paternity leave, Not a lot of career growth
Senior Claims Processor | Tigard, OR | Aug 2, 2018
Stressful but the day passes quickly
Employee turnover is extreme and constant which results in workload shifting to an already over burdened staff. Management can be wonderful if you're on the right team or horrific if you're not as some managers lead with intimidation & bullying. Not many "true" opportunities for advancement unless you have support from the right people. Team dynamics vary greatly which can result in isolation/dissension of team members. Moral fluctuates from day to day with more lows than highs. Management attempts to compensate with frequent food days but a free lunch eventually pales in comparison to overall employee satisfaction and/or general well being. PTO benefits are outstanding and new hires are enticed with 20 days PLUS the option to buy an additional week however, health benifits are extremely poor. Vision benifits are fantastic and dental benefits are mid range. Current company focus is on CE (Customer Experience) which is great in Allstate's theory but rarely practiced when it comes to actually keeping customers "In Good Hands" as their motto implies. Overall the pros are shadowed by the cons. I loved my job when I initially started but through the years I've witnessed/experienced far too many negatives which has severely damaged my opinions of this company as a whole. Unfortunately, in the end, the negative outweighed the positive and resulted in a decision to obtain healthier employment.
ProsOutstanding PTO benifits, frequent lunches brought in and jean casual atmosphere
ConsManagement bullying, frequent turnover, advancement based on popularity versus job performance, zero loyalty to employes and unfortunate lack of genuine care for their customers.
Claims Adjuster | Richmond, VA | Nov 19, 2018
High stress, high volume
Tough job. Started off well. Claim volume unmanageable. Once you start to get behind, you never catch up unless you work on days off/vacation. It's the expectation that you will have to work over or come in early, but when you first start there is no overtime offered and management will let you work as long as you want knowing you aren't getting paid for it. Once they release you on to full claims receipts, you'll get about 4-5 a day and need to call everyone involved and make contact with everyone with in 24-28 hours. You will get 8 claims on Saturdays when you work and need to make all contacts. You're expected to be on the phone almost all the time and document all claim conversations. If you forget to document the file, the conversation never happened. The claims, the calls and the work never stop. The changes to how you handle claims don't either. Your liability decisions will be questioned ever for claims with identical facts of loss may end up having different outcomes. Needy customers will waste your time and you are expected to deliver great customer service, but not waste time with them. To go over everything and get a recorded statement will take you about 20-30 minutes a call for a quality call. If you get 5 claims a day though, you should eat your desk to make sure you try to call everyone. If they don't answer, you're expected to call them back later in the day and basically harass them until you make the contact. You're instructed on inbound calls to do everyth...more
ProsCo-workers are great
ConsBoiler plate language they call coaching

Questions And Answers about Allstate Insurance

What would you suggest Allstate Insurance management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 18, 2017
Respect employees and embrace BBC Asia leadership principles. Micromanaging and gaslighting will never bring employee loyalty. Regions are manages like the great Wild West- my particular region nothing short of unethical, and abusive.
Answered Oct 27, 2019
Offer the same benefits you would want for yourself if in my predicament.
Answered Apr 20, 2019
How are the working hours at Allstate Insurance?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
It varies on how much work you have and that even varies on how bad the weather is. On the east coast the busy seasons are generally the summer and winter. Lots of rain and frozen pipes. You're suppose to average 6 claims a day but when it's busy it could be 12-15 depending on how many people are in office. The first thing they tell you in the interview is this is NOT a 9-5 job. It's more like a 8-6 or 7-5. Then you might need to go home and work some more depending on how quickly you can type and get your work done.
Answered Oct 20, 2019
Accounting Department - 8 hours, flexible, 7:30AM to 4:00PM or 8:00AM to 4:30PM
Answered Mar 21, 2019
What is the dress code like? Are they open to diversity? (Tattoos, funky hair colors, piercing, etc)
Asked Jul 6, 2016
Tattoo' have to be covered. Long sleeve shirts required.
Answered Aug 2, 2019
It really depends on the particular person you’re working for. Some bosses don’t care if you have visible tattoos and a face full of metal, and come in sweatpants. Others may be more judgemental.
Answered May 1, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Allstate Insurance?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Start appreciating the employees and start choosing management wisely. Also get everyone drug tested as you have people in management that consume while at the workplace. The Charlotte CCC is a very hostile environment created by mainly managers who are buddy buddy with reps and share confidential information among the each other.
Answered Mar 1, 2020
I have to believe regions are managed differently than corporate home office. Culture is highly political and discriminatory in the regions I was associated with.
Answered Oct 27, 2019
What is the interview process like at Allstate Insurance?
Asked Dec 4, 2016
Applied for the Inside Liability Adjuster Position. They respond pretty quickly, and schedule you for a phone screening, which is really calling a private number and answering questions from automated voicemail messages. Better come prepared, because you only get one chance and about 30 seconds to answer each question. If it sounds like their process is hilariously lazy and leaves a very bad impression amongst applicants, it doesn't seem to matter, because they'll give you an assessment to "gauge" your personality. If you pass the test, you'll be notified that you'll be hearing from them within a few days (i.e. supposed to be scheduled an interview with a hiring manager). Only to be turned down without even being given an interview. Don't even bother inquiring the HR rep why you weren't afforded an interview after passing both the phone screening and the assessment test, as they'll give you a phony, noncommital response that isn't worth reading; don't inquire corporate about being screwed out of the hiring process, as they won't respond. Bottom line is that you're in anything but good hands with Allstate. Message sent loud and clear.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
They ask four questions, same questions for everyone, you get graded based on how you give the answer.
Answered Mar 21, 2019