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Overall Reviews at Alorica

Personal Banker | Joplin, MO | Nov 9, 2019
I waited a year or so to write this review, and honestly I should have done it sooner, but this workplace has been on my mind enough for me that I wanted to lay out my words here. So hopefully I get this off my shoulders. I have hardly anything positive to say about the Joplin location for Alorica. The break room was nice and my supervisors for the most part were good people. Now for everything else. I was miserable here. Toxic work environment, no camaraderie, and a lot of issues I had there. The work environment was toxic with the way people would act and things in the workplace that gave off the impression. I hope the swastikas carved in the men's bathroom were removed. I brought it up several times to supervisors, but nothing seemed to be done. There was also the time that I came across a keyboard on the production floor with swastikas and "KILL ME" carved into it. I reported it and the keyboard was disposed, but how it got there was beyond me. The type of people I was around were a mixed bag. Some were nice, some were hard to be around, and some were plain rude. Like people making inappropriate remarks in the chat program and nothing being done to reprimand them properly. Communication was often a huge issue for me, like getting help from supervisors when needed, and sometimes waiting up to 45 minutes if I needed someone to take over the call. The parking lots were poorly maintained and poorly lit. Didn't exactly feel the safest there at night. Be...more
Customer Service Representative | Albuquerque, NM | Jul 29, 2019
I've seen a more professional work culture in fast food restaurants.
From the get-go I had my reservations about this job. First of all, out of several call center positions I applied for, this one advertised the highest wages, but offered me the lowest. The $15+/h positions were not offered to me and I was hired at $10.25 an hour for the La Quinta campaign. At the time I was hired, LQ had been bought by Wyndham and they were transitioning. I was told my schedule would be 6:30am to 2:30, and this was on the paper I signed accepting the position, but when I showed up for my first day at 6am, I was informed they had changed the training class to 3-11. As soon as my class graduated LQ training, we went into nesting for 2 days and then had to go back into training for wyndham, and again they changed our schedule. The wyndham training was conducted by the most unprofessional, ill-tempered woman I have ever worked under. She did not train us, rather she snapchatted all day, and in fact we were asked to serve a cookout rather than a full day in our training class, and they made no effort to catch us up. They rushed through content, and left an entire class unprepared for production by the time we were done with training. I was assigned to a team and put on the production floor. But wait, none of our logins were ready, so we couldn't do anything but y-jack with other agents. a few days of just that pass and they fix the logins, but nobody in our class is ready to go onto live calls because we weren't trained well, and we're struggling to even log in ...more
Customer Service Representative | Greensboro, NC | Dec 8, 2018
Horrible, horrible place to work! Can't say enough negative things about them!
If there was an ability to give negative stars, I would do it. This company is a joke. There are people that don't follow the dress code, and have had multiple warnings, but Alorica needs people so bad that they don't fire them. The parking lot is unsafe. There are speed bumps only on the first row of parking. People fly around the lot in frustration because there are no parking spaces. People also park in tow away zones making it even harder to navigate the parking lot. These people are never ticketed nor towed. There is only one lane to get around incorrectly parked cars, so if you meet someone, one of you has to back up. Since there is no parking, friends and family members pick people up after work. These friends and family members sit in their parked cars blocking other people in and when you try and leave instead of backing up and moving on, they blow their horn at you. Most of the time these parked cars that are waiting for employees are two deep. They won’t move when you come up behind them. I worked for Alorica for two months. I have a disability and needed handicapped parking. There was no handicapped parking because people would use someone else's handicapped sticker to get a parking space because parking is so bad. The overflow lot is a half mile away and you have to take a shuttle to work. I had to quit because all the extra walking was making my disability worse. I had someone stand in a handicapped parking space and would not move ...more
ConsLow pay, not enough parking, irresponsible unstrustworthy management
Support Specialist | Lake Mary, FL | Jan 20, 2019
If this is your only job offer -take it, otherwise avoid like the plague
As long as you go in expecting a stressful call center life you'll be fine- the job IS stress central- they are metrics and surveys oriented and that's all that matters- you have people walking up and down with laptops attached to their arms looking at stats all day long, a typical day is when you get there-login into 3 different systems your time keep, your Alorica network then the customers network- then start your Avaya phone and ephone all this takes about 10 mins so if you start at 9 make sure to be there for 8:50 as they expect you on the phone at 9 etc- when you start ephone you have to be in "Available" then you take a call -if your on the phone longer than 30 mins the team leads (QLs) are tapping you on the shoulder- after the call you have 7 minutes to finish up your notes and parts dispatched and you must then be in "available" again for the next call- Also all note taking and documentation has to be done "On the fly" no pens/paper/notes nothing to help you and also Cell phones are banned from the production floor so if your needed in an emergency they have to call the front desk to get you etc. lets talk pay- $14 an hour - and you get a bonuses IF your metrics are right-it just takes one upset customer that may not even your fault to submit a DSAT (bad survey) and you lose everything. Alorica does NOT pay ANY public holidays- you dont work thanksgiving? -day short, 4th July? no work? day short you don't work Xmas day?- day short in your pay- I have ne...more
Prossteady employement (as long as you do good)
Consnearly everything- stressful, low pay, no work/life balance at all
Customer Service Representative | Fredericksburg, VA | Oct 19, 2018
Horrible place to work
I have been here for a year and I honestly wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone! A day at Alorica is wondering when are you going to get fired, system and payment issues! You are not appreciated and they make up new rules everyday! There are no benefits and pto is a joke. Even if you do have it good luck getting it approved. No one really knows what they are doing. You get different information from different people everyday. Their attendance policy is ridiculous! If you have an medical reason you have to leave or miss work they do not honor it and it counts against you. We use to have a 6 minute grace period, 9 points, buyback points and your points come off every 60 days. Now it’s 8 points, no buy backs, no grace period and points come off every 90 days. They even changed how points is given so they add up quickly. Management and HR are TERRIBLE they say come to them if you have a problem but they don’t care they just want to get to out their face and don’t let you come to them about your money being short they will try to avoid you or make an excuse. They sell you a dream about how much money you’ll be getting or could make but it’s all a lie. Even with our bonuses that are owed to us we never see again they will make up an excuse. There is so much favoritism and sneaky under handed stuff going on it’s ridiculous. Your job is based off random surveys . You have to be at an 89% each week which doesn’t make since because we get our bonus based upon our performance for the m...more
ProsYour days off, breaks, lunches
Medical Representative | Las Vegas, NV | Jul 23, 2019
Don't work here. Wanna know why not? Keep reading. yes, you that took the time to read the reviews to see if this is even worth it. Short answer: no, you're better off selling plasma. Long answer:....let's break this down, shall we? So you saw all the benefits on the site, right? Looks good, especially the holiday pay, yeah?'s only if you are grandfathered in. Which if you are reading this? No, you are not eligible Competitive pay? Sure!...if by compete you mean competing on who can pay the employees the lowest for more work. You know what? Forget all the "benefits". Here's a normal day. You've gone through the training, and now you...will sit there and deal with overly irate people. Your schedule is unusually regimented and any deviations (such as, take a minute longer on break, which at my location was only 10 minutes) will be severely dealt with. Same with lunch. The microwaves are usually busted. Cable bill may not be paid, and no wifi so take a book if you can read through the loudness. Management is severely lacking in tactness and people skills. So after your breaks and lunch, you keep dealing with people and it's time to go home!...except you got stuck with the last few people. You get to stay and get screamed at more. No one you work with is medically trained and you deal with...medical issues! Oh, and to clarify, everyone is yelling at you from the patient who may have gone to the wrong facility, to the front desk that strongly believes she put in the right codes and deserves more m...more
ProsSome leads are awesome...that's it
ConsQuestionably short breaks, angry customers, management not fit to take care of a goldfish, no freedom, no actual perks
Customer Support Representative | Clovis, CA | Mar 1, 2020
It gets a bad rep that it doesn't deserve.
When I worked at Alorica I enjoyed my job- genuinely I did. A lot of people didn't. Here's what I have to say about that. This job is very easy to get into. They hire nearly anyone as long as you're social enough and a good enough listener. This leads to the hiring of people who don't work hard or have a strong work ethic. They occasionally hire people who would rather smoke pot and come in smelling of pot or booze and lose their job than just wait until theyre off work. They hire people who really dont care about themselves. There are a TON of jobs to fill and it's a very quick hiring process. So a lot of the complaints that I've seen are that the work is too hard, or that the customers suck and I just really dont think this job is any different in that regard from any other customer service position. So if you dont mind handling a bit of de-escelating then this is the job for you! The first few weeks are classes where your only job is to pay attention, work in groups from time to time, and press "okay, next" over and over. You are paid full-time for those weeks and as boring as they may have been it's the easiest job ive ever had. After that they put you on the phones but you have a special line with easier customer problems. These are usually customers that want to change their information, or make a purchase over the phone. After a bit of time there you are put on the real lines. This is after months of training and warming up. A very cushy few months. Once you are on th...more
Agent | Tucson, AZ | Jun 7, 2019
This company was one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. If I could give a company zero stars Alorica would be one of the few. Let me start off by saying if you file with HR before getting hired that you had time in the year that you couldn't work this company really doesn't care about it. I had been told during the interview process that I could go back home for a family event. It was important to me because I knew I would be missing my sisters wedding. I stayed with the company. There is one trainer and you can barely hear a word he says. While he is a nice guy he mumbles during the entire training class. There has been many times when we asked him to speak up or just pretended that we could hear him. After training we had a month of on job training which was fine. That's when problems really started happening. My team lead stuck me on a computer that she knew was having issues and was not compatible with the program we used. There has been multiple tickets for IT to come out and fix it but they wont work on fixing their equipment. For almost a month it affected my scores as a caption rep. I had perfect attendance and ended up giving up my hours for my family event when it came around. My team lead told me I could not go because I was still in training. She told me that it would look bad on me as a representative to take time off work. I went anyway. I had purchased tickets six months prior to employment. I came back in the following week and did mak...more
Technical Support Representative | Tennessee | Nov 24, 2018
A great starting job if your in I.T.
its a call center so you are paid to sit there and answer the phone and help people -Alorica are metrics crazy and everything is monitored from your calls to how long you been on a call to how long after the call until your back in available. the tools are various and many and confusing . The start pay is low, but you CAN make more with good "CSAT" Scores given by customers on their surveys. they have team leads walking around with laptops attached to their arms looking at stats all day long. They DO however-care about the customer and wont close cases until the customer is happy and gives permission. The training is good when you first join but their systems are hard to navigate and very slow and you cannot make any kinds of notes while on a call as its forbidden -you have to do all your typing on the fly while trying to help the customer.- the benefits are POOR- the healthcare Company I never heard of and dont pay for much and while the company likes to promote team players etc Management get far better plans than the employees (Who do all the work) They also have 401k, pay for college (with conditions), & have discounts for many things. You can also buy dental/Vision/life polices for you and your family and pet insurance etc etc but be prepared for it to take a big chunk out of an already Low paycheck. The vacation is earned like most places per paycheck and the hours earned are abysmally low, couple that with the fewest paid holidays (5) that is th...more
Prosgood first I.T job, and some benefits are better than none
ConsPoor salary, poor benefits, poor vacation earned, no work from home .
Customer Service Representative | Green Bay, WI | Nov 30, 2018
Awful place to work
This is a great job if your coming out of high-school and need some work experience and still living with parents, or if you get let go from previous job and you need to get back on your feet fine. Otherwise- dont even BOTHER! If your an adult trying to live on your own and your rent is above 300 a month you wont survive on the wage. Your just a number in their system an extra head to count. This place has gone completely to numbers and pushing CSR to meet goals that are completely ridiculous. and technically this job is not customer service. your still making sales and your restricted to things you can do for customers who need help accomplishing things. Even if you still place any type of business for the company you are constantly bothered by the fact that your not making sales for a specific thing. this was a major turn off for me working here, i would not recommend Any of my friends to work here unless they desperately needed something to get on their feet. be expected though to make up other employees sick hours, with mandatory overtime, not having any work/life balance and being treated like a child by management, This job is only good for Students going to college and having something part time or if your retired and still want to work to make extra money. Honestly.. also be expected to see on application websites that state its going to be $17 an hour because thats completely false. I worked for a year and 6 months with this company and got no where. when you apply f...more
ProsGetting started for experience, or being retired and wanting to make extra money
ConsNot being able to use PTO. Making up other employees sick time on your days off, Poor Management, Bonuses not getting paid when meeting goals

Questions And Answers about Alorica

What would you suggest Alorica management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I would suggest Alorica get rid of their current management at the Miami, FL location and start over. They need to hire more qualified leaders that is fair-minded, organized, and empathetic. The management team now is very disorganized, unfair, and lack empathy. They do not care if you are sick, have a deceased family member, or have children to attend to. You will still get terminated if they feel that you missed too many days.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
To begin, I'd say offer your new employees more in depth-training. Don't just throw them to the wolves. While in training, be organized. So much time was wasted trying to gain access to computer systems. Organization is what this company struggles with HARD. My trainers were constantly near the breaking point because of this. Practice what you preach. "Come to work to come to work."
Answered Feb 15, 2020
What is the interview process like at Alorica?
Asked Feb 8, 2018
Super easy but it does take a while. Your for sure to get hired as long as your not actively taking drugs and don’t have a serious criminal history / record. Bring process in Tulsa Oklahoma is about 3-4 hours so be prepared for that. Also you have to be at least 18 and have your high school diploma or GED
Answered Jan 16, 2020
Can you read and write your hired
Answered Jan 1, 2020
If you were to leave Alorica, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Terrible Leadership Focus on Managment not. Agents
Answered Jan 7, 2020
Pay roll mistakes being marked absent or late when you're actually there logged in to your phone, no concern for employees safety they no longer have a security guard, fights in parking lot, people's badges not working so they have to wait 20 minutes for a supervisor to let them in building, one of the lowest paying of all call centers in the Tidewater area, they don't take doctors notes at all, if you miss one day you get verbal warning, bonuses are promised but hard to get they will find any reason to not give to you. The people who do work hard are not appreciated at all. There are lots of unfair and unfavorable conditions.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
What kind of drug test do they use ?
Asked Oct 1, 2016
Mouth Swabs
Answered Jul 24, 2019
Fredericksburg va was mouth swab
Answered May 18, 2019
What benefits does Alorica offer?
Asked Sep 16, 2016
Their medical and dental is horrible but their vision insurance is awesome
Answered Dec 7, 2019
The benefits are AWFUL. Don’t bother.
Answered Aug 28, 2019