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Overall Reviews at Amazon Flex

Delivery Driver | Moonachie, NJ | Jul 18, 2018
Not worth the money
I did it one time and I had a really bad time, wasn't even able to finish. I picked the 72 dollar block, from 3 pm to 7 pm. 50 stops with about 65 packages. ( picked randomly) The GPS is not good ( like the apple GPS compared to google maps/ Waze) and you MUST use their GPS. AMAZON!, ITS ILLEGAL TO MAKE U TURNS IN NEW JERSEY! So please fix that glitch in the app, asking to make U turns. ( the app will ask you to make 15 U turns a day... SIGH) In my first delivery and only delivery I had wrong address (2 places I had to call for supp, and you will be on the phone with supp for an average of 8-12 minutes to get one issue fixed! ( kinda long when you're out delivering and trying to make ends meet in a timely manner.) Issues with parking were defiantly present . (jersey city area) lets take a look, Amazon averages 18.00 dollars an hour for 12 packages to be delivered WITH travel time. meaning if you take 12/18.00 = 1.50 PER DELIVERY with 20-45 min to get to your destination. Not counting the cost of car insurance, gas, wear and tear in your car (opening and closing doors and cardboard box fragments left in the car after you're finished with your block). Possibilities for risks with getting a traffic ticket/parking tickets, minor accidents. NOT worth unless you get a route in your neighborhood. ( but you cant do that because amazon is not even sure where you're going until the very last second.) As my first time I had NO TRAINING at all. (AMAZON, watc...more
Constoo many to list
Driver | Mobile, AL | Sep 18, 2019
Not Worth The Pay
Starting off the pay was good, but over time they started paying less and less. Now, the pay isn't worth it. There is too much wear and tear on your vehicle. They don't offer any type of benefits or any discounts for vehicle repair or for gas. Once, they were only paying me for a 3-hour delivery and it took me 2 hours and 10 mins to get to my first location due to a car accident so I brought back the last five packages since I delivered for 5 hours and they were upset because I didn't do all of my deliveries. I explained to them that they were only paying me for a 3-hour delivery and I delivered for 5 hours which was 2 hours over but they didn't care. They said that when they say they are paying you for a 3-hour delivery it is only an estimated time. Time is money and I am not about to only get paid for 3 hours and work more than that. I did that one time because I was trying to be nice. As a Flex driver, there is a point system they use and when your points add up, they fire you. They will add points for bringing packages back, being late to a pickup, forfeiting a delivery, and if a customer says they did not receive a package even though that's not in your control because if you leave it at their door and they don't get it how are you supposed to help that? Amazon doesn't care one bit about their Flex drivers. Once, I arrived at the drop-off and had two big dogs jump on my car leaving scratch marks all over it. I reported it to Amazon and they said they would contact me to ...more
Driver | Greenville, SC | Jun 6, 2019
Horrible for Long-term
$18 an hour for the lowest sounds like a dream come true. HOWEVER YOU MUST CONSIDER, you can put up to 200mi a day on your car driving 6-7hours for Flex. They do not reimburse for gas, tires, oil changes, nothing. Your auto insurance rates will become ridiculous as well. The pay is not much at all after you deduct those required car expenses. Also, anyone can do it, meaning any group of new people can pop in and take routes out from under you at any time. You are guaranteed nothing whatsoever. Yeah you can call that making your own schedule, sure, if you consider a 25% chance of getting 3 hours in the middle of the day if you don't wake up to check at 4am, suuuuree. There are no benefits, at all, no discount, no insurance, nothing, you're on your own. If a customer causes you harm or damages or vehicle or puts you in danger, you are out of luck unless you call the police, support will do nothing for you and simply does not care. They're all in India reading from a script, if you email them you get a copy and pasted email response Amazon nor Flex provide any OFFICIAL noticable form of identification either. They offer a tiny little sticker for your windshield, and a lanyard with a plain orange badge reading Flex/Amazon Flex, the problem is, people don't know what Flex is and the more you advertise it the more risk you take of losing routes to new people. You could buy third party Flex/Amazon items for markings, but ITS THIRD PARTY, any criminal could purchase t...more
ProsMarginally easy
ConsLack of hours, No support, No benefits, No security, Dangerous, Extreme Auto Costs
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Columbus, OH | Mar 11, 2019
It's worth FAR more than 18$/hour
In the beginning the program was new to Ohio, and it was small and wonderful. Tips were excellent, customers were friendly, the cops that detoured or stopped you for speeding were intrigued and wanted details on the program. Everyone was happy. 3 years later, things are different: First, you do NOT work for Amazon. Your job is Independent Contractor. You have no perks or benefits. Even with completely open availability, you still barely get more than 8-10 hours/week assigned to you. Because of that, everyone in the program is logged into the app at the same time, literally trying to grab the exact same single 2.5-3.5 hour long block as you (and that may be 250-500 other people). Customer support is generally so much less than helpful if there's an issue out on a delivery. There's no physical management to talk to when things go wrong. Not even at the hub. They tell you to contact customer support. Amazon rarely listens to the independent contractors/drivers when a change needs desperately to be made to the app. Amazon gives up to 61 mile routes ONE WAY, through rush-hour traffic, and promising all deliveries on that route within 2 hours, but doesn't account for traffic or pay speeding tickets. In the central Ohio area, most drivers know this is dangerous bordering on impossible. Amazon pays 18$/hour for the independent contractor position. They don't withhold. You pay taxes yourself. You drive your own car, pay for gas & your own vehicle maintenance. O...more
Delivery Driver | Denver, CO | Sep 19, 2019
Seems like a good gig, until you do the math
It use to be possible to make a profit doing this job, but it seems to have changed over the last month. Amazon flex has recently instituted several rules which make it extremely difficult to book blocks and also LOWERED THE PAY TO $15. Also, expect to spend at LEAST 5-10 hours a week clicking your phone JUST TO FIND THE WORK! It has become unprofitable to do this job, and I'm only finishing up my existing commitments, before I quit. The most recent rule change blocks you from booking consecutive blocks. TRANSLATION: it will take you 11 hours time to get 8 hours of pay. You end up using the entire hour you supposedly have "off" between bookings just to drive back for the next load. So basically, they control how far you go, but then expect you to pay for the return trip! Also, don't forget the time clicking your phone to get the work. The routes they assign are regularly over. Be prepared to leave the warehouse a 1/2 hour late with a 2.5 hour itinerary - when all you signed up for was a 2 hour block. Mileage expenses are currently 58 cents a mile and I regularly do over a 180 miles a day (THEY DO NOT PAY MILEAGE). I've been doing this job for 3 years, and I've already gone through 3 cars. I am literally driving between 30 and 50000 miles a year. PEOPLE - PLEASE DO THE MATH! You are not earning money if you are extracting value out of your vehicle! You are simply being reimbursed for your expenses! Wonder why you see so many rental car license plates in the ...more
ProsNone anymore
ConsWhere do I start…? Excessive itineraries, ruined cars, rude and incompetent staff, driver support is a joke, 18 flights of stairs with 300 lbs of groceries (not an exaggeration, 3rd flr x 6 trips). I could literally go on all day
Driver | Irvine, CA | Aug 23, 2018
Easy and Flexible Job
I like working for Amazon Flex more than other delivery apps. I almost always finish early or on time even after being 10 min late to the warehouse. I am surprised there's so much complaints about the work life. It's pretty flexible and easy. There is wear and tear on your car... that's a given. For me, my car is old and has good gas mileage, which is why I'm doing deliveries. My old car has become my workhorse. Flex is my in-between job while I apply/interview for a permanent job. It helps to know quick fixes for app/tech mishaps and know the area cuz you get it done faster. If you don't know the area, I always review/check the map on the app to see if there are packages that need delivering in the same neighborhood cuz the comp doesn't always get it right. Taking the extra minute or two to go over the next 3 stops on your route will help you save time. Create your own organization system when packing your car. I did that and now it takes me 10-15 minutes to get in and get out of the warehouse upon check-in. With this job, you generally do have to figure stuff out on your own.... like how to put a package in them lockers! Not every locker works the same. When the instructions say "deliver to locker", I always go to the leasing office and ask where they are. Lockers are generally near the leasing office. I average around 6-7 hours of work per day 5 days a week depending on the shifts available. There are usually afternoon and evening shifts M-F. Mondays are slower d...more
ProsFlexibility, warehouse system is easy getting in and out of, easy to schedule shifts, consistent work available, pay is better than other delivery service
ConsNo mid afternoon shifts, only lunch and dinner shifts even for amazon packages (why???), amazon navigation is not alway reliable, no overtime, pay increases are not frequents, no reward or raise for consistent quality work
Private Contractor | Milwaukee, WI | Jun 21, 2018
Only 9$/hr ; Horrible place to work!
If you need a stressful / miserable life this is perfect! 1) They CLAIM you're a private contractor but you're really NOT. They treat you just like an employee, but with NO BENEFITS!!! Always try to tell you what to do! You only get 40hrs a week, 18$ per hour... but when you consider gas, wear and tear on your car ( breaks, mileage, opening & closing doors/trunk,, transmission specially) and finally the taxes u gotta pay at the end of the barely make like 9$/hr 2) In the first couple months you'll feel like this is your dream come true.. They'll send you reserved "blocks" for the first couple months...but then it gonna turn into a nightmare! You'll have to scavenge for the blocks, you won't hardly find no good blocks to complete your hours! You'll be on the app all day & night trying to pick a block. You have no LIFE 3) "Same-Day" blocks are the worst of your nightmares! Since you can't find other blocks you end up with a same day block which is starting at 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm. Oh believe me these blocks gonna be at least 60 - 100 miles, only for 72$, they'll send you to 6 different countys. And you CANNOT ask them to take a few packages off to make the route smaller, they'll threaten you to put it on your record, which will eventually get you deactivated!! (Just like I said they treat you like an employee) 4) Warehouse employees will be playing favoritism. Yes this is real! They will always be giving their buddies player routes and g...more
ProsNone really
ConsAll of the above and more i can't even write em all
Delivery Driver | Seattle, WA | Aug 6, 2019
Flexible Hours, Paid Weekly, but Mileage and Wear and Tear on Car Not Reimbursed Not Worth It
You get on the delivery app and it lists shifts available for either food deliveries (which pay better by the hour plus possible tips but for only an hour or two and must be done almost immediately after picking up the shift) or regular amazon package deliveries (usually 3-4 hour shifts) to residential areas and occasionally businesses. It will only show shifts with routes that have packages you can fit in the type of car you listed when applying but often you need to tetris puzzle piece them in to fit while still being able to see out your windows. Have to organize by area number in your car (usually I got 4 different groups of houses within the same neighborhood) and packages never exceed 50lbs. Most are envelopes and small boxes usually which was easy. Basically have almost all day to get most packages delivered (some have shorter time limits but I never got those) but you are only paid for the hours listed on the shift (4 on average) and they dont reimburse you for mileage or car wear and tear so you end up making about $10 an hour or less after those are factored in unless you deliver in less time than estimated (I usually beat their estimate by an hour after my third day on the job but it still wasnt worth it). When I lived in Seattle one shift a day was pretty easy to get but once I moved to the next closest big city outside of Seattle there were almost no warehouses within an hour of driving distance so it depends on the city you live in. You can google maps amazon wa...more
Delivery Driver | Atlanta, GA | Nov 29, 2019
Somewhat unorganized and i feel as if the company does not care for flex workers..
Amazon is prob the most peaceful job ive had but there are many pros and cons. For starters amazon is 100% flexible. No set days, you can service ur route in any order, pay fluctuates and so does the time. I do not like that some days 4 hours are $90-100 and some days 4 hours at $65. The pay does not reflect your days work so i prefer to accept no block under $79 because routes are given AT RANDOM and not based on what you are paid. There are days you will drive an hour to deliver and days you will drive 30 minutes. There are days you will have 5 stops and days you will have 45 so choosing a route under 45 stops and 1 hour distance to your delivery area does not match a pay for $55-60. Also shifts are very rare these days sometimes you will see them and other times you will have to stay up until 12am to schedule shifts for the day. Also many people may feel as if $60 is fine for 3-4 hours but keep in mind you are using YOUR car, YOUR gas and you more than likely will b working after your hours are up because amazon will mark you as unreliable the more you bring packages back for not attempting delivery so you HAVE to try to deliver all packages even when your block time is supposed to be over. Also the warehouse refuses to give amazon flex customers their vest and oddly we only deliver evening so customers become defensive when a random car arrives and some random unmarked person in a highlighter vest is in their drive way. Many of the customers are pure evil and will send th...more
Route Driver | Columbus, OH | Mar 26, 2019
Enjoyable work (most of the time)...
From the reviews it looks like most people either really love or really hate Amazon Flex, and I fall into the category that really loves it most of the time. For the most part, the staff at DCM1 in Columbus distribution center is friendly, and won't try to overload you. Later routes can be very spread out (I've had one that went to Canal Winchester, Galena, and Powell, but it was only 12 packages and 8 stops), but you may only have 3 to 8 packages on those kinds of routes. can do in their allotted time. If you have a really good organization system you can generally expect to finish on time, or in my case, I've finished as much as 90 minutes early on a 4 hour block and an hour early on a 3 hour. Some of the routes go up to an hour away, but at least in Columbus (not sure about other places) they take this into consideration. Get a hand cart, especially if you end up with a Dublin run, because those tend to have multiple heavy boxes to multi-story buildings on Metro Place, and you'll be glad you had it if you do make those runs. I use a different organization system than they recommend which works better for me. Trust me, don't worry about whether it's a 5000, 6000, whatever, just alphabetize by street name and keep the envelopes up front in a couple of Aldi or Ikea reusable bags and it'll be a lot easier to find things at deliveries. The only thing I really don't like is that sometimes when they only run one lane for check-ins, someone invariably jumps the line, ...more
ProsFlexible hours and days, amazingly friendly staff with rare exceptions sometimes.
ConsLine jumpers at check-in who get away with it.

Questions And Answers about Amazon Flex

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Amazon Flex a better place to work?
Asked Nov 1, 2019
More blocks
Answered Mar 27, 2020
Nothing, it's perfect the way it is!
Answered Mar 5, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Amazon Flex?
Asked Jul 4, 2018
Just check your driver's record.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
Make sure you have a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and can handle bad country roads.
Answered Feb 10, 2020
How long did it take for them to respond after sending your information to get started?
Asked Apr 6, 2017
I took me 3 months. I applied in Nov 2019 got approved in February 2020. I believe the Holidays had something to with such a lengthy process. Background check took about 3 weeks. Pros.. it was worth it being that you make your own schedule in all.
Answered Feb 14, 2020
I applied on Friday, and was able to start work on Monday. The application process's hardest part is watching all the informational videos! The License and background check are the longest portion.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Amazon Flex?
Asked Jul 9, 2016
Early morning I fhone 7 I have reliable transportation
Answered May 10, 2019
Any heavy lifting
Answered Feb 1, 2019
What is the best part of working at Amazon Flex?
Asked Nov 22, 2019
You do what works for you! So everything !
Answered Mar 27, 2020
The flexibility and being able to cancel the shift up to 45min before the start time. They still pay you if they run out of routes no matter the amount. And being able to bring my kids if I want.
Answered Mar 5, 2020