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Amazon Mechanical Turk
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Overall Reviews at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Freelance Translator | Washington State | Oct 23, 2018
flixible hours, strong well organized management
I did a lot of mini-tasks varying from translation, audio transcription, and audio narration voice over. the pay is good and never delays. flexible hours.
Prosflexible hours
Consmini tasks, no contract
Independent Contractor | Seattle, WA | Mar 8, 2020
I would say Amazon Mechanical Turk is very helpful when you need help you can email them & they send tips to help you with any problems or concerns.
Amazon Mechanical Turk really help me when I needed help with money. Thanks to Amazon I can keep getting money in my account, which the HITs are not hard you just have to make sure you read & get a good understanding.The pay may be low & surveys can be long at times, check in the more HITs you get you can be qualified for higher paying HITs.
Data Entry Clerk | Mission, TX | Nov 25, 2019
It is a great company to work with because you work from home but the pay can be quite low if there are not very many projects posted by the requester
I enter general information into their database is small to large batches of HITS. On some days, there may be up to 100 requested with 10,000 hits and on other days, especially after a holiday, there can over 300 requesters that have submitted and uploaded 100,000 hits. The money made depends on how long you actually want to work but the pay can average between $10 to $15 per hour.
Independent Contractor | Remote | Mar 30, 2020
Working with your own time but making sure to work time after you have been given an assignment.
Its a good job since you work from the comfort of your own house. Most a times, you just correct mistakes on a given entry and partake in a research. Also, there are instruction on how they want a result and you just follow the given instruction and you will be good. Its a relatively easy job.
Mechanic | Pacific, MO | Oct 7, 2018
Nice place to make some extra income.
I started working for Amazon Mturk several months ago. I did a lot of online searches about Mturk as well as read a couple of e-books about it. I learned as much as I possibly could to help me understand and to make more money. I was completely confused about adding extensions etc. but I hung in there. I mostly do surveys as I feel like it's the best way I have found to make the most money. As I complete more and more hits better paying hits are becoming available on a regular basis. I love the fact that I can get online anyime and make money. NO, working here will not pay your cost of living completly but it will pay a few monthly bills you have, and supply you with extra income. I really like working for amazon mturk!
Proswork from home, extra income, set your own hours, paid quickly
Conswhen things are slow there isnt always a lot of work available
Crowdsource Microcontractor | Simpsonville, SC | Jul 12, 2018
Stressful, time sensitive, and grossly underpaid
Amazon MTurk is a platform for individuals, corporation, and organizations to microcontract workers to complete a task. The tasks can range anywhere from audio transcribing to completing psychological surveys. Payments rates vary from working for free to as high as $1 a minute. The problem though, is that high paying tasks are extremely few and far between. Most tasks pay less than 10 cents a minute. Tasks are also limited in number so workers compete against each other in order to claim their tasks before they run out. Many tasks are also very unethical, having users write positive reviews for services and websites on popular rating platforms, inflating website traffic, google search terms, etc. However, it is a very low commitment way to earn a little extra cash when you want to buy something.
ProsMake your own schedule
ConsLow pay, repetitive work, stressful work environment if you want to maximize profit
Freelance Designer | Dallas, TX | Sep 25, 2019
My opinion
It is decent job I wouldn't say it great job but it is something to do when I'm still searching for high paying job it is job for people that is new at jobs.
Independent Contractor | Remote | Jan 15, 2019
It was an interesting ride and it can be good for some and terrible for others. Performed a wide variety of cloud-based labor tasks including writing, transcription, data entry, image categorization, audio and video annotation, and search engine ranking. Self-paced environment that requires great attention to detail as well as critical problem solving and professional communication with staff of various universities. Increased typing speed, improved software skills in Windows, and maintained records of work.
ProsWorking at home
ConsNot consistent work
Researcher | Atlanta, GA | Oct 17, 2018
Super flexible, possible to make decent money.
They hardest thing about working for Mturk is just getting started. All the good tasks require a certain amount of approved hits/approval rating, which just requires a large time-sink. Lately the work amount has gone down, which is disappointing, although i still work at least an hour or two daily, making anywhere from 7 to 15$ an hour on an average day, occasionally making twice that.
ProsFlexible, able to work whenever and wherever, assuming there is work to do.
ConsLack of work can hurt overall earnings for the week.
Independent Contractor | Harlingen, TX | Sep 14, 2019
Good for between jobs and extra side money
i love it but its hard to make a good steady income. some days you just can hit goals and other days you miss the good work and it feels bad! You really have to be able to discipline and manage your time
Prosself paced

Questions And Answers about Amazon Mechanical Turk

What is the most stressful part about working at Amazon Mechanical Turk?
Asked Jul 28, 2017
Working your way up to a decent pay rate takes too long
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Very low compensation for work performed.
Answered Jan 17, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Amazon Mechanical Turk a better place to work?
Asked Jan 15, 2019
Encourage companies to just more per hit
Answered Mar 12, 2020
To work super hard day by day
Answered May 27, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Amazon Mechanical Turk about how to improve it?
Asked Mar 16, 2018
Try respecting your workers just a slight amount. It might help, who knows.
Answered May 14, 2020
I would reccommend better paying hits, and also a better way of contacting someone from mturk. Currently, there is no way to call anyone if you are having issues with mturk. YOu can email someone but usually there response is vague and seems to be like a pre-written response from a computer or something, not from a human.
Answered Oct 7, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Amazon Mechanical Turk?
Asked Mar 7, 2018
There is no culture or environment. Its just like going on surveyjunkie, or swagbucks, and wasting all your days chasing pennies.
Answered Oct 14, 2019
You work remotely, so the environment is whatever you want it to be. There's no interaction except the people who commission you, and even then it's usually just in response to jobs.
Answered May 31, 2018
Are the jobs that are available, remote work from home positions?
Asked Oct 22, 2017
Yes. This is an at home job.
Answered Oct 16, 2018
Yes, all are working from home. Unfortunately, you make about $0.10 per hour. It is not a reliable source of income.
Answered Dec 16, 2017