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SEO Specialist | Bunker Hill, IL | Nov 28, 2019
Absolutely delightful company
Very happy with this company. Always feel involved. Can count on management to help when i need it. The culture is one of helping coworkers. The hardest part is probably advancing. However, i love the job as it is, and hope to enjoy many years with this company.
Social Media Specialist | Rome, NY | Aug 9, 2019
Not a happy employee
Worked for them for a few weeks valuating Facebook ads for Falcon. Abruptley let me go saying I was not evaluating properly. They gave me a test to try to correct any issues I was having. I followed their instructions and examples to the letter and they still said I could no longer work for Falcon. From other reviews I read this is a common practice for them. Anything offered to me by Appen since has involved children and I do not have children so I do not qualify. Made a bit more than $200 dollars then they let me go. I still get offers for tasks from them but noting I qualify for.
Prosworking from home
Consonly able to work for 2 weeks before ending my position as social media evaluator
Independent Agent | Remote | Jan 1, 2019
Good Company
Good remote option for stay at home moms, or retired individuals looking to add extra income to their lives, but NOT dependent on their pay check. The company is based in Australian, and you will be paid about once every month and a half, which is fine if you only need extra income for random things and not living expenses. Personally, I like the company and hope to continue working for them PT in the future. NOT A SCAM like some people claim.
Prosremote, easy work
Consunreliable income. Projects do not come with an end date.
Social Media Specialist | Willoughby, OH | Dec 15, 2018
Unique type of work helps you imagine the future of social media
After 23 months with Appen I can say that the work is interesting as it helps me to analyze how various audiences use social media and understand their demographic and behavioral profile.
Independent Consultant | Bothell, WA | May 18, 2018
Coal miner's job of the internet
Job is great when it comes to flexibility and remote work -- a requirement for me. However, my experience is there is very little to no interest in developing or promoting contractors or every offering a full time position to dedicated contractors. Contract is key here, meaning no benefits, no worker's rights, no real concern for contractors, leaving you just a tool for their profiteering. I'd been with the company for 2 years with no cost of living adjustment or raise, because there are no raises for contract laborers, and you really don't have the power to renegotiate your contract because you are only a sub-contractor. You are required to maintain a high level of accuracy and productivity, but little to no feedback from auditors about how you can improve if your quality struggles. You're just expected to know why you were wrong based on their rules for rating. Company has gotten a little better about compensating for 'work-related' activities which is still mostly unpaid like many of their competitors in this field. Don't expect your position here to be admired by any kind of hiring manager, like I said, you are basically working in the coal mines of the internet. No employer will respect your position here, I had to completely change careers and dump this off the resume. On a final note, this company is better than most of the other options out there. They are better paying than Leapforce. I really can't recommend working for Leapforce, a similar line of work, unle...more
Prosremote, flexible.
Conspart-time, no benefits, no raises, little support, little skill development.
Social Media Specialist | Modesto, CA | Feb 13, 2020
Not worth it
Fully remote remote and flexible hours, but no guarantee of hours or job security. It is mundane, mind numbing "work" that you'll get burnt out on almost immediately. Communication with managers/supervisors is almost nonexistent. You are essentially training algorithms to do your job. Working to make yourself obsolete. Find something different.
Data Entry Clerk | Remote | Dec 16, 2018
It was okay
Was let go for no good reason, and projects are few and far between. Was good for what it was at the time, and the pay was decent. Would recommend if you can pay taxes properly.
Engineer | Dallas, TX | Aug 29, 2018
Work culture was beautiful had time to do anything while working at home for Appen.I enjoyed it , especially after graduating i would do countless surveys and seaech engine tasks on multiple occassions.
ProsFlexible hours
ConsLack of compatibility
Independent Contractor | Remote | Oct 23, 2019
Great Independent Contracting Work
Great company to contract with, for ICs starting out. Pay is decent, working at home is extremely convenient. The only downside is that time between projects can sometimes be long.
Data Collector | Remote | Sep 27, 2019
productive and interesting
For the time I have been working it was enjoyable, interesting, experimenting, learning, appreciating, endeavouring and the most important skill-gaining experience.
Prosbreaks and recreational times
Conshealth challenges and tiresome

Questions And Answers about Appen

How long after your application for the job in Appen did you receive an answer?
Asked Feb 7, 2017
Mine was just a month
Answered Sep 2, 2019
It took about two hours for me.
Answered Aug 13, 2019
What would you suggest Appen management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Open tickets and actually answer them. Do this without copy and paste. We aren't unintelligent. We can read our contracts. When we ask questions, it's something you need to answer with details.
Answered Jan 21, 2020
Don't give your workers a runaround about jobs availability or assignments from clients you want done. When we are unsure if a project will be filled or not, but still get congrats messages or invites to join it, when there isn't a guarantee to pass a quiz, or qualify, or even have any work at all for weeks on end once we are officially qualified....that makes no complete sense whatsoever!! No use stringing workers along who are expecting to process assignments for pay, when you are not even filling those assignments up! NOBODY gets paid til the clients are happy! NOT us workers, NOT the office personnel either. This constant jerking around isn't getting the jobs done. All it does is put a huge gap in productivity, & team morale. Ultimately putting your companies in bad reviews & possibly out of business in your markets. And NOBODY wants that!!
Answered May 15, 2019
If you were to leave Appen, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Most of the assignments offer a pay in my opinion are quite low.
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Horrible support and inconsistent pay. I'm about done with removing hours I worked hard for because the finance department cannot match up hours between client and contractor databases.
Answered Jan 21, 2020
Social media evaluator hourly rate?
Asked May 16, 2017
Based on locale. $9 hourly in the Southeastern US.
Answered Jan 21, 2020
I have been paid $13.75 per hour consistently for more than two years on most projects. However, I notice a lot of projects now are offered at $10 hour.
Answered May 3, 2019
How are the working hours at Appen?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
Basic schedules are around 20 hours per week over 4-5 days. Extra hours are available 1-2 times per month with a few short assignments thrown into the reg projects you work on, which can be fun, for extra pay. Total weekly hours across all the projects can be up to 35 hours per week when assignments are busier.
Answered May 15, 2019
Flexible, and extra hours available are quite common
Answered Dec 17, 2018