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Linguist | Austin, TX | Aug 29, 2019
This company is dying inside
I worked at Apple as a contractor 2 different times, with 2 different contractor companies, in 2 different cities, in 2018 and 2019, 3 months each. So I was able to make an objective observation that is not specific to location or contractor company. This is what really happens in Apple. Like all the millennials who like Apple products and prefer to use personally, I was excited to see how things are inside. I was expecting a nice and healthy work culture, and managers who think outside of the box. However, the reality couldn't be further from that. It seems Apple is stilIt was a fusty culture, where patronizing managers make employees feel small, worthless and disposable. I mean come on. How genius you should be to understand that it won't motive people to work better if you make them feel bad. Even the most cold, inhumane business book would tell you that it is not good for your success. Where these people get this confidence from? They look like they are hired to destroy Apple from inside. They don't respect you as a human being, their personalities are 100% fake, they are so harsh if you make the smallest mistake but their presentations and QA plans are full of errors, inconsistencies and vagueness. From the first day, they set a clear tone that makes sure you understand that you are only there to do what you're told and none of your opinions matter. Their lab policies are full of mindless, useless, pointless rules that don't make any sense at all and only makes you...more
ProsNice, naive co-workers who haven't awakened to the reality yet.
ConsIt feels like an insult to human dignity.
Specialist | Las Vegas, NV | Aug 16, 2018
Rewarding But You Earn Every Penny
Apple is an amazing company to work for! a Specialist in a retail store just know that you will be on your feet on hard concrete all day long, no matter your age, wear shoes that support your feet, knees and lower back or you will have problems. The work/life balance is usually not optimal. Apple pays well and has lots of nice extras, but they do expect you to be available to them whenever they need you. I see exceptions made for students but not the rest. You’ll work with some pretty awesome people, Apple choses a diverse and interesting crew to operate its stores and I loved nearly everyone I worked with. Most stores are pretty busy, especially if they are the only Apple store for a long way in any direction. Launch days are exciting but rather insane, I liked them but some employees dread them. Just roll with it. I strongly recommend keeping cough drops on hand as during holidays and major events you’ll have to talk so much in a loud environment that your throat will eventually start to give out. If you are hard of hearing the work environment can be a challenge. It’s not just a loud environment but you also wear an earpiece connected to a walkie. The training process is thorough and you once you hit the floor it all falls into place. Apple has this down. Things change often and you are required and expected to adapt, find a way to manage your time so you can absorb it all. Apple does a decent job on developing it’s employees but it mostly falls to the man...more
ProsCompensation, discounts, benefits, environment, free food & stuff
ConsWork/Life balance, you’ll have to dump childhood memories to make room for everything you’re expected to know
Zoning Specialist | Arlington, VA | Oct 16, 2018
It is just a retail store.
It's just a retail store that sells electronic products and accessories. Managers are horrible. They hound on you to sell accessories and assign salesperson in one area of the store to stand in for HOURS, they forbid any employee to employee interactions from time to time and managers do this all the time. They were not pretty consistent in what they dictate in terms of operating a store and when it's busy. The way I see it, it was not sustainable way of making a living if you want to do this full time. There are irate customers coming in the store to get their phone repaired and sometimes they get over booked causing customers to wait for hours. You end up having to deal with them and become verbally abused but to take it. In retail business, you always have to think the customer is right and kiss their feet. Management at this store was not really good and planned out. They rely on HS part timers to do the sales and operations of the store. It gets quite monotonous and how cliques are in the working environment is pretty strong band because they date each other, go out after work together and all that (most of them went to the same high school). After all I give this store a one star because they lacked accessibility solutions. As a deaf person I was discriminated at this job. I was passed on over by high schoolers for other positions of the store. I was discriminated by not being able to participate team meetings, I need an American Sign Language interpreter which I have d...more
Technical Specialist | Frisco, TX | Jul 10, 2018
Wonderful team environment, but management and image issues
A typical day in Apple Retail is hectic as heck. Honestly, you get used to it after a while. It's actually really fun, if you have a great, close-knit team, like I did. The overall culture is relaxed and open, which is nice. The management team can sometime be non-existent, until it's time to harp on you for messing things up. There also seems to be a disconnect between management and corporate. Apple is known for its secrecy, and that sometimes makes things almost impossible to do or understand when handed down from corporate or management, because you don't really get any details, and are expected to sort them out on the fly. Also, things can get lost in translation, because leaders aren't always on the same page, either. I learned a LOT about who I am, what things I'm good at, and working with people. I also learned how to take criticism, customer anger, and questions like a champ, not internalizing them, and putting the energy into providing solutions and doing better work. The worst part is the idea of work/life balance. It is pretty much non-existent. I had several teammates have to choose between work and school by managers. If you're a technician, don't expect to have weekends free, nor a social life, because they are sacrificed to the Apple gods for you. Again, I've had multiple teammates who almost missed their children being born, and other events simply because they couldn't get someone to cover their shift or time off. Thank goodness for our teams willingness and...more
ProsHeath insurance benefits, tuition reimbursement, teammates
Conswork/life balance impossible, secrecy makes job annoying and messages mixed
Senior Advisor | Remote | Sep 6, 2019
Pretty much a glorified call center with good benefits
I've been with Apple for over 4 years and it hasn't been the best work experience for me. The good about Apple are their benefits. Great insurance and paid time off options. Got to take off 6 weeks paid time off for my child being born and because of our insurance, barely paid a dime for the hospital bill. What I don't like about working there are the metrics. My managers have micro-managed all of my call times and times between calls and you feel very conformed to the standards of the work flow, unlike an office building where you can walk around for a few minutes and catch up with a friend. Its been very stressful trying to maintain metrics for me and it's honesty causing me to burn out from the job itself. Your work schedule is based off how well you perform in your metrics. I usually meet most of my metrics, not necessarily exceeding them, and 9 times out of 10, I end up with a schedule the doesn't work well for my personal life. Employee appreciation is very mediocre as well beyond benefits we get. We use to get t-shirts and cool trinkets and other coupons/gift cards frequently, but now you can occasionally win a t-shirt or something random like once or twice a year. The managers I've had are all very hyper-aware and sensitive to the smallest "hick-up" and when you mess up, you know you've messed up. But when it comes to encouragement and appreciation of what you're doing to make a different to our customers, it's nearly non-existent. For a company like ...more
Technical Support Specialist | Remote | Mar 30, 2020
Customers, pay rate, products, schedules, lack of updated information, customers that don't know what technical support is and isn't. Surveys that are not disputed when you've given the customer the right information and it's clear they're mad with Apple and not the customer service representative or they were rating the wrong rep, but it still applies to your stats. Trainers don't give you the correct information, so when you start taking calls, you're teaching yourself. Customers call about things not related to their products performance, that they should be paying for, adding emails, checking calendars, how to backup devices, why calendars go to past dates, what their Apple ID is, support for vintage devices, third party apps/products recommendations, cellular service, cost of upgrading devices to later model on the tech support line instead of calling sales. Customer assuming everyone they talk to works directly for Apple, and they know how much we make, so we should kiss their butts, and allow them to be rude and demeaning no matter what. Their products require a pc and they don't tell customers that, so when they call to erase a passcode or backup with iTunes, they think they can do those things from their device or another apple product. Letting customers know how much it will cost for a service appointment. Customers asking us to track their products, we can’t it’s a privacy issue. Tools we’re supposed to use never work, but they still want us to ask the custome...more
Software Engineer | Sunnyvale, CA | Jul 3, 2019
very good
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iOS Advisor | Lexington, SC | Jun 26, 2019
It's an uncaring puppy mill
This is a work from home position that Apple has outsourced to cheapen their costs. That means there are no benefits... NO benefits for a year and the pay is $14 / hour. So Apple is the new Walmart, driving the people that work (in)directly for them to government assistance. Ok, so there is ONE benefit - I can buy an Apple product for like 10% off or so... but I cannot afford to buy an Apple product. STRESS is the name of the environment, and WE DON"T CARE should be the company motto. Sick? in Hospital? Mom died? power went out? all examples of UNexcused absences. I was told by the trainer to reboot my system / including the modem... I found out later that my pay was docked for that 10 minutes and they don't care. What I find to be amazing (and a possible labor dispute), is that you can be fired because someone gave a 'negative' review of the customer service performed by the person you transferred the call to... while saying '(insert your name here) did a great job of helping me! How messed up is that? Truly the hallmark of a caring and forward thinking company, that does not want to be bothered with details or facts, lol. My team lead is mega unprofessional but I am stuck there until I can either get a new position or a new job. I like the work and helping people but the management makes me hate my time there. 'Management by fear' is style adopted by this company. They make you afraid of losing your job every minute of the day. They have all this le...more
Proswork from home, helping people solve problems
Consterrible management, they don't care attitude
Sales Specialist | Fort Lauderdale, FL | May 1, 2019
My experience at Apple stores
In the beginning I was very excited to have the opportunity to work for Apple. I have always been an Apple enthusiast and have used Apple products since they came out. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge of Apple products and software with those that came into the store as well as facilitating group workshops and personal one-on-one trainings. I had excellent feedback from everyone I helped. However as time went on I began to realize that there was a great deal of nepotism involved in promotions and moving up to positions within the store that I coveted so that I could advance. I have had several bad experiences with unprofessional managers who had their favorite people and couldn't seem to get the type of training and support that I was seeking to move up into different positions within the store rather than just selling hardware and software on the sales floor! Believe me, after 4 years it gets tedious! I believe this was partially do to age discrimination. I was much older than most of the employees at my store but still had a great rapport with them. In fact I remain in touch with several of them even though I no longer work for Apple for some time now. I was trying to move up into the position of a mobile service technician (FRS) that I had taken training for and passed (Mobile certified). However after requesting to be moved into that position nothing ever came of it. So I feel I was really let down by Apple. I was hoping for a long term relationship until retirement. The bo...more
Loss Prevention Officer | Austin, TX | Jul 13, 2018
Coasting on their reputation
Apple used to be a good company to work for, now they are mostly just "cool" with very little substance to back up the hype. Speaking from my experience in my department specifically, it was not a good place to work day-to-day, let alone try to build a career. They preached innovation, creativity, and ambition, but only encouraged it from certain people/certain personality types. A lot of blatant nepotism regarding promotions and career-building opportunities as well. Tons of micromanagement regarding basic functions like bathroom breaks or stepping away from the desk to provide peer coaching, etc, as it pertained to productivity metrics. When confronted point-blank about the discrepancy between annual review/raises and the abrupt cost of living increases (in a fast-growing metro area where they no doubt got tons of tax breaks for building their "second HQ"), management was forced to admit that the cost of living here is not taken into consideration at all, the pay scale is tied to the average salary for the job title in question. So it's not as competitive as they'd like you to believe. This probably didn't impact executive & more specialized employees very heavily, but for the call-center oriented departments it became challenging to make bills and still feel a part of the quality of life & culture that Apple is so proud of. I started out super enthusiastic about being part of the company but grew disillusioned over time due to poor management at many levels & general "repl...more
Prosgood discount, decent health ins.
Constoo many to list

Questions And Answers about Apple

Do you need previous job experience to work at Apple?
Asked Jun 5, 2016
No but willing to learn
Answered Jul 21, 2019
Willing to learn ,what is needed to do my job well
Answered Jun 30, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Apple? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
Took 2 months for me. There was a phone interview, then group interview in store and then interview with store manager.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
I wasn't hired, but the whole interview process (for a business system analytics position) took several months. From March to mid- October when the posted position was closed. I had 2 phone interviews, one with the HR recruiter and another one with the hiring manager. Months later I was invited to an onsite set of interviews with 5 different people in their campus. I never received a formal notification indicating that I was rejected after the position was closed.
Answered Jul 17, 2019
How often do you get paid and on what day of the week? Like every Friday? Every other Friday?
Asked Sep 23, 2016
Every 7 and 22 of the month
Answered Aug 19, 2018
Every other Friday
Answered May 11, 2018
How did you get your first interview at Apple?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
I applied on the website and in less than a week I got an email saying schedule a phone interview and I did.
Answered Feb 5, 2020
Q: I got a phone interview since one week but didn't get a formal email about the next interviews details, is that normal ! , And how can know if the application is selected for the next step .
Answered Oct 4, 2019
Does apple do drug tests
Asked Aug 21, 2016
No, I was not drug tested for retail store. Apple’s “positive intent” credo was the reason. If Apple did drug testing for Pot, a lot of sales staff wouldn’t be there.
Answered Jan 19, 2018
No. Not for the Specialist position.
Answered Dec 26, 2017