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Overall Reviews at Aramark

Accountant | Nashville, TN | Jan 14, 2019
Very Poor Management, Extremely Overworked and underpaid
Let me begin by stating that this is my experience from working as an "Accountant" at Aramark. Training- for this position was terrible. 99% of everything was common sense that applied very little to my specific role, sprinkled with 1% of company policies that fly directly in the face of standardized accounting procedures. Management- this intertwines a bit with my next talking point. Overall my opinion of management wasn't in that high graces from my observations. There is an extremely thick air of favoritism throughout GBS. It appears as though upward growth depends more on who you are friends with despite your educational or knowledge background. This select "group" of managers would blatantly disrespect and ostracize other colleagues simply because they didn't like them (reminded me of behavior you would see from a highschooler opposed to an accounting "professional"), not to mention how much they would talk about their own colleagues. The "in" group also did not have to obey the rules like everyone else (this was really irritating), but they would be quick to tell someone else that they're breaking a rule and dish out the punishment. Discipline- I would regularly observe some management disciplining employees simply because they (management) felt like inflating their already huge egos. I can say it was borderline abusive. Drama- if you want it, GBS has PLENTY of it to go around. I wish I was joking here. You never know what accusations you will be accused o...more
ProsDress Code
ConsSee above
Medical Specialist | Salina, KS | Jan 16, 2019
Poor Leadership and cutting corners puts patients and clients at risk
I cannot speak to other accounts managed by Aramark but at mine, located in central KS, leadership was non-existent and politics trumped patient and staff safety. Having come from a management background I took a position as technician and device specialist so that I could be near to and devote more time to family. My senior technician and manager were both threatened by me and my experience, acting as though I intended to either take their jobs or assist my previous employer in usurping the account. Neither was true, but why hire me if that was the case? While working for Aramark I was routinely placed in a position where I did not have the support, resources, or training to safely and effectively service the customers equipment and was witness to multiple instances where the customer was lied to or cheated out of services or repairs that they were entitled to. I was routinely ordered to complete services that I had no training or expertise for and without proper service documentation or test equipment. Essentially, I was being ordered to sign off on services that were not properly performed. When I refused and began to call in outside service that could properly complete services I was retaliated against but not through official channels as that would highlight the failures of the program. I was vilified to the customers at official meetings and my time card was regularly modified by my manager to cheat me out of time I had worked while making it appear that I w...more
Consa complete lack of integrity and leadership
Former Salaried Employee | California | Mar 17, 2020
I can not believe how unprofessional the environment is for salaried workers.
I have observed a culture at Aramark that does not support a healthy work-life balance and shows little regard for personal boundaries especially when it comes to respecting an employee's vacation time, weekends, and evenings. I believe it is normal and reasonable to ask salaried employees to put in extra time and take on additional workload throughout the year when warranted. Salaried positions are not 40 or 50 hour a week jobs, but it is also important for managers and executives to recognize when employees have put in extra effort and attempt to utilize load management. Consistently encouraging employees to work long hours is just as bad and irresponsible as having knowledge that certain employees are overworking themselves. This shows poor judgement on the part of management and decreases the long term effectiveness of salaried employees. Likewise, consistently setting up meetings and making calls to employees on their days off, during vacation, and late in the evening (consistently having calls after 9pm for employees who are scheduled to work 8am-5pm or on Sunday when many people spend time with their families or attend church) is indicative of a company culture that does not respect employee/personal boundaries. Time off is exactly that. A time for employees to remove themselves and recharge from the stresses of work. And of course the C Suite would say that no one was forced to work on Sunday or answer a call but what hard working professional is going...more
Catering Coordinator | Knoxville, TN | May 9, 2018
Aramark has its good points and bad points
For such a large company, I believe they run things the best they can. Employee turnover is high for a variety of reasons. Most people quit because they don't like the type of work that it is. For the part that I was in, food-service is stressful and not everyone can handle it. The turnover within that part makes sense. Regarding Catering, the vision was a little strange to me. We were on a University Campus in an old disgusting building. They were getting ready to move into a brand new building with an event center when I left so I know that will take care of that part. There were many many "favors" given across campus in regards to food and the staff was expected to hop to it and get it done on top of other paying clientele and rigorous schedule that was required. The folks that were paid the least had the hardest job. The Catering Staff. I watched those people do so much heavy lifting. Then transporting food across campus in rickety broken down trucks. Hauling it into buildings, setting it up, etc. They are expected to be perfect, yet the pay does not justify the job. I truly hope that Aramark will look very closely at this and realize that with proper pay, they would retain catering staff. If catering on campus is really important, make it really important. Pay these people what they are worth and take care of them. Period. At the moment, they have created a stepping stone type position. People come in, work hard, add it to their resume and ge...more
ProsFree Lunch, Fast-Paced environment preventing boredom
ConsLack of organization at times and lack of vision
Head Custodian | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 5, 2020
Perfect if seeking to gain experience.
Working here you will learn to develop a backbone and to deal with uncomfortable situations. If you are seeking for a position in management, this will be a good place for you learn how to enforce policy. However, compensation wise it won't be as thrilling. Usually corporate gives management little to no HR support, they are very poor at having your back when you are having problems with your account.So managers and supervisors are also HR agents. Their deadlines are aggressive and their leaders very little understanding;of course your performance is the key to your yearly compensations (raises). Their policy on keeping a budget is so tight, that a lot of times you will end up using your own money for basic office supply needs At my specific location front line employees made more money than supervisors, our GM would not meet with us about it and when he finally did, blamed his DM for not approving the increases. I mean, supervisors are making two to three dollars above minimum wage in a city in Southern California where the cost of living is so expensive you need a second job to make it. The balance work-life isn't so good either, if you want that second job it would have to be flexible because they make you work weekends. They have various layers of titles that exempt you from all the good benefits. If you are looking for a job at this company make sure you are hired as a front line employee and that there is no union in between. Aramark has a very good schooling program f...more
Food Service Worker | Indiana, PA | Feb 4, 2019
The biggest joke of a company i have ever seen.
Management is a complete joke. I have personally been told by management "i don't care if you do the paperwork correctly just make our building look good for corporate". I have also been told directly from management the they refuse to try to get the union employees in trouble because it's to much paperwork and a waste of time. The Union employees is one of if not the main reason this is a horrible place to work. They refuse to do their job 90% of the time and management just throws it on the people who actually care because they know they will instead of doing their jobs and writing up the union worker who is refusing. I am talking about the salary managers not the hourly ones. The people that actually care are treated horribly while the lifers that could care less are treated like gold. The management will constantly talk about teamwork and all that while they will be talking to one of the lifers in the back of the house about what they did on their days off for an hour+ while the good employee will be getting destroyed by customers. The kitchen staff rarely follows recipes which could end up killing someone. i have seen cooks adding things to a recipe and they said "it'll make it taste better". i could go on and on about this but i'm sure you get the point by now. My typical day consisted of listening to management be completely inappropriate. Workers be racist if front of customers who were at most times a minority. Watched management and workers alike sitting around ...more
Account Executive | Houston, TX | Jul 16, 2019
A great job while you are looking for another one.
Aramark Uniform Services is a great opportunity for a person that does not have a family or any other outside responsibilities. The local management team are a group of good guys, however, they will turn on you if you stand for what is right for the customer. The management team lacks the proper education level to lead the employees to the next level. The benefits are really good; they offer a descent base salary with all of your main benefits. The culture is stressful due to the fact that you have to make 180 calls on the phone per week and set 4-5 appointments. Also, you have to log everything in salesforce. If you make one mistake in your logging in sales force then they will fire mercy at all. The stress level has caused many people to look for another job. There is a history of women quitting the job due to the hostile work environment that the sales manager places on women. Men who are educated and are not yes men will face similar challenges with the sales manager. The sales manager is confusing because he comes off like a good guy. However, he is a micro manager that is unorganized. The sales manager will call impromtu meetings just to bother the sales team. There are a lot of meetings and one on ones that you will have to participate in weekly where there will be a lot of fake excitement. If you need a job, then go for it. I thank Aramark for the opportunity. But take this job with extreme caution. The work environment is toxic with a lot of unhappy people...more
Mechanic | Rockford, IL | Feb 11, 2019
Pool Mechanic
I worked at this job for over 2 years. In that time I went from Day Porter custodial to Night lead. I help a driving/ Mainyenance job. My responsibilities during this time was to repair various equipment to include washing machines. Kaivac, Omniflex assembly. I also repaired various Tennant Equipment such as the T 300, T500, and various scrubbers and floor equipment. I then became a pool mechanic. Those responsibilities included keeping chlorine levels and Ph levels consistent day to day. Keeping all area of pool clean to include vacuuming of pool once weekly. Shower stalls and pool deck disinfected. This part of the job I loves as I worked in a high school and Intook pride in my pool. I was involved in setting up for various meets which were all very successful. The problem I had is if Ianyone was sick then you had to do their duties as well as your own. The management was great until the GM got replaced then they just ran the company as they seen fit. This is the reason I left POOR MANAGEMENT the worst I have ever encountered. Also forced into a union that did nothing. 50.00 per month taken out of gross pay for that. If you want overtime it’s always there, as they can’t accomplosh enough to finish daily tasks in a timely manner, due to all the people either being sick or tired of doing snow removal which is required for every school. There were always texts after work and having to come in to do snow removal and laying down salt. These salt bags are over 50 lbs each. The ...more
ConsManagement, salary, Union dues, unprofessional, just bodies to fill a position, management uses scare tactics to get people to work, micromanagement at the worst.
Route Sales Representative | Eau Claire, WI | Jun 20, 2019
Don't get to comfortable unless your a driver
I worked for this company for 15 years (out of the LaCrosse WI MC) and was not treated fairly on more than one occasion. I was a driver for many years and worked my way into a District Manager's position. As a driver you have an expected sales goal to reach, if you do not make that goal your are subject to discipline and/or termination which is reasonable if you are not performing. However most local District Managers nor the GM will do anything to assist you other than threaten you with write ups or termination. The drivers are the face of the place so if you have a good one that is struggling you think they would want to help! If you do well with this company you definitely have the opportunity to advance especially if you are willing to relocate. The issue I experienced both as a driver and manager is I worked hard and was compensated well (drivers are base+commission) I built my route to where I was making good money and they decided it was to big and took some away in effect diminishing my pay greatly. As a manager a similar issue happened where I was ousted from my position by someone that was transferring to the area that had been a DM for a few more years than myself. They offered me a different position but after that it would have been my fourth pay cut of $10K or more in my tenure. I could understand that if I was failing but I was not. There are some cool incentives such as commission and trips but you have to work hard to achieve them. Upper management is more c...more
ProsMade a lot of friends
ConsFeels like you constantly need to be looking over your shoulder
Food Manager | New York, NY | Oct 28, 2019
There are a lot of problems with the organization, but I did learn some invaluable lessons.
I had worked for the company for 2.5 years as a manager in business dining in the city. I did not receive much direction from management as they were too busy with their own work (however I really liked the last managers I worked with before I left the job). I was relocated frequently in the city to help assist with other accounts. Most days of the week I had worked at least 10-12 hours per day. There was also staff shortage and many call offs in a day, in which managers had to take over to help assist with operations instead of being able to focus on their actual work. Most accounts I had assisted had one main thing in common: lack of organization and structure of workplace. It was a stressful and high paced work environment for me. The work life balance was poor, and had negatively affected my personal life (physical and mental health too). The workplace culture for business dining was extremely conservative, so do not expect to be able to come to the job with unconventional appearance (unnatural hair color, piercings, tattoos). It is also expected that you dress in business professional and business casual clothing. Because of all the challenges of this job I had to face, it did teach me invaluable lessons in which I can impart in my future careers. The high stress work environment taught me how to work under pressure. The lack of direction from management taught me how to be self sufficient and independent in my work. The type of clientele I had to work with taught...more

Questions And Answers about Aramark

What would you suggest Aramark management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
First of all hire competent senior managers that dont try to manage from the office, and only come to dining facilities to eat lunch. Training is horable at best. Hire hourly people with the right qualifications and perhaps consult with the managers that manage the hourly employees. They dont know how to schedule and they make employees floaters that are assigned to key positions and when someone calls out The main facility runs short staffed. Since there isn't anyone cross trained the managers end up covering hourly positions, and work 12 to 14 hour days, while they skip in between 630 to 9am and skip out between 230 and 430. They need to learn how to treat people. They're human beings, not just a means to an end and money isn't everything. They want to be happy doing what they do. When they found out I was going to be out for surgery my job was posted almost the same day and they fired me a week later.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Treat them right and pay them more than $8/hour.
Answered Mar 23, 2020
Are employee meals free?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
No, And They charge extra for maggots
Answered Jan 25, 2020
No:( Sadly we don't get a free meal. Once in awhile tho, my manager will offer to buy me a lunch:)
Answered Oct 8, 2019
In what city is the headquarters located?
Asked Mar 14, 2016
Newyork NY
Answered Aug 12, 2018
Answered Jul 18, 2018
Do they drug test?
Asked Jul 7, 2016
I think they all need to drug test!! At least randomly!! Most are at work at a college university and are around our children so yes they should require it but they don’t what a shame 😟
Answered Feb 13, 2020
Yes - at the location I work at they do a drug test for every new employee they hire.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
How do you feel about going to work each day at Aramark?
Asked Feb 9, 2017
Dirty unclean and disgusted, I wanna puke and sometimes do
Answered Jan 25, 2020
I hated it so much that I just wanted to die
Answered Oct 31, 2019