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Army National Guard
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Military | Spokane, WA | Sep 10, 2018
Good work environment, and treated as a family.
You do a lot of different things depends on what has to get done or what a higher orders you to do. Everyone has a certain job like mechanic or human resources and a lot more but if they don't have enough hands you might have to work at something you aren't well used to. My job title is AC technician but there isn't much for me to do so i can get tasked with other jobs like fixing up broken vehicles with the wheel team and i'm not that good with cars and especially not better with army ones. The guard though is like most jobs you come in to work someone tells what to do and you do it, the environment is a little different though because you can be casual with bosses and mangers that is not always the case because the higher ups out ran you so you have to show the respect, which means standing at attention or saluting an officer most of the time but is normally very relaxed and most of those are only done in special occasions. Guard is a once a month job most of the time not counting training times where it can be three weeks, though you normally go to drill for 2, 3, 4 days out of the month. The hardest part of the Guard is switching back to military form for me at least because there is a lot of manual labor that can happen as well as keeping in shape for physical tests that happen. The best part about the guard is even if it really feels like your not doing things that make sense or doesn't feel like your do anything special, you are by serving and seeing people come up ...more
Pilot | Johnstown, PA | Aug 8, 2018
Rewarding but Difficult Profession
Joining the NG is the best personal decision I made after leaving the Rgular Army. However, it isn’t the best organization for everyone. Depending on the unit/flight facility, pilots can build flight hours and get paid well. Full time opportunities also exist for those who have the experience required. I joined the NG in 2011 with 1000 hours. Today, I have a $100k job with the NG as an Army Civilian and have 3000 hours of flight experience. The health benefits are also amazing, as well as the education benefits. On the negative side, your state wants to deploy your unit more than anything else. It gets an awful lot of money per Soldier sent to support Federal Missions (Afghanistan and Iraq). Be prepared to deploy at least once every 5 years, and commit more time than the one weekend a month, two weeks a year when you are home. As an Army Civilian working for the NG, I normally have a 55-60 hour work week. Job security and annual salary is heavily impacted by political turbulence such as spending budgets and government shutdowns. Traditional NG Soldiers with good civilian jobs have a more difficulty balancing the military commitment with employer expectations. Our pilots are torn on both sides by the military that wants them to perform better in the aircraft, and the civilian employer who wants them to get back to work.
ProsArmy Pays pilots to build experience
ConsDeployments and Pay Issues
Platoon Sergeant | Savannah, GA | Apr 9, 2018
This organization promoted personal, professional and technical growth in a goal driven often time sensitive environment.
A typical day would begin at 0730 and end at 1730, with or without lunch, depending on task and location. I learned a myriad of skills in carrying out my role, from equipment set up and operation, personnel training and management, to event planning and synchronization to include tactics, techniques and procedures necessary for successful combat operations. The people I worked with were talented and dedicated, always able to achieve goals. The management was overall above par and able to adapt to rapidly to changing conditions by applying pre-delegated authority in making timely decisions. The work culture was well regulated and courteous at all times, personal conflicts were rare but equitably addressed if they occurred. The most difficult part of the job was overseas deployments into a combat environment and being responsible for the overall health safety and welfare of the people I worked with. The most rewarding part of the job was professional growth and recognition for individual and group accomplishments.
ProsFree Health care, affordable life insurance, 30 days vaction per year and a pension upon reaching retirement
ConsDifficult to promote sometimes even as responsibilites increase, They sent you to places where people shoot at you.
Signal Support Systems Specialist | Kentucky | Oct 24, 2018
Great organization with fantastic benefits
I can't speak highly enough about the benefits that the National Guard has given. I initially joined 9 years ago for education benefits and student loan repayment. I have since re-enlisted and obtained my bachelor's degree without incurring any student debt. Additionally, the cost for medical/pharmacy insurance is unbeatable in the current market. As a traditional 1 weekend/month soldier on drill status, you will get what you put in. If all you do is show up without taking any initiative, your time in the guard can be pretty boring. If you network, maintain your readiness, and show initiative and vision, you will have plenty of opportunities for career advancement and special missions. It may differ from state to state, but the only complaint that I have is with the potential for promotion. In my state you do not automatically get promoted once you have met/exceeded all of the requirements. There has to be an available 'slot' for your particular MOS for the rank that you are eligible for within the state, and you have to have the most promotion points out of all other qualified soldiers in the state in order to be offered a promotion. Some jobs do not have a lot of opportunity for promotion past a specific rank, but there are opportunities to become qualified for additional MOS'.
ProsPay, benefits
Consselect advancement opportunities
Logistics Manager | Lenexa, KS | May 5, 2018
Recruiting/Career Counseling, and Medical Logistics
Great 9 years working in an active duty capacity for the National Guard. My first assignment was recruiting for a unit in SW Kansas. It was maybe one of the hardest jobs in my career and stressful but challenging. I enlisted great individuals who were assets with growth potential for the unit. Medical Logistics, Senior Medical Command. Maintained inventory control and logistical support for a medical unit that performed deployment readiness physicals, flight physicals, immunizations, dental, and other medical services. Coordinated transportation, meals, lodging, and equipped these medical teams with all equipment and medical supplies required to fulfill their duties. Worked hand in hand with senior state medical officer in maintaining and updating the medical formulary annually. Managed a fleet of government vehicles and their maintenance, Stored and provided physical security for the units weapons and equipment. Received a noteworthy rating from the National Guard Bureau out of Washington DC, on our medical audit. We were the first state to pass this audit resulting in other states requesting my assistance in preparing for their audits.
ProsAnother challenging and fulfilling job.
ConsWorked weekends and Friday evenings preparing medical teams.
Repair Technician | Jacksonville, FL | Feb 2, 2019
A place where passions run high and life expectancy runs low
I served from 2002 to 2004 as an AH-64 Apache Helicopter Repair tech. The unit was overloaded with aircraft and under staffed by technicians. The actual ratio was 5 to 1. I love my job repairing aircraft and getting our pilots on to their jobs. Combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn't too bad either and much like it was when i was in Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf just more sand under my feet than water. The issues that irritate don't really come from the unit or anyone in particular. It is what it is. Your in combat and people do what they can and can't be expected to be normal or civil most of the time. The real issue is the government and specific state that your given guard unit is from. it is they that determine where you will go and how long you will stay with regards of the joint chiefs and the mission. I personally don't have a problem fighting for our country so long as its a reasonable and justifiable reason. Not because some politician wants to flex. which seems to be all the time. For that reason alone i would not suggest the military for anyone right now. We as a country are undermanned, over worked, under paid and over there.
ProsGood technical training, great life skills training and chance to make a diffrence
ConsThe job you do and where you end up doing it
Personnel Manager | Cheyenne, WY | Aug 18, 2018
Weekend Warrior
A typical day on a drill weekend starts with a formation, followed by soldiers reporting to their individual shops or duty areas. Formation can begin in the morning or evening based on the MUTA count. Annual Training is a two-week long exercise typically conducted over the summer. There are other training events that your unit may have you attend, like warfighters, or training up for a mobilization. No two units have the same culture, so it genuinely depends on where you are at. I've never experienced discrimination due to my gender or race in any of my units, but I know that's not the case for everyone. You will receive equal opportunity training as well as SHARP training, which deals with sexual harassment and assault. This does happen in the military, but there are resources available for those who experience those issues. I have never been made to feel uncomfortable in that way in any of my units.
ProsDepending where you are you're unit can feel like family, there's a sense of pride you feel serving your country, and you generally have lots of support.
ConsOnce a month you don't get a weekend break from your civilian job, accommodations for exercises aren't always great, if your unit is far away you may have to sleep there on drill weekends, and if you deploy it most likely will cause hardship on your family.
Infantryman | Lumberton, NC | Dec 18, 2018
Very much enjoyed my time with the Army National Guard. I went on one tour in 2009. It is awesome to travel the world and meet new people as well.
The gourd or any branch of service as far as I know does the same thing all military branches have done throughout history they put their soldiers through very latest they cut throat and competitive training before you ever go to Iraq or wherever you may go so that once you actually get into a situation where you need to use the training that she would put through you don't have to think about it it's muscle memory biggest thing that I dislike about the military in general is that once you get out depending on what U joint military to begin with you don't have many career options. If I would have joined possibly the Army Corps Engineers at the medical field when I got out I would have had a great opportunity to further my career and make more money a joined and became an infantryman which I loved I loved every bit about being a instrument and I still refer to myself as an infantryman to this day although when I got up there's nothing for me security work if you're lucky enough to get paid $5 for security Private Security nuclear power plants will have you Mia album School after trying hard to get on a few different security places and I'm still not done with school but I'm getting there.
Human Resources Specialist | Nevada | Nov 21, 2019
Take it step by step
By no means is being in the Guard the worst thing to have ever happened to me, but there can be times where I wish I could go back and stop myself from enlisting. Just like there are the bad things, there is good. I enjoy the people I work with and I love my unit. I just hate how things are ran from up top, it’s like common sense doesn’t exist for them or they just don’t care about the soldiers. Make sure that you’re ok with spending more than two weeks a year and two day drill weekends a month, not including deployments and mobilizations, away from your life, family and job. I have about two annual trainings a year and three to four day drill “weekends”. It might not seem like a big deal when in comparison to Active Army, but when you’re Active Army, you live and breathe by the military. Whereas, being a Guardsmen, you have to juggle military life and duties with your civilian life and duties. When you meet your recruiter, for your sake, ask questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question when your signing your life to the government. Sometimes the military isn’t meant for everyone, so make sure that it’s something you really do want to do because contracts are 8 years long. They tell you that it’s 6 years, but what they DON’T TELL you is that you have to spend another two years in the army reserves.
Mechanic | Lock Haven, PA | Feb 3, 2020
M1A1 Tank mechanic
A typical day at work is to walk the moor pool with our tanker and see want they need or of something is wrong with the tanks. if there is something wrong we get the tank to the shop and troubleshoot it and fine what's wrong and if we can fix it there, if not we order parts then fix it and then make sure it fixed before sending it out. what I have learned over my years of working on tanks is if there something wrong troubleshoot it step by step and write down every step and your answers then after getting your answer and start over on step one and do it over and see if you get the same answer. my management or higher ups up are of the best people I have ever worked with if I needed help of had question they help out and walk me through it and show me the right way of doing it. my workplace culture is makes sure before and after do an job clean up your work space of all dirt and stuff you need for the last job then start the next job. the hardest part of my job is well just working in the small turret of the tanks. the most enjoyable part of my job, I just love working on tanks and fixing then and after all the hard work we put in just to see the tank drive out and do it mission and just to see the tanks shoots and all the guys I work with and my higher ups.
Proslearning something new
Consworking in cold weather

Questions And Answers about Army National Guard

What is the age limit?
Asked Aug 12, 2016
Age limit must be between 18 to 35 years.
Answered Jun 2, 2019
Age limit to get in military varied due to National crisis of September 11. Once accepted in military, you stay in as long as you meet the obligations.
Answered Jan 29, 2019
How "fit" do you need to be? Curious as to what the work outs are like and such.
Asked Oct 15, 2016
I Have but no cartilage in my legt knee due to a weight lifting accident. But when am dancing and being in top form physically active, I feel next to no pain and Shout Out "WHAT IS UR MAJOR MALFUNCTION SOLDIER!" To get a high and Pound that Pavement. RAAW....!
Answered Apr 8, 2019
I would love to come onboard as a reservist and follow protocol as to where my skills, knowledge and wisdom would be properly placed in whatever capacity.
Answered Apr 8, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Army National Guard? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
It took me a few weeks to get my ship date to basic training.
Answered Feb 15, 2018
Depending on the qualification that are allotted for your particular case
Answered Aug 10, 2017
How are the working hours at Army National Guard?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
1 weekend out of the month 2 weeks out of the year
Answered Aug 21, 2017
Depending on what was going on hours were 8 or 16 long.
Answered Aug 20, 2017
What benefits does Army National Guard offer?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
A monthly paycheck
Answered Dec 5, 2017
Health, Dental and Life Insurance
Answered Aug 11, 2017