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Memphis Tennessee, United States
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Parts Manager
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Customer Service Representative
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Sales Associate
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Commercial Driver
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Store Manager
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Overall Reviews at AutoZone

Retail Assistant Manager | Biddeford, ME | Jul 11, 2018
Good place to work
With the exception of a lack of hours available Auto Zone was a great place to work with very good training excellent management it was a very nice environment to work in
Commercial Driver | Las Vegas, NV | Feb 17, 2020
Fun workplace
All fellow employees work as a great team, cross training whenever possible, able to assist customers with great confidence with the knowledge gained from daily sales.
ProsFlexible work hours
Customer Service Representative | Columbus, OH | Sep 16, 2019
Difficult Corporate
Corporate routinely blamed their employees for lack of sales. Hours were inconsistent making for difficult home life. Co-workers are great, however, really enjoyed working with the people at my store.
Customer Service Representative | Corpus Christi, TX | Sep 3, 2019
Great business to work for
Great place to work for. They are understanding and pay is reasonable. They offer benefits. They genuinely care about their employees. I will highly recommend.
Parts Manager | Spring Hill, TN | Sep 2, 2019
AutoZones a great company to work for.
AutoZone is a great, caring, company to work for. They genuinely care about their employees. The advancement opportunities with AutoZone is absolutely amazing and limitless.
Customer Service Representative | Santa Rosa, CA | Jul 1, 2019
Fun place to work at!
AutoZone is a fun place to work at and learn about cars. On the other hand, the pay is vary low. Even if you advance in the company to management the pay is still below living wage. This causes tremendous turnover that puts a burden on other employees.
ProsGood place to get customer service experience.
ConsLow wages
Customer Service Supervisor | Rexburg, ID | Oct 27, 2019
Good place to work, upper level management was a little rough.
My only problems ever had were with managers who'd forgotten what it was like being "the little guy." Late nights and often a careless attitude about the general worker from the higher ups was a negative for me.
Customer Service/Sales Representative | King George, VA | Sep 23, 2019
Great company with great benefits for full time employees.
Great starting point for eager person seeking sales. Good benefits and salary potential for full time employees. Good clean working environment. Great managers who push for excellence within you.
Customer Service Representative | Houston, TX | Jun 18, 2019
Understaffed extremely stressful due to lack of training.
Autozone is a great company I believe that due to lack of training and poor management it was extremely stressful. Customer service is something I strive for however when you are an employee who has not had proper training and you are thrown into the front of store in which the computer system is different from your department it was frustrating. The store I worked at was understaffed and when new hires came in they too weren’t properly trained.
Commercial Driver | Williamston, NC | Jan 4, 2019
Firm and Friendly
I enjoyed working with Autozone, despite the compensation not being at an acceptable level to be able to support ones self. If you just need some spending cash, i would say its an alright place to work.
Prosdiscounts, flexible hours, time off if requested
Conslow hours, low pay

Questions And Answers about AutoZone

What would you suggest AutoZone management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Fire the people who don't want to work and would rather stand around on their phones whilst others do the work. Pay the Red shirts more money and let people know that they're doing a good job.
Answered Feb 8, 2020
Pay more per hour as starting salary. Start with $12.00 an hour. Increase $1.00 yearly. This will attract interested employees. They will stay with the company because of the yearly raise.
Answered Feb 4, 2020
Why did you leave your job at AUTO ZONE DISTRIBUTION CENTER?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
Quit after 6 weeks. Learned very quickly that the person in the big chair behind the desk likes to tell alternative truth. You will hear what they want you to hear to get you in the door.
Answered Jan 4, 2020
I moved to another city
Answered Aug 21, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at AutoZone?
Asked Jun 9, 2016
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Answered Mar 16, 2020
My issue was the constant changing of schedules. It was never the same so you had no work/life balance. No one should have to work clopens. No one is 100% when they are working a 10 hour shift after 3.5 hours sleep because they closed the night before. There is online training available but only available at the store, not at home. The issue is you never have time to do any training if you work at a busy store like I did. There is never enough help to do the things you are expected to get done especially if you work at a busy store. The phone is always ringing, upwards of a 150 paying customers a day which doesn't take into account the people who come in just to get the vehicles codes read, battery checked, wipers replaced, ect. I had a manager who liked to sit in the office on his phone watching videos or reading Facebook and then would throw you under the bus with upper management when things weren't getting done like planograms, mndr, matrix, ect. Because his yearly review stayed that he wasn't meeting expectations, he told me that he couldn't give me a better review because that would make him look bad. I could have went over his head but in the end it wouldn't have mattered and would have looked like a disgruntled employee whining. Our young District Mgr liked to lead by intimidation instead of by example. I believe it was because of his own shortcomings. He was in fact intimidated by anyone who had more experience and knowledge in automotive and liked to turn around any issues back onto that person rather than help solve them. AutoZone is a typical big corporation that has good and bad employees. It's just the luck of the draw as to whom you'll find yourself working for. Before taking a position, I highly suggest that you talk to the people who work at the store and ask them about the MGT/Upper MGT so that you can make an informed decision. Just know that districts get realigned as often as every year so you may have a different DM and/or RM. Good luck
Answered Mar 1, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at AutoZone? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
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Answered Mar 16, 2020
What questions do they ask in the interview?
Answered Aug 3, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at AutoZone?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
What parts do you need i have or i can get it for you @ my other store.
Answered Aug 3, 2019
What are you working on today.
Answered Aug 3, 2019