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Overall Reviews at Avon

Avon Representative | Coushatta, LA | Jul 19, 2018
Flexible schedule
I enjoy being able to make my own schedule and freedom to enjoy my family. I began selling Avon products to earn a little extra money for my family. This job has allowed me to go to school functions and take care of my family. I have also met new people and made new friendships along the way!
ProsFlexible schedule
Avon Representative | Macedonia, IA | Oct 5, 2019
Avon Marketing
Working from home from PC, live catalogs and online for this to work, buyers are needed and need a lot of attention and loyality from you and them. Cosmetics is Polish origin, has Japanese care, Japanse skin, face, mouth and so on... The hard thing is that you need really loyal customers Who pay on time and pick up the ordered products.The percentage of your money increases with the number of orders.
Independent Representative | Seneca, SC | Jun 6, 2018
I am an independent associate, so this was not a Job
I was self employed and not employed directly for Avon. This questionnaire is directed mainly at employees and not self employed or sub contract people.
ProsI work for myself.
ConsNot excited about the changes that New Avon, LLC has been making.
Customer Service Representative | Fayette, AL | Feb 13, 2020
Can be slow unless you really get out there and sell
It does not really work if you just simply refer customers to your website. Use every opportunity you have to promote your avon venture for best results
Customer Service Representative | Springdale, OH | Mar 25, 2019
Customer Service job.
Was a typical customer service job before the advent of the Customer Care Model. It was a nice job till most of the services went to India. Then things got out of control. The severance packages we're not bad but many felt betrayed by AVON.
ProsOnsite cafeteria
ConsCustomer Care Model
Unit Leader | Riverview, FL | Aug 7, 2018
Fun Working from home
Great working from home but unless you can accumulate and maintain customers who pay for the products they order, you can have a hard time with this particular endeavor.
ProsFlexible hours and days
ConsCustomers don't always call you back to deliver their orders or pay for them.
Sales Representative | Orange County, CA | Jul 5, 2018
I loved offering AVON products
I signed up with AVON for only $10 and thought it would be a little side job to give me some free products. Little did I know that I would offer AVON for over three years and sell $70,000 worth of products! I met so many people over the years and learned sales skills which helped me obtain a better full-time job as well. It felt like I was running my own business. But I always had help with anything I needed.
ProsFelt like I was running my own business.
Independent Representative | Remote | Jun 30, 2019
Avon is a great company with good products. I enjoy being an independent so that I can set my own hours. I enjoy helping people and teaching them.
I am an independent representative which means I work for myself selling Avon products. I earn a percentage of what I sell and reps that sell for me.
ProsOwn boss, set your own hours.
ConsNo pay if you don't sell
Customer Service Representative | Bloomingdale, IL | Apr 4, 2018
Such a great experience
I loved everything about working at Avon. I didn’t mind the pay because I truly enjoyed what I did. You are really able to take part of the store, out your ideas in. Create the store to your liking, learn how to close the store, greeting customers. This was my favorite job. But the management was awful and that was the reason for leaving.
Unit Leader | Texarkana, TX | Oct 25, 2019
A business that allows you to be self employed
Although, you are a sales representative selling Avon products, the company allows you to run your business the way you choose. Yes, it's your very own business where you work the way you want, You set your own hours, and the opportunity at advancement is not something you have to wait years for. Working . with Avon I made unit Leader in less than three months. Your success really depends on how driven you are
ProsA great way to either build your own business or earn extra income.

Questions And Answers about Avon

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Avon? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Its done completely online... Quick and easy! Your kit usually arrives in about a week, but you can set up your website and begin almost immediately! If you would like to sign up today go to and use reference code melissaatkinson
Answered Dec 1, 2018
The process is fairly simple. You meet up, have an interview and fill out the paper work. Then you go home and set up your online profile.
Answered Jul 23, 2018
Do you have to be a female in order to be representative for AVON? Can a guy become a representative for AVON as well or is it exclusively for women?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
I love Avon products meeting customers and other Reps. Both men and women are Avon reps there are men and women working directly for the company but I find being a rep the most rewarding you are your own boss.
Answered Feb 9, 2020
No, you do not have to be female to be an Avon rep. There are many successful single men and husband and wife teams. My husband and I work the business together. Join our team if you like..
Answered Sep 9, 2019
What would you suggest Avon management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
N/A, I think AVON is increasing , and growing everyday , I think they are doing a great job.
Answered Dec 14, 2017
Nothing It most depends on the person .
Answered Dec 8, 2017
Do I have to buy a starter kit?
Asked Aug 14, 2016
Yes but there are 3 different kits to choose from. A $25 kit, $50 and $100.
Answered Jan 13, 2018
Yes you pay for starter kits and booklets
Answered Jul 29, 2017
How high is my share from the sale?
Asked Aug 14, 2016
It depends on on how much you sell. Most commissions are 20-40% based on sales volume.
Answered Jan 13, 2018
Depends .. goes from 50 % on some items to 20%
Answered Dec 21, 2017