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Warehouse Worker | Ontario, CA | Sep 22, 2018
back stabbing workers and unprofessional management
You would never know your work day as the supervisors controlled who did what, if they liked you and you kissed their butts they would give you easy orders to pick and if they didn't they would give you orders that were almost impossible to pick by one person..There were assigned jobs as in, receiving, shipping, returns, and picking orders but the orders differed in size and types of parts to be picked. You worked on a piece count accountability, so many parts picked per hr and if you couldn't fulfill this quota they would write you up and after 3 consecutive months of not reaching your quota, you would be terminated. So if they liked you they could give you a motorcycle pick sheet with over 500 parts to pick that you could basically do in an hr and be done for the day and if they didn't like you, you would get orders consisting of cases of motor oil , transmissions, body parts and or windshields to where it would take you all day to be able to pick and pack 4 or 5 parts when your quota is 55 parts in an hour!It goes without saying you had to suck up to your boss or they would ruin your life, which they did to many workers in just the 4 years that I was working there.
ProsDecent pay and benefits
ConsManagement, from top to bottom, worst company to work for unless you are willing to kiss butt.Ignorant management!
Forklift Operator | Greenville, SC | Apr 18, 2018
The money is not enough for the stress.
I enjoyed the people I got to meet and the hourly wage was great. You got a 5 days break a month. some special days they would pay you triple time. Also for Christmas and 4Th of July you a week break. Once a year, you get a free day to Carowinds. ...NOW THE BAD STUFF The workload is large and demands perfection. Not only do you have to keep up your work, but you have to keep up with other people work, because it can affect you. If a truck driver is late to drop off parts, it puts you behind. If your behind, it is possible to shut down the line. If you do that, the likely hood of you getting written up is high. The work pace is so fast, you have to ask your manager to work your spot if you have to use the restroom. they also have many defective devices that sometimes does not work. I had to use a scan gun to scan in my parts, but had buttons that didn't respond and a weak signal. so many times you would fight with that or just have to ask someone else if you can use theirs. You leave work everyday sore and will leave your body drained. I'm a fit dude that ran in the Spartan Race
Prosmoney, breaks, insurance
Consshort breaks, stressful, bad equipment
Material Handler | Greer, SC | Aug 15, 2019
No work/life balance, poor management, and planning.
They over promise benefits, work schedule, etc, but under deliver on all of those. Personal example: 1) I was promised first shift and put on night shift (even though day shift is short-handed?). 2) There is no PTO, so if they shut down the plant, you are out those hours. 3) I was told that I would be hired on directly with BMW from MAU in 6 months, and that never happened. People have been there since the plant opened and still not have been hired on directly. 4) Management of time and supply is not organized and the weight and responsibility get thrown onto the employees if the line shuts down. Yet, the inefficiency of methods is mandated by the management even after being told that those methods do not work. 5) I was promised that I would not have to work weekends - especially Sundays when I was hired on. Family life is VERY important to me. They seemed accommodating in the hiring process, but now the schedule has changed and I work 3 Saturdays out of the month and they are now threatening mandatory overtime on Sundays also. That would make some weeks be 7 full days of work and no break.
Service Writer | Honolulu, HI | Dec 17, 2018
High Expectations
Typical work day is 10-14 hrs per day. Work 4 days and 3 days off Sundays the Service Department is closed. Min 250 service hrs to get paid higher incentives , but expectation given was 400 service hrs per month. Each vehicle average about 2 service hrs need to average about 10-15 cars daily individually to obtain 320-440hrs per month. When you start off don’t expect to be writing up 10-15 cars per day unless your productively answering the phone and setting appointments for yourself. Most beginners average 5-8 cars per day. Once it becomes second nature it’s pretty easy flowing. Estimates for repairs are a must to learn customers don’t like to be under quoted on estimates. Not much room for errors with this job must be accurate with price quotes and information related to clients. Don’t make any promises you can’t deliver. Just make sure you follow the correct procedures and guidelines you’ll be ok.
ProsGood Benefits Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Compensation .Discounts on services for parts and labor, Purchased or Lease Vehicles
ConsHigh paced work environment, Rarely ate lunch
Customer Advocate | Hilliard, OH | Jul 25, 2018
Numbers Game
I made the mistake of leaving my nice comfortable temp placement in one department to take a full time employee position for the pay raise and benefits. The benefits this company offers are fantastic and no one can compete with them. However, when you get to a job where you are on the phones, your value as an employee becomes dehumanized to a number. If you do not meet certain statistical requirements, heavily based on the opinions of middle-aged and entitled snobs from surveys, you are of no use to them. It doesn't matter if it is clear you can be an asset in a different role. If you do not succeed in your current role you cannot move, even laterally, to another department. They do not care about working with you to keep you in the company including finding you the right fit. Not everyone can every job, it just isn't possible. For a company that strives to be like a family and put employees first, they only succeed with that through the benefits, else where they fail tremendously.
Prosfull cafeteria, great break room, benefits are great
Conslow compensation, treated like a number not a human being
Title Clerk | Peoria, IL | Apr 21, 2018
Stressful but Enlightening
My typical day at work consists of doing the daily bank deposit. Checking my accounting schedules to make sure that everything is caught up and nothing is outstanding. Filing receipts, parts invoices, service repair orders, etc. Making supply orders for everything from office supplies to breakroom/coffee supplies. Taking care of the snack/coffee bar to make sure that it is cleaned and stocked. Answering the phone and transferring calls or taking messages as required. Then, on to the title work. The hardest part of the job is actually working with the finance managers who turn in the car deals to make sure that all of the required paperwork and money has been collected to do the license and titling. Whether its in state or out-of-state, there always seems to be an issue. Then there's fielding the calls from customer's who are looking for their plates or titles. Most of the time the paperwork is with their state's DMV and is still being processed. They just need to be informed that the process takes time and that they will get their plates or title soon.
Repair Technician | Woodcliff Lake, NJ | Dec 10, 2018
Very quiet in the office, was able to be out in the field on a regular basis,
Start the day by checking emails to see what is going on in the field and to see what information the dealers have provided about product issues. Create reports based on the dealer's feedback on product issues. Input and track all of the product issues in excel. Contact dealer personnel to verify and obtain more information on issues. Create reports based on the findings. All the managers that I have worked with over the years were very easy going and well organized. The hardest part of the job was getting the needed information from the dealers on product issues. Many time I would travel to auction sites to inspect vehicles to obtain the proper information. The best part of the job was the people in the office and the annual team building events. The team building events gave everyone a chance to work with others in the office as a team. It was a good opportunity for networking and having fun.
ProsI received a new company car every other month
ConsNever felt that my opinion mattered to the Germans.
Automotive Technician | Jupiter, FL | Apr 9, 2018
Solid work, Plenty of work to be done, Too demanding for work being performed
Show up 15 to 30 mins early, start work on the first ticket you grab off the stack, unless there are no tickets and there is a list of techs waiting to get work. Constantly learning the next easy way on completing the task at hand with accrued experience to guide. Peers can be a resource of knowledge. Some are selfish. Tends to be a click type culture. May be half the shop at times. Depends on the technicians there. Hardest part of the job is performing work and getting lost in a task above your experience level. The most enjoyable part is fixing the car the right way the first time. Finishing the day with no come backs whatsoever. For new techs, expect to spend long hours working until you get the hang of the job and the vehicles.
Prosoccasional free lunches. Free use of lifts for personal vehicles(must sign waiver)
ConsFlat rate pay system. Long Hours. Tech does all the work, but seems like everyone else gets paid the real money.
Production Associate | Greer, SC | Aug 7, 2019
Productive and high demanding job to work.
The work load can often times get very stressful because the hours and the demand for cars fluctuates. There are hundreds of different jobs within the entire plant itself. I can only speak on being a production associate which is the bottom of the food chain. Being a production is tough on body after a long period of time. Overall the environment and the co workers are pretty cool people that you can build strong friendships from. There are times production goes down and times like that you'll be filled with much gratitude. Definitely be sure to be safe and follow all directions in the way they were taught to you. Pay attention to what you are doing because its easy to get distracted and behind on your work. So if cant multitask with socializing and getting your work done, then you should keep your talking to a minimum. But there a lot of advancement opportunities. The benefits are good. But its like the old saying goes; it is what you make it.
Controller | Greer, SC | Dec 29, 2018
Strong, stable company
Typically very busy and interactive work day. I have learned to manage my time wisely and efficiently. I have received training and am authorized in the usage of SAP software and expanded my Microsoft Office skills. I feel that some management is too focused on delegation and not enough on learning the actual job functions of the associates they manage, which is necessary in order to help guide the departments to a stronger, more proficient and efficient performance of the processes. The most difficult part of my job is the organizing and motivation of other departments that directly affect the efficiency of my departments operation. However, this same interaction with the other departments could also be considered an enjoyable part of the job, as I enjoy the collaboration with other departments to improve the processes and overall work experience.
ProsGood benefits
ConsLong hours on feet and frequent schedule changes

Questions And Answers about BMW

Why did you leave your job at BMW?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Worked there for 5.5 years, was terminated; why isn’t there a 2nd Chance program (instead of an instant BAN) Everyone needs a job; BMW-Human Resources are always taking side of the supervisors even if they are wrong or if you feel you are being harassed.
Answered Nov 19, 2019
After 20 years with BMW , our store purchased by Autonation 7 years ago, found that General Manager turnover created a constant state of change, lies and deception! Every year we would acknowledge and sign a PAY Plan, I left when $7500 was stolen from me as the pay plan changed after receiving a $48,000 gross from a previous loyal client for the first I8 to be delivered at our store. Signed pay plan was 20% of the gross , ($30k) over list! Our General Manager after meeting with Autonation Management told me that the highest commission on any vehicle would be $2500....!!!! That’s what I was PAID. The balance of the gross to the GM’s store bottom line. I left BMW because I could not afford to fight Autonation in court and received no help from Human Resources! My justice was to make it my mission after leaving to let everyone of the clients over many years (1278) still alive, know about the Autonation culture I experienced and sell as many vehicles as possible away from Autonation (32) last year in Retirement! All I Can say is it’s cost many times more than $7500 stolen from me, in negative reputation, future business and employee turnover. The GM that facilitated ALL of this STILL works for Autonation! You just Move em around! Careful if you are looking to work for Autonation! They are thieves! I am sure this will not be posted so I will send a copy to CEO Autonation Mr. Jackson if he is still running the company.
Answered May 8, 2018
What is the drug test like? Only urine or hair follicle as well?
Asked Nov 30, 2017
Both, urine and hair.
Answered Jun 11, 2019
Hair and 4 clumps if hair
Answered Apr 6, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make BMW a better place to work?
Asked Nov 15, 2019
Get rid of the current management. And change the role of Maintenance
Answered Mar 26, 2020
I believe it begins with the owner and his employees are just a number. You are just there to make him money and if they don’t see value in you they toss you.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at BMW? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 7, 2016
What type of drug test did they give you as a customer service (non factory) employee?
Answered Jul 16, 2018
It took me 6 weeks, that was with me doing my part as soon as possible. The process is four steps for the Production Associate position. Interview, written assessment, production assessment, drug test/physical. It took them two weeks to get into the earliest physical. Their schedules are jammed full of other applicants. If you are good natured, friendly, healthy, and sharp- then you should have nothing to worry about. After the drug test/physical it took them a week to call me with a job offer and then another week to start.
Answered Jun 16, 2017
Do they drug test for employment?
Asked Oct 30, 2017
Yes they do
Answered Dec 4, 2018
What type of test do they do? Urine or Hair
Answered Aug 11, 2018