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Overall Reviews at BNSF Railway

Terminal Manager | Minneapolis, MN | May 6, 2019
not a workplace for the average person, fun is in limited supply
Typical work day is helter skelter and poorly planed. I learned to never question the powers that be! Management is extremely political and almost never based on skill, knowledge, or competenancy. Workplace culture is backstabing and me first everyone else last... Hardest part of the job is the inability to plan your life or spend time with your family. Most enjoyable part of the job was the end of the trip and going home! BNSF does not care if you enjoy your job and they make that clear from your initial job interview through whatever amount of time you spend in their employ.
Prosnot many
Consno time off, below average pay for time on duty
Construction Project Manager | Trinidad, CO | Mar 6, 2020
Not a stay at home job
although the benefits and pay are great with this company, it did not provide enough of a work life balance for a positive review. this company requires long work weeks as well as time away from family without additional compensation for extra days worked.
Conductor | San Diego, CA | Dec 3, 2019
Great Company and Job
I spent 12 years here and was a great all around experience. I traveled to many locations throughout the US. I acquired many new job skills and talents from training and different jobs throughout my career.
Conductor | Temple, TX | Sep 23, 2019
You are a number.
The railroad wants a person in a seat. In my opinion they do not care if you never see your family or even if you get hurt as long as you come to work every time they call weather or not it is within the Union agreement for then to do so. The pay is good for a high school graduate but be prepared to work weekends and holidays and all hours and spend a lot of time away from home.
ProsGood Pay Union Protection
ConsHours, leadership, safety
Superintendent | Fort Worth, TX | May 7, 2019
Far too much favoritism
Either you are part of the in crowd or your not. This can change with the weather regardless of job performance. I worked for 21 years and was on the fast track, then, new leadership changed the entire dynamic. Integrity is not valued
Service Administrator | Fort Worth, TX | Oct 9, 2018
Slow Paced and Beurocratic
BNSF is a good company if you want to hold a job without the concern of doing anything to advance your expertise in your career field as an IT professional. The "good ole boy " system is in full effect there.
Conductor | Fort Worth, TX | Feb 8, 2020
Co-workers are cool, management is lost
Great co-worker, management has lack of communication most of the first line supervisors doesn’t know much about railroading. Most managers don’t care about their subordinates all they care about is advancement.
Account Manager | Fort Worth, TX | Aug 6, 2019
Good place to work.
BNSF is a good place to work. It offers opportunities for advancement and relocation. There are also several areas to transfer to with advancement or lateral placement.
Machine Operator | Pacific, MO | Oct 10, 2018
Great job great pay
I enjoyed my job with BNSF. Though it had great benefits and great pay there was not a lot of home time. This soon became detrimental to my family life.
Crew Member | United States | Nov 14, 2018
Hard yet rewarding work
I was on an 8 days on with 6 days off, 10 hour days, for 8 years. It is a pace that is challenging both from a professional as well as personal stand point. The work environment is constantly changing as is the weather. Being a part of a team with a common goal is BNSF.
ProsSalary and benefits
ConsConstant time away

Questions And Answers about BNSF Railway

If you were in charge, what would you do to make BNSF Railway a better place to work?
Asked Jun 28, 2017
Start listening to employees from their specific crafts. They have more experience than nearly 100% of management. Bnsf gets in it's own way more often than not.
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Have more scheduled runs.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
If you were to leave BNSF Railway, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 26, 2017
Im a TY&E employee on call 24/7, 365. Also the cut throat Idiotic joke of what Is called "management". They care less If you live or die money and power all that matters. Hire to fire mentality. Favoritism awful here, stressful, sleep deprived, never home, etc.
Answered Jan 30, 2020
So I worked for them for 18 years 3 months and 21 days. I left because I was terminated, over what ends up being a lack of communication between scheduled and salaried employees as well as the BMWE Union. They have a few positions that have a lot of grey area, when it comes to what you are entitled to and what you are not. The BMWE Agreement for Track Supervisors is extremely unclear on just about everything, except the company must provide you with a noon meal allowance as a Track Sup or Assistant Track Sup. After that it's a coin flip on what it all really means. Seems like most of the Union Reps have no clue what's in the Union Documents.
Answered Aug 18, 2019
How do I better my chances of hire during the interview process
Asked Apr 19, 2017
Talk about safety, safety, safety the idiots love that word, be honest because background check extensive, also drug test take hair sample. I was asked "have you had on the job injuries" say no even If you have. "What percent of accidents preventable?" 100% if you say less than 100% probly wont hire you, they believe all accidents are preventable, so say that too.
Answered Jan 30, 2020
Tie every answer back into safety
Answered Oct 1, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at BNSF Railway?
Asked Sep 29, 2016
Run the other way!
Answered Jan 5, 2020
Don’t waste your time. Choose a different profession. Go be a firefighter or something like that
Answered Dec 4, 2019
Why did you leave your job at BNSF Railway?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
In my 15 years with BNSF, I never had any violation or disciplinary issues. I was a signalman, signal Maintainer and an Electronic Technician. There are many rules and though what I'm saying may sound vexing, if you are a good worker and a hard worker and don't hesitate to jump in there especially after hours when others are drunk, you're more likely to be busted for something. You will not be remembered for the good. It's a tough rule based company to work for.
Answered Apr 2, 2019
Being lied to very often
Answered Feb 25, 2018